HALO Infinite Update Patch Notes – Feb. 15, 2023

Halo Infinite update details for PC and Xbox. According to the official Halo Infinite patch notes, the latest update brings balancing changes and bug fixes.

Previously, a minor hotfix added changes to skill jumps, weapons jamming, and the “tank gun” glitch. Unfortunately, players are experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Halo Infinite patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Halo Infinite Patch Notes – February 15, 2023


Dropping a weapon and swapping between weapons now takes the same amount of time.

The accuracy of the Sniper Rifle has been increased when firing without zooming in.

The explosion radius of the Frag Grenade has been reduced slightly.

In the Ranked Arena playlist and HCS, each Weapon Rack will now be set to a “Red Rack” state after the weapon is picked up. This means once a weapon is picked up, the Weapon Rack won’t spawn another weapon until the original has despawned or the ammo has been depleted.



  • Rapidly firing the Plasma Pistol or the Battle Rifle will no longer result in the weapon “jamming” and not firing on every pull of the trigger.
  • Semi-automatic weapons, such as the Sidekick, now appear to fire at a correct rate from the perspective of other players.
  • Players using Active Camo will now consistently appear visible while sprinting.

Matchmaking Playlists

  • Multiple map and mode combinations were removed from matchmaking playlists based on usage data:
    • Rumble Pit
      • Oddball on all maps
      • Slayer on Empyrean
      • Slayer on Detachment
      • Slayer on Launch Site
      • Fiesta on Empyrean
    • Team Slayer
      • Slayer on Launch Site
      • Slayer on Behemoth
    • Social Slayer
      • Slayer on Bazaar
      • Slayer on Argyle
      • Slayer on Detachment
    • Team Doubles
      • CTF on Argyle
      • CTF on Bazaar
    • Quick Play
      • Slayer on Detachment
      • Slayer on Catalyst
      • CTF on Argyle
      • CTF on Bazaar
    • Ranked Doubles
      • Attrition on Argyle
      • Attrition on Detachment
    • Bot Bootcamp
      • Slayer on Catalyst
      • Slayer on Behemoth
    • Team Survivors
      • Attrition on Detachment
      • Elimination on Streets


  • The appropriate subtraction and addition symbols now appear whenever players lose or gain CSR during Ranked matches.

Custom Game Browser (CGB)

  • Players are now less likely to experience a looping “Unable to Connect to the Fireteam” error message while joining or playing a Custom Game Browser session.
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