Going Medieval Update 0.8.28 Patch Notes – June 20, 2022

Going Medieval update 0.8.28 is available to download on PC(Steam), Epic Games Store, and GOG. According to the official Going Medieval patch notes, the latest update resolves various crash instances, issues related to food particles, cancel button and more.

Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Going Medieval patch 0.8.28 will address a few changes.

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Going Medieval Patch Notes – June 20, 2022

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed various crash instances.
  • Fixed the issue that caused food particles to stay visible even if a settler is drafted/undrafted.
  • Fixed the issue that made the ‘Cancel’ button in the Keyboard Configuration menu to restore already applied key binds.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the disappearance of the rebellious purple highlight upon loading the game.
  • Fixed the issue that caused prioritization of tending wounds to not work as intended.
  • Fixed the issue that caused an infinite hauling loop for settlers and animals when interacting with walled shelves and racks.
  • Fixed missing text for Woodwork Bench and Sewing Station, in the Almanac.
  • Fixed the issue that caused constant spawn and destruction of certain pile types if those piles appeared under socketable shelves.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred when the player would use the ‘Cancel’ button during the building installation process – if the player selected the corresponding building pile after that, it would still show the ‘Cancel’ button even though there’s nothing to cancel.
  • Fixed the issue that didn’t show proper resource availability when the player would install a blueprint.
  • Fixed the issue that caused combat music to disappear upon loading the save with an active raid.

Quality of life improvements

  • The game should lag less now.
  • Additional mouse buttons, including the middle button, can now be assigned to different keybinding. Left/Right buttons and mouse wheel functionality remains locked by default.
  • The way the enemy list is shown upon hovering on the ‘Raid’ notification is now formatted differently. Now, the list will not show each enemy separately.
  • Text for some equipment in the Almanac has received clearer wording.
  • Animation of rats and chickens received a bit of fine-tuning.

Known issues

  • Objects still appear floating in the air. Build floors beneath them to pick them up.
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