Hokko Life Patch Notes (New Update Today) – August 31, 2021


Hokko Life patch 9 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Hokko Life patch notes, the latest Hokko Life update 9 added save slots and a series of summer items – such as slide, paddling pool, bouncy castle, lanterns & streamers

Recently, a big update was released which added a new farming area, dozens of crops to grow, and crafting recipes to create

Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Hokko Life version 9 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Hokko Life Patch Notes (August 31, 2021)

  • Save Slots!
  • New Summer-themed items!
  • Changed how settings are saved and applied, fixing repeated crashes if the graphics settings are set too high
  • Changed loading process so objects are loaded when needed, greatly improving game startup time
  • Updated file format for level saves to help with corruption issues
  • You can now delete mail
  • Fix for not being able to upload lamps
  • Game no longer accepts an empty name for the player
  • Localisation fixesFix for issue where changes in wallpaper and flooring aren’t accepted as interior decoration in requests
  • Fix for interact issues when unlock popup is shown
  • Fix for overwrite prompt on Catalogue causing a winning creation to be downloaded when using controller
  • Fix for storage getting emptied when cancelling placement
  • Fix for storage not being saved if emptying it then, re-adding items
  • Fix for missing villager name text in translated dialogues
  • Fix for spam from Sally when a new item is unlocked
  • Texture sizes adjusted for performance
  • Dug holes are now removed when you change location
  • Fix for getting stuck on collection screen if opening pause menu while catching an insect or fish
  • Fix for insects counting as new fish when speaking to Derris
  • Fix for respawning forest path lamp
  • Fix for camera not responding on design tool when closing the rules prompt
  • Fix for being able to change craft amount while crafting is in progress
  • Chard seasons and growth times fixed
  • Fix for Painting Tool “Preview in Room” not working
  • Fix for Custom wallpaper and flooring patterns being flipped horizontally
  • Fix for being able to sneak past the blocking stone in a mine level
  • Fix for speed fertiliser not working
  • Reworked fertilisers, removing bag capacity and replacing with spread
  • Fixed issue where empty storage would incorrectly stack on top of storage with contents
  • Fix for weeds not spawning correctly
  • Fishing controls now show up in remapping screen
  • Made sure that there’s always one of each rock type in a mine level when generating new contents
  • Fix for control mapping screen layout being unusable on different aspect-ratios
  • Fix for incorrect mappings and icons after connecting a controller after the game has been started
  • Fix for issues caused by certain characters in the windows username
  • Lemon Sherbet Skull fabric now requires fabric
  • Fix for missing icons on some items
  • Visual fixes for settings menu
  • Gold and Diamond spawning improved
  • Fixed issue where interaction on main menu stopped workin on controller
  • Misc Collision fixes
  • Fix for fishing challenge text getting stuck on screen and not updating after level change
  • Fix for certain insects getting stuck when placed in the world
  • Cursor no longer locked to window area after alt-tabbing to another application
  • Fix for empty dialogue from Laurus in Traditional Chinese blocking progression
  • Player Customization no longer takes money if you cancel
  • Cancelling player customization now restores old customisation
  • Fix for player customization screen not resetting colours after exit
  • Fix for player customization screen not showing correct colour for root colour
  • Potential fix for weird black full-screen effect happening when in the design tool for a very long time
  • Fix for being able to place houses where the mailbox or signpost is inaccessable
  • Fix for being able to place houses on top of pickups
  • Bonfire emits light
  • Fix for empty dialogue when cancelling giving an item for a delivery