Gloomhaven Update Patch Notes (27913) – June 30, 2022


A new Gloomhaven update 27913 is rolling out download on PC(Steam). According to the official Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update brings fixes for multiplayer issues, crashes and more.

Previously, a major update added a hotkey to toggle the ‘Fast forward’ function. Since the last patch, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Gloomhaven Patch 27913 Notes – June 30, 2022

  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where skipping a Push ability could result in Retaliate being seen incorrectly by other players in the session
  • Fixed further issues in Multiplayer with short resting to death
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with Lightning ability Vengeful Barrage could result in a softlock when used
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with Boots of Speed & Quickness, Not all players correctly seeing the initiative if changed multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with opening a Multiplayer session whilst leveling up a Mercenary
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with Hatchet ability Excessive Force B spam clicking before other players had caught up on using this ability resulted in a desync
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where if a client is joining with a client already in the session then a character is deleted the joining player would not be seen correctly
  • Fixed some Multiplayer issues that could result in an error when selecting Saw medical packs during card selection phase
  • Fixed an instance where Demolitionist Drill Fist T ability was not correctly ignoring shield value of target.

Download free Gloomhaven patch 27913 on PC(steam).