Going Medieval Update 0.8.35 Patch Notes – July 14, 2022


Going Medieval update 0.8.35 is rolling out on PC(Steam), Epic Games Store, and GOG. According to the official Going Medieval patch notes, the latest update added bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Please save your progress and restart your game client to update.

Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Going Medieval patch 0.8.35 will address a few changes.


Read more details below.

Going Medieval Patch Notes – July 14, 2022

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed several crash occurrences.
  • Fixed the issue where settlers would still ignore repairing buildings in some situations.
  • Fixed the issue that caused settlers to be stuck in dismantle loop with nothing to dismantle.
  • Fixed the issue where a pet would freeze in place if the position of its owner was unreachable.
  • Fixed the issue where a wrong message would appear during the Violent Extortionists raid if the extortionist settler was sent to the caravan but returned back before extortionists came.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Barn Door blueprint to have two colors when the resource for it was unavailable.
  • Fixed the issue that caused arrows in-game to have purple color.
  • Fixed the issue that caused multiple settlers to try and tend to the same person.
  • Fixed the issue where particles during construction/production/harvesting/cutting would appear as squares.

Quality of life improvements

  • Animals will haul more frequently now, but not as they did before. We nerfed this because players with a lot of hauling animals would experience significant FPS drops. This issue is being fixed, but until then, animals will haul a bit less often. If you can’t wait for the fix, did not experience FPS drops, and understand that this might cause some other issues – you can edit files on your own. Find animalBase.json file, look for the animal type you want to modify, and change “fireHaulEndEffectorChance” to 0.
  • Bored animation state added for deer.