How to Fix Error Code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042? [Solved]

    Battlefield 2042 is now available on PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, players are now receiving Persistence Data error code 15 – 7A in Battlefield 2042. Some players are also reporting error code 15:1102P: 1101P. Learn what is BF2042 error code 15-7A and how to fix it.

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    What is Battlefield 2042 error code 15 – 7A?

    Battlefield 2042 error 15-7A, 5:600p-7a, and other errors are a general problem indicating that the game has crashed. The game devs pointed out that this lag (Rubberbanding), crashing and issues are most commonly appear on All-Out Warfare. This is an issue backend issue. BF 2042 error: Persistence Data (2002G) is now addressed.

    How to fix Battlefield 2042 error code 15 – 7A?

    EA Games is continuing to investigate BF2042 error codes (Persistence Data errors) 15:-7A.

    The following workaround might work for you.

    1. Check Battlefield 2042 server status here.

    Please confirm BF2042 server status if the game servers are up and running before proceeding further. If everything is working fixes then follow the steps below.

    2. Turn off Antivirus and Firewall.

    Add the Battlefield 2042 executable to your antivirus and firewall whitelist.

    1. Open the Windows Start menu, search for Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall.
    2. Select Allow an app option in Windows Defender Firewall.
    3. Look for Battlefield 2042 and check both boxes, click OK.

    3. Turn On/Off Your VPN and Use Lan connection if possible

    Set your internet connection to default to solve the Battlefield 2042  server connection issues. If you are using a VPN connection, we recommend you switch it off and try again.

    Also, use LAN connection instead of Wifi for better stability and connection.

    4. Give Admin Privileges to the Battlefield 2042 exe file

    There are various reports players have fixed the Battlefield 2042 error 15 – 7A and 5:600p-7a by giving administrator privileges to the game exe file. Here’s how to do it if you’re playing on Steam:

    1. Select Battlefield 2042 in the Steam library.
    2. Right-click on it and select Properties, then pick Local Files and Browse Local Files
    3. Look for Battlefield2042.exe in the installation folder
    4. Right-click on it, select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, in the Options check the Run this program as administrator box.
    5. Click Apply

    5. Disable Crossplay in BF2042

    Disabling the crossplay feature might also help some players to fix the 15-7A connection error code in Battlefield 2042.

    6. Soft reset your consoles

    On PlayStation,
    1. Go to your console and
    2. Hold the power button until it beeps twice.
    3. Wait for the console to fully shut down and unplug its power source for about ten seconds.
    4. Plug it back in and turn it on.
    On Xbox,
    1. Hold the power button for a few seconds.
    2. The light will blink until the console shuts down.
    3. Unplug and replug the power source and turn it on.

    When your console is back on, try to play Battlefield 2042 again.

    7. Repair/Verify Battlefield 2042 Game Files Integrity

    If you’re playing on Steam:

    1. Right-click Battlefield 2042 in your Library, or click the gear icon on the far right.
    2. From the drop-down menu, select Properties.
    3. Select the Local Files tab and pick the Verify integrity of game files.

    If you use Origin, right-click on Battlefield 2042 icon then click Repair.

    8. Check Network Connections

    If, the above process does not work for you, try testing your connection. Follow the steps below to test your console’s connection.


    1. From the PlayStation home screen, select Settings.
    2. Select Network.
    3. Select Test Internet Connection and allow the test to run.


    1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
    2. Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings.
    3. Select Test network connection and allow the test to run.

    Here are a few other tips:

    • Restarting your router is often the easiest and quickest way to resolve connectivity issues.

    Other bandwidth-heavy applications on your network can be detrimental to your ability to connect. This includes, but is not limited to, streaming music, streaming video or movies, or downloading files.

    9. Changes You Wifi Router DNS

    To do this, access your router’s web interface and log in with the admin credentials. Find a DNS server option on one of the pages. The option may be under LAN or DHCP server settings.

    Change your Router DNS to the following.





    Also, check BF2042 known bugs and issues list here.

    A future update will address the Battlefield 2042 error code 15-7A and 5:600p-7a.

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