Gunfire Reborn Update Patch Notes [Official] – July 30, 2021

Gunfire Reborn patch is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Gunfire Reborn patch notes, the latest Gunfire Reborn update added several spiritual blessings and enhanced occult scrolls, and tweaked the difficulty of the boss [Abyssal Serpent]. In addition, today’s patch also improved the game experience when using controllers.

Recently, a big update was released which added a new farming area, dozens of crops to grow, and crafting recipes to create

Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Gunfire Reborn version will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Gunfire Reborn Patch Notes (July 30, 2021)

Talents & Reincarnation:
  • Tweaked the effect of the talent [Golden Touch], players can now only recycle their own drops (weapons and scrolls)
  • The minimum time until death is decreased from 6s to 2s
  • Any soul essence spent will be refunded if a player abandons their adventure in [Longling Tomb-Entrance]
  • The accumulated stacks will be carried over when occult scrolls that can stack bonus are replaced with their respective enhanced version

For spiritual blessings that have their effects applied to all squad members such as [Royal Guard], if one of the teammates has purchased these spiritual blessings, other teammates will no longer be capable of buying them. Other [Spiritual Remnants] in later stages will no longer offer the same spiritual blessing(s).

  • New Spiritual Blessings:
  1. Thorny Bloom(exclusive to Tao):Deal Skill DMG to the enemy when the mark of [Fatal Bloom] vanishes. (Skill DMG = Amount of additional DMG triggered within the mark duration * base [Fatal Bloom] DMG)
  2. Supreme Craftsman:You can [reroll] all inscrptions of a weapon at the craftsman. Each craftsman can [reroll] up to 3 times
  3. Copycat:After killing an enhanced monster, you obtain their enhanced effect, which lasts until the end of the stage. Different enhanced effects will apply at the same time
  4. Ultimate Gambler:You can refresh all available ascensions once when interacting with a golden goblet
  5. Overconsumption: +300% weapon and skill DMG. -5% weapon and skill DMG for every owned scroll; -20% weapon and skill DMG for every activated ascension. (DMG penalty won’t exceed -300%)
  6. Craftsman’s Inheritor:You can upgrade/reforge/etch/reroll weapons for free, but you can only own up to 15 scrolls
  • New Enhanced Occult Scrolls:
  1. 【Enhanced】 Brutal Gloves:+35% weapon DMG and skill DMG
  2. 【Enhanced】 Terminal Lucidity:Reset the cooldown of all skills when you lose 20% total HP (the sum of max HP and max Shield/Armor) or more in a single hit (CD: 2s)
  3. 【Enhanced】 Flesh and Bones:Converts all Shield/Armor to HP and recover 2% max HP every second. Increases HP recovery from this scroll by +2% for every 1% HP lost
  4. 【Enhanced】 Paranormality:Max Shield/Armor gets doubled
  5. 【Enhanced】 Deflection Shield:-90% DMG taken from enemies 15 meters away and +90% DMG taken from enemies within 15 meters when holding weapon #1. -90% DMG taken from enemies within 15 meters and +90% DMG taken from enemies 15 meters away when holding weapon #2
  6. 【Enhanced】 Lifesaver:HP is fixed at 1 for 5s when taking lethal DMG, then recovers 100% Max HP and 100% Max Shield/Armor. This occult scroll will be destroyed once the effect is triggered
  7. 【Enhanced】 On the House:Your first purchase at any Peddler does not cost any copper; A random item at the Spiritual Remnant & Phantom Peddler does not cost any soul essence
  8. 【Enhanced】 Bloody Ammo:You can hold Fire button to continue shooting even though the magazine of the automatic weapon is empty, but you will take 1 normal DMG from each shot you fire
  9. 【Enhanced】 Preemptive Strike:+60% weapon DMG for the first 30% ammo in the magazine, including the first shot
  10. 【Enhanced】 Improved Clip:Whenever an ammo pack is being picked up, the ammo is doubled and it directly goes into the magazine instead of your backpack. Increases your Movement Speed by 25% until reloading
  11. 【Enhanced】 Elemental Relic:+5% Elemental DMG & +5% Elemental Effect Chance for 10s whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect.
  12. 【Enhanced】 Elemental Bestowment:Recover 1% Max HP, 1% Shield/Armor, and 10 ammo of the equipped weapon whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect
  13. 【Enhanced】 Elemental Power:+25% Elemental DMG; When triggering Elemental Effect, it will also affect all nearby enemies within 5m of the target
  14. 【Enhanced】 Sanguine Relic:+3% Life Steal. +50% DMG taken when HP is full
  15. 【Enhanced】 Double Exhilaration:Secondary Skill Capacity gets doubled, and there’s a 50% chance to not consume any use upon using secondary skill
  16. 【Enhanced】 Resolute:+50% Movement Speed and +50% DMG for at least 10s when your Shield/Armor is 0.

Addressed a bug where the max HP of [YORUHIME-MARU] & [Abyssal Serpent] is capped at 21,474,836 in multiplayer reincarnation mode

  • [Abyssal Serpent] Balancing Changes:
  1. Reduces skill delay of [Abyssal Serpent] in normal and elite difficulty
  2. Increases the number of tongues summoned in one summoning by [Abyssal Serpent] and the upper limit of tongues alive at the same time
  3. Increases skill cooldown of [Abyssal Serpent]’s tongue summoning
  4. Increases accuracy and max distance of [tongue]’s ranged attack
  5. When tongues drill out of the ground again, they will launch projectiles non-stop with rather high frequency
  6. Decreases upper limit of [Abyssal Serpent]’s max HP in 3-player/4-player reincarnation mode
  • Adjusts DMG of [Nihilation Monk] and [Elite Monk]’s life-steal skill. Players will now take increasing DMG when they start to steal life, and take the most DMG after 1s.
  • Improves [Elite Spearman]’s AI. They will not only perform melee attack when players get close to them.
  • Optimizes [Abyssal Serpent]’s AI. [Abyssal Serpent] will now start to attack players 2s after the cutscene ends

Balancing Changes:

  • [Angelic Aura]
  1. Removes both firing modes of 5-shots per burst and 8 shots per burst. The firing mode is now full-auto.
  2. DMG:44→60
  3. RoF:1600→2400
  4. Reload Time:1.8s→1.5s
  5. Max Attack Range:120m→70m
  6. DMG Drop-off Distance:10m→7m
  7. Magazine Capacity:40→28
  8. Effect Chance:8%→5%
  9. Reduces vertical recoil
  10. Increases horizontal recoil
  • [Thunder Storm]
  1. Increases flying speed of lightning balls summoned via weapon skill
  2. Decreases the time it takes to launch a lightning ball (0.8s->0.5s)
  3. Adjusted the effect of the exclusive inscription: The lightning ball will self-explode when it’s near multiple enemies
  • [Golden Bow]
  1. CritX will be increased when charging (up to +1.5x)
  2. Decreases weapon max DMG(500->400)
  3. Changed the weapon DMG increment while charging from fixed number to percentage
  • Optimized hit detection against bosses of melee weapons. Now all melee weapons can hit bosses
  • Added controller vibration support for hero skills

Added several controller slider options including deadzone, outer threshold, turning boost, turning boost ramp time and turning boost ramp delay.

  • Added support for linear response curve
  • Optimized the slider range of turning speed
  • Optimized controller sensitivity formula
  • Optimized the increase/decrease speed of value when using a controller to adjust each slider option
  • Optimized vibration when firing with some weapons
  • You can now unready at the portals in [Longling Tomb-Entrance], [Anxi Desert-Entrance] and [Duo Fjord-Entrance]
  • Optimized the presentation of emoticons
  • The display of occult scrolls shown in backpack will be sorted by quality
  • You can now tag items in team information panel
  • Added 1440*900 resolution support
  • Added weapon skill icon variants for non-ADS weapon skills
  • Optimized the special effect of HP bar when [YORUHIME-MARU] is invincible
  • Added shortest clearance time record of reincarnation mode in player information panel
  • Weapon comparison panel can be closed by pressing weapon comparison key (Z by default)
  • Added descriptions of weapon comparison and item recycle in key mapping setting
  • Centered the position of weapon image shown in the weapon tab in backpack
Special Effect & Model:
  • Optimized special effects of recyclable items
  • Optimized special effects of lightning traps
  • Optimized [Abyssal Serpent]’s appearance cutscene
  • Optimized special effect of the lightning circle displayed on monsters with [Lightning] enhancement
  • Tweaked the size of [Nihilation Monk] in the logbook
  • Optimized death animation of [Golem], [Elite Kappa], [Elite Spearman], [Elite Monk] and [Corrupt Monk]
  • Fixed missing special effect of [Lightning Blast] and [Hell]
  • Removed the entry [Rogue Swordsman] in the logbook
  • Removed Guard Seal event in reincarnation mode
  • Added 2 new vaults in [Basement of Longling]
  • Added a new vault in [Desert Ruins]
  • Optimized Guard Seal event in [Anxi Desert-Stage 2]
  • Optimized 3 routes in [Longling Tomb-Stage 4]
  • Tweaked trap spawn locations in [Longling Tomb-Stage 2]
  • Optimized special effect of a blocking wall in [Duo Fjord-Stage 3]
  • Lei Luo finds another patrimonial sniper rifle Strike Wing by accident.
    (Players may now obtain Strike Wing from the talent Gifted Man)
  • Added a space reverb toggle in audio setting
  • Added sound effect of lightning traps
BUG Fixes:
  • Fixed inconsistent background color for locked talent in the talent interface
  • Fixed abnormal [Tao]’s ascension counter color in golden goblet selection panel
  • Fixed abnormal special effect of [Qing Yan]’s ascension [Nova Release]

Addressed a bug where flying swords are unable to attack the tail of [ICHTHYOSAURUS OFFSPRING] when Tao activates the ascension [No Escape]

Addressed a bug where the special effects of [Lei Luo]’s [Fatal Current] and [Ao Bai]’s [Dual-Wield] may persist when entering the next stage during the effect

  • Addressed a bug where after [Dual-Wield] ends, using either weapon skill while putting away weapons may cause abnormal animation
  • Addressed a bug where [Ao Bai]’s [Explosive Grenades] would disappear when hitting stone monsters
  • Addressed a bug where [Crown Prince]’s [Smoke Grenade] is unable to hit the small cannons on [YORUHIME-MARU]
  • Addressed a bug where the HP recovery effect from the scroll [Airbag] may not work when players have a temporary max shield/armor bonus
  • Addressed a bug where near-death special effect may occur despite full shield/armor when players have the scroll [Airbag]
  • Addressed a bug where after carrying the scroll [Bullet Bank]. players may pick up ammo more than intended
  • Addressed a bug where the scroll [Improved Clip] may not work when reserve ammo is full

Addressed a bug where traps may consume stacks of [Phantom Skin] and [Lightless Shield] when players carry the scroll [Enhanced- Snow Boots]

Addressed a bug where in the daily challenge theme [Unpredictable Fortune], the bonus effect [Tiny Backpack] may be abnormal when players pick up the scroll [Effective Split] or [Mysterious Chest]

  • Addressed a bug where crit hits with [Double Caliber] may not trigger ammo recovery effect when carrying the scroll [Fish or Bear Paw]
  • Addressed a bug where the lightning ball, triggered by the inscription “80% chance to create a lightning ball to hit nearby enemies whenever you make a Crit Hit”, may attack portals
  • Fixed abnormal special effect occurred when the projectiles of [Bloody Drill] hit chests
  • Fixed abnormal Critx bonus applied due to the exclusive inscription of [Pupil] “Lucky Shot Chance +20%. When fully charged, +100% CritX.”
  • Addressed a bug where [Glimmering] and [Prism] are unable to break the portal cracks
  • Fixed abnormal projectile special effect of [Tiger Cannon]
  • Addressed a bug where [Thunder Storm] may display abnormal special effect under certain circumstances
  • Fixed abnormal rotation of some dropped weapon models
  • Addressed a bug where the color of the previous weapon’s inscriptions may abnormally persist in the weapon information panel
  • Addressed a bug where the weapon info panel may disappear abnormally
  • Addressed a bug where special effects on teammates’ firing weapons may not be seen after multiple weapon switches performed by the teammate
  • Addressed a bug where the monster enhancement prefix [Aggressive] may reduce attack frequency of some monsters
  • Addressed a bug where camera on death may be locked in an abnormal position after a player is killed by [Abyssal Serpent]
  • Addressed a bug where a knocked player may fall off the map by being bitten by [Abyssal Serpent]
  • Addressed a bug where after the invincibility phase ends, bosses’ exact HP may not match the HP shown on the bar
  • Addressed a bug where [YORUHIME-MARU] and [Abyssal Serpent] may attack players at the peddler
  • Addressed a bug where the skill animation of [Elite Spearman] may be missing
  • Addressed a bug where the golden goblet, dropped from [Elite Beetle] in [Basement of Longling] may sink into the ground
  • Addressed a bug where spike traps may be invisible in a stone monster level of [Basement of Longling]
  • Addressed a bug where reconnecting may cause knock-down counter to be reset
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