Gloomhaven Update Patch Notes (v27318) – May 21, 2022

A new Gloomhaven update 27318 is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Gloomhaven Patch 27318 Notes – May 21, 2022

  • Jaws of the Lion DLC scenarios are now available from the start of the campaign (no longer have to complete the first two base-game scenarios)
  • Rebalanced Jaws missions 1 & 2 to facilitate a smoother start to the game
  • Fixed an issue that could occur in Multiplayer where scenario difficulty could differ between players, meaning things like Traps could have different damage for each player or enemies have different max HP resulting in desyncs
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where sometimes consumed elements were not correctly being seen by all players
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where using items like [spoiler]Boots of speed, to change initiative[/spoiler] was not correctly being seen by all players in the session
  • Fixed an issue with some lightning abilities [spoiler]Ones where the merc can suffer damage to add a bonus when toggling them on/off and adding items like Battle Axe, that change AoE of attacks[/spoiler]
  • Fixed some UI issues around undo-ing / clearing targets for certain Items
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with Hatchet ability [spoiler]Ricochet, clearing target selection for the ‘damage adjacent’ would not correctly be seen by all players[/spoiler]
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue that could cause a desync in Guildmaster mode when switching multiple mercs in the party roster very quickly
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer with Summons that had HP enhancements, restarting round could see different HP for each player resulting in desyncs
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with Brute’s [spoiler]Immovable Phalanx[/spoiler] where Undo / clear targets could result in desyncs with this ability
  • Fixed an error that could occur when using Spelweaver’s Impaling Eruption T attack in certain situations with specific line of site etc and in some situations, when AngryFace has their ability [spoiler]’Detonation’ active + a target was killed[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue with the Undo button becoming unresponsive in some situations during Multiplayer sessions which could result in softlocks
  • Fixed an issue with Two Minis [spoiler]Undoing targets on Disorienting Roar ‘Swap'[/spoiler] ability
  • Fixed an issue with undoing targets on ‘destroy adjacent obstacle’ abilities

Download free Gloomhaven patch 27318on PC(steam).

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