Gunfire Reborn Update Patch Notes – August 27, 2021


A new Gunfire Reborn update (August 27, 2021) is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Gunfire Reborn patch notes, the latest update added some Spiritual Blessings and enhanced occult scrolls, tweaked some weapons, and optimized the experience with controllers. In addition, today’s Gunfire Reborn patch also enhanced the punishment for players using cheats in multiplayer mode

Recently, a big update was released which added new changes, fixes, and more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s update will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Gunfire Reborn Patch Notes – August 27, 2021

Spiritual Blessings & Occult Scrolls:
  • New Spiritual Blessings:
  1. [Eye of Providence]: Vaults and golden treasure chests are visible on the minimap.
  2. [Occult Booster]: There is a 50% chance for scrolls dropped by enemies to become [Enhanced].
  • Spiritual Blessing Adjustments:
  1. Adjusted the effect of [Unstoppable Momentum] (Qing Yan): +100% base DMG for the next leap when you hit an enemy with a leap (up to 5 stacks). Removes all stacks on a miss.
  2. Adjusted the effect of [Weapon Genius] (Ao Bai): When dual-wielding, +30% RoF and 30% chance not to consume ammo when both weapons are the same type, otherwise +50% Lucky Shot Chance.
  3. While holding [Craftsman’s Inheritor], if a player still picks up occult scrolls after meeting the upper limit he can carry, a random discardable occult scroll will then be dropped. This discard will not be considered as sharing.
  • New Enhanced Occult Scrolls:
  1. [Enhanced] Elemental Weave: Elemental DMG will always cause an Elemental Effect for 6s after swapping weapons.
  2. [Enhanced] Fountain of Life: Recovers 1 HP whenever you pick up copper or ammo. Increases max HP by 1 for 10s.
  3. [Enhanced] Flowing Wind: While moving, the faster you move, the less DMG you take (up to -20% DMG taken) and the higher you deal (up to +50% weapon and skill DMG).
  4. [Enhanced] Persistent: -0.8% DMG taken for every 1% total HP (Max HP and Max Shield/Armor) missing.
  5. [Enhanced] Arms Dealer: -20% DMG taken and +30% weapon and skill DMG for 3s whenever you consume 10 ammo.
  6. [Enhanced] Lightless Shield: Gain 3 stacks of Lightless Shield every 30s. Each stack prevents an attack and is consumed afterward, granting +75% weapon and skill DMG for 3s. You can only have up to 3 stacks at any given time.
  7. [Enhanced] Phantom Skin: Gain 1 stack of Phantom Skin every 10s. 1 stack is consumed whenever you take DMG, restoring 50% Shield/Armor and granting +30% movement speed for 3s. You can only have up to 3 stacks at any given time.
  8. [Enhanced] Magic Watch: There’s a 33% chance to reset the cooldown when you use Primary Skill or Dash, and a 15% chance to reset the primary skill’s cooldown upon using a Secondary Skill.
  9. [Enhanced] Magnetic Coil: Every 6s release an electromagnetic pulse that inflicts the Shock Effect for 6s on all enemy it passes through.
  10. [Enhanced] Abnormal Speed: +5% Movement Speed for every 10% total HP (Max HP + Max Shield/Armor) you currently have.
  11. [Enhanced] Coin Shot: Consumes 2 copper with +60% weapon DMG on each hit. (Can’t be triggered when you don’t have any copper.) Killing an enemy in 5 hits refunds all copper spent on the enemy. If you trigger a crit hit, lucky shot, or elemental effect on hit, you will be refunded with the copper you spent on that hit.
  12. [Enhanced] Mid-Air Strike: +50% Weapon and skill DMG and -90% DMG taken while in mid-air.
  13. [Enhanced] Casual Gunsmanship: +20% Lucky Shot Chance, and there is still a 20% chance to inflict a crit hit if you don’t hit weak spots.
  14. [Enhanced] Elemental Torment: +20% Lucky Shot Chance against enemies under an elemental effect; There’s a 20% chance to apply an elemental effect when hitting an enemy not affected by any elemental effect.
  15. [Enhanced] Brief Respite: Gain immunity to all DMG for 0.5s after swapping weapons.
  16. [Enhanced] Speedy Pursuit: +50% Lucky Shot Chance for 2s after dashing; -1s Dash cooldown after inflicting a lucky shot.
  17. [Enhanced] Berserk Soul: +1% Lucky Shot Chance for every 1% total HP (Max HP + Max Shield/Armor) missing.
  18. [Enhanced] Merciless Strike: +50% Lucky Shot Chance on a crit hit; +0.5x CritX on a lucky shot.
  19. [Enhanced] Reinforced Eggshell: -30% DMG taken when your Shield/Armor is not 0.
  20. [Enhanced] Blazing Hoop: Every 6s releases a flame pulse that deals 200 Fire DMG and inflicts the Burning Effect for 3s on all enemies it passes through.
  21. [Enhanced] Realm of Corrosion: Every 6s releases a corrosive pulse that inflicts the Decay Effect for 5s on all enemies it passes through.
  • Occult scrolls that obtain effects after a certain time interval will start counting time after being picked up, for example [Magnetic Coil] and [Lightless Shield].
  • Optimized the description of [Deadly Curse]: +75% weapon and skill DMG; -75% Max HP.
  • Optimized [Shrieker]:
  1. Description Change: “Charge up a shot that causes a small-area explosion after hitting enemies and generates a larger-area explosion when hitting a barrier.” -> “Guarantees critical explosion DMG after hitting a weak spot. Hitting a barrier causes a massive explosion.”
  2. CritX: 1.5x -> 2.0x
  3. Reduced vertical recoil and slightly accelerated recovery speed
  4. Decreased attack interval and optimized burst experience (RoF 145 -> 175)
  5. Exclusive Inscription Adjustments:
    ①Removed an exclusive inscription on [Shrieker] : “Charge Time -50%, Reload Speed +50%.” ②New exclusive inscription on [Shrieker]: “Piercing +1. Guarantees critical explosion DMG after piercing a weak spot.”③New exclusive inscription on [Shrieker]: “For every enemy hit, +25% DMG Dealt (up to +100%) to current attack.”
  • Optimized the firing animation and camera shake of [Rainbow]
  • Optimized the reload animation of [Lightning Blast]
  • Optimized [Sting]’s recoil in two-shot mode. It’s now 60% the recoil in three-shot mode.
  • Optimized the mechanic of [Talisman]. Regular fire and the weapon skill can now home in on unopened vaults’ cracks.
  • Inscription Adjustment:
  1. [Frenzied Shark]’s exclusive inscription: “+50% DMG for every bounce the projectile made. (Max+100% DMG).” -> “+50% DMG Dealt for every bounce the projectile made. (Max+100% DMG).”
  • Inscription Description Change:
  1. [Bloody Drill]’s exclusive inscription: “Hits on a bleeding enemy deal +50% damage ” -> “Hits on a bleeding enemy gain +50% DMG Dealt.”
  2. [Dual Fang]’s exclusive inscription: “During shooting, +40% elemental effect chance for each second (up to 400%), reset when the charge clears” -> “When the charge is full, +40% elemental effect chance every second. (Up to +400%, resets when the charge resets)”
  • Optimized pickup range of some weapons.
  • Simplified descriptions of some weapons and inscriptions
  • Optimized gunfight experience with [Cavalry], [Rainbow Arch], [Lightning Blast] and [Crimson Firescale]
  • Optimized the special effect of [Laser Gloves] when the beam hits trees and boards
  • New Weapon Enhancement:
  1. [Elemental] : Increases elemental effect chance of an elemental weapon by 60% – 80%
  • Adjusted the mechanism of Lei Luo’s ascension 【Magical Supply】: After players trigger 【Magical Supply】 and recast 【Fatal Current】, projectiles that have already launched (e.g., additional arrows from 【Strike Wing】) won’t trigger 【Thunderstrike】 again. Only shots that fire after 【Fatal Current】 is recast can trigger 【Thunderstrike】.
  • “Dynamic” is added into the setting of Response Curve:
    Dynamic: Reverse S-curve mapping for more accurate aim rate control.
  • Optimized aim assist: It will no longer interfere with the vertical direction of the crosshair.
  • Optimized recycle process when using a controller: Players will no longer have to switch to [Foundry] before recycling an item.
  • Optimized controller vibration with some weapons.
  • The info of enhanced occult scrolls can be inspected in the logbook.
  • Added crosshair color customization in gameplay setting.
  • Optimized near-death special effect.
  • Optimized main menu to solve the issue of certain UI elements clipping out of the screen in some resolutions.
  • Optimized icons of some effects.
  • Monsters in [Duo Fjord – Stage 2] will no longer run out of the map.
  • Adjusted the combat difficulty in [Longling Tomb – Stage 3].
  • Adjusted the difficulty of a route in [Basement of Longling].
  • Adjusted the difficulty of boulder challenges in [Basement of Longling] and [Desert Ruins].
  • Adjusted spawn parameter of [Elite Spearman]. This monster will no longer show up in tiny rooms.
  • Reduced the life-steal skill range of [Nihilation Monk] and [Elite Monk]
Daily Challenge:
  • Adjusted the effect of [Gradual Desperation] (Obtain an additional 10% of copper owned whenever Shield/Armor is broken) in the theme [Economic Pressure]: Shield/Armor Break caused by players will no longer trigger said effect.
  • Reduced frequency of character voices playing when being attacked.
BUG Fixes:
  • Addressed a bug where abnormal skill sound effect is playing when checking the info of [Kappa] and [Elite Kappa].
  • Addressed a bug where [Ao Bai] may not perform any behavior upon using a secondary skill.
  • Addressed a bug where using melee weapons during [Fatal Current] may not trigger [Chain Lightning] with [Lei Luo]’s ascension [Lightning Governor] activated.
  • Fixed abnormal effect triggered on [Abyssal Serpent] with [Lei Luo]’s ascension [Lightning Governor].
  • Addressed a bug where [Chain Lightning], triggered by Lv.3 ascension [Hyper current], may deal 0 DMG when bouncing back from summons (such as poisonous balls) to the initial target.
  • Addressed a bug with the talent [Reliable Bun] where buns bought from a peddler will not recover Shield/Armor when HP is full.
  • Addressed a bug where the talent [Breacher] may be unavailable after being revived by a teammate.
  • Addressed a bug where the spiritual blessing [Lightning Messenger] may not trigger the occult scroll [Lightning Enthusiast].
  • Addressed a bug where the occult scroll [Backup Shield] may not work.
  • Addressed a bug where players with the occult scroll [Flesh and Bones] may have incorrect max HP by having max Shield/Armor changed.
  • Addressed a bug where the description about elemental effect duration on the scrolls [Blazing Hoop] and [Magnetic Coil] is incorrect.
  • Addressed a bug where the amount of ammo consumed from the scroll [Sabotaged Magazine] and[Bullet Light] does not count for [Arms Dealer].
  • Addressed a bug where CritX might be 0 for some weapons.
  • Addressed a bug where the projectiles from homing weapons home in on stone monsters.
  • Addressed a bug where the crosshair may disappear when players are equipped with accuracy-increased [Scorching Rounds].
  • Addressed a bug where [Porcupine] may deal 0 DMG to enemies at an extremely close distance.
  • Addressed a bug where the inscription “+150% Lucky Shot Chance for next shot after making Crit Hits 3 times in a row” on an injector weapon can be triggered indefinitely.
  • Addressed a bug where the inscription “Double the projectile for next shot when hitting two targets in a single shot” is unavailable.
  • Addressed a bug where the names of items may not display in the feed after marking teammates’ items.
  • Addressed a bug where players can activate two spiritual blessings simultaneously due to high latency.
  • Addressed a bug where abnormal owned occult scroll info may appear in the player information panel.
  • Addressed a bug where names of some vaults may display incorrectly.
  • Addressed a bug where the name of the occult scroll upon picking up may clip out of the background box.
  • Addressed a bug where teammates’ HP may not display in spectator mode.
  • Addressed a bug where spiritual blessing info boxes may remain in the spiritual remnant panel.
  • Fixed inconsistency between [Tao]’s emotions and corresponding descriptions.
  • Addressed a bug where players cannot interact with weapons on the mechanical lift.
  • Addressed a bug where reconnecting before the cutscene of a boss is about to be playing may lead to abnormal UI.
  • Addressed a bug where UI in ADS mode may display abnormally if players get knocked down when zooming in.
  • Addressed a bug where abnormal behavior may display upon switching weapons.
  • Addressed a bug where players can recycle scrolls shared by teammates under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed a bug where knocked players may be pushed out of the map by boulders.
  • Addressed a bug where knocked players may be pushed out of the map by [Abyssal Serpent].
  • Addressed a bug where drops from [Elite Beetle] in [Basement of Longling] may be unable to be picked up.
  • Addressed a bug where players may get stuck when revived at the corner of a wall after being knocked down by a boulder in [Desert Ruins].
  • Addressed a bug where players may be knocked out of the map by a [Dark-faced Bandit] in [Desert Ruins].
  • Fixed a map glitch in [Desert Ruins] that may cause players to get stuck.
  • Fixed abnormal number of some traps spawn in [Longling Tomb – Stage 3]
  • Fixed a map glitch that hinders players’ movements in [Anxi Desert – Stage 3]
  • Addressed a bug where [Bandit Hermit] in [Anxi Desert – Stage 3] may not attack players and reposition.
  • Addressed a bug where players may fall into the void in [Duo Fjord – Entrance]
  • Addressed a bug where players on a wooden bridge may drop out of the map in [Duo Fjord – Stage 3].
  • Addressed a bug where the actual range of the skill, cast by [Elite Lizard], is inconsistent with the special effect shown on the ground.
  • Addressed a bug where there’s a possibility that the death animation of [Dragon Qian] may not play.
  • Addressed a bug where in co-op mode, [Nihilation Monk] or [Elite Monk], who has been frozen by an [Energy Orb] while casting life steal, may steal players’ HP after unfreezing, even if they are out of the skill range.
  • Addressed a bug where occult scrolls gained from the scrolls [Effective Split] and [Mysterious Chest] may also grant copper.
  • Addressed a bug where some sound effects are missing when using a controller.
  • Addressed a bug where players may not perform certain actions when using a controller.
  • Addressed a bug where the achievement [Top Athlete] may fail to unlock.

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