Going Medieval Update Patch Notes – November 30, 2021

    Going Medieval update (Hotfix released on PC(Steam), Epic Games Store, and GOG. According to the official Going Medieval patch notes, the latest update brings various gameplay changes and bug fixes.

    Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Going Medieval patch will address a few changes.

    Going Medieval Patch Notes – November 30, 2021

    • Addressed a bug where events would stop appearing or they appeared rarely.
    • Addressed a bug where some crops would disappear after saving and loading the game.
    • Addressed a bug where settlers would not harvest crops, despite them being in the “ripe” phase.
    • Addressed a bug where quitting the session while a Thunderstorm or Hailstorm event is on the verge of ending corrupts their visual assets.
    • Addressed a bug where the game would remember camera movement related inputs (e.g. using right arrow) after entering and closing Region tab.

    Addressed a bug where new settlers that are accepted from events would appear equipped with apparel items set as default clothes in the scenario, dropping the items they were already equipped with.

    Addressed a bug where settler corpses disappeared and enemy bodies were displayed as purple bones when the Caravan returned with bodies in its inventory.

    • Addressed a bug where door animation would not trigger if merchants/bodyguards would walk through them.
    • Addressed a bug where the factions’ trader name was displayed as placeholder text in the Caravan Trading menu.
    • Addressed a bug where keybindings would lack functionality if used in the Region menu.
    • Addressed a bug where the Alignment-related notifications were not displayed, despite the fact that faction’s alignment has been changed.
    • Addressed a bug where having a Wooden Beam present in between Walls would allow the overlapping of other Wall blueprints with the already built structures.
    • Addressed a bug where Blueprints could overlap and be constructed within Roofs.
    • Addressed a bug where the same Structure Piles were present twice in the Custom Scenario menu.
    • Addressed a bug where placing a Floor Tile on the voxel located in front of a Wall Decoration would trigger the message: “Can’t be placed, blocked by:…”.
    • Fixed a couple of text issues.
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