Gloomhaven Update Patch Notes (v27372) – May 26, 2022


A new Gloomhaven update 27318 is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update added a hotkey to toggle the ‘Fast forward’ function.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Gloomhaven Patch 27372 Notes – May 26, 2022

  • Added a hotkey to toggle the ‘Fast forward’ function.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘next to wall’ adjacency bonus not being correctly applied to enemies in doorway hexes.
  • Scenario 51 [spoiler]Added some text to explain the AI movements. [/spoiler]
  • Fixed a softlock when using Trample while Immobilized.
  • Scenario 11 – [spoiler]Fixed an issue with the exit tiles being available before the portal opens.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with some saves not loading.
  • Fixed a softlock with Triforce [spoiler] volatile consumption.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue using Triforce [spoiler]volatile consumption in multiplayer.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an error when going back to main menu during PQ progress on map screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Control abilities not allowing the player to carry out the action.
  • Fixed an art issue with the Red Guard tail.
  • Fixed an issue with Boots of Striding not working with Trample.
  • Fixed a performance issue when using Red Guard [spoiler]New Favorite. [/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with Scenario 49 [spoiler]where opening the door makes the siege cannon fire 3 times.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with Scenario 68 [spoiler]where the tree suffers damage even when there are no rending drakes left.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with using Hatchet [spoiler]Hawk Helm with Overwatch.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with Lightning [spoiler]Dazing Wound with an AoE item. [/spoiler]
  • Fixed a softlock issue with Cragheart [spoiler]Explosive Punch.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Hard Travelling Heroes’ and ‘The Jaws of Victory!’ achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where players are unable to claim the achievement ‘C-C-Combo’ in Guildmaster mode.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer with certain scenario effects, [spoiler] the ones when Mercs have to ‘forgo’ top or bottom actions when using ‘Undo’ was not correctly seen by all players.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with multi-target attacks that can all have Push.
  • Fixed an issue with the item Cure Potion where its button could duplicate in the UI.

Download free Gloomhaven patch 27372 on PC(steam).