Gloomhaven Update Patch Notes (27862) – June 24, 2022


Gloomhaven update 27862 is available to download on PC. According to the official Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update added various fixes to multiplayer, crashes, and more.

Previously, a major update added a hotkey to toggle the ‘Fast forward’ function.

Since the last patch, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Gloomhaven Patch 27862 Notes – June 24, 2022

  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue with Lightning Unstoppable Destruction, special short rest was not correctly refreshing items for all players in the session
  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue with TwoMinis ability Concentrated Rage, where it was incorrectly possible to use two actions with the same card half
  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue with discarding active abilities then short resting
  • Addressed Host not correctly seeing Clients if they short rest to death
  • Addressed an issue where looting gold could incorrectly make nearby gold piles (that were not looted) disappear visually
  • Addressed an issue in Scenario 76 Ally Summons incorrectly focus the destructible walls
  • Addressed an issue in scenario 76 Two of the destructible walls not correctly revealing the next room when destroyed

Addressed an issue in scenario 76 In specific circumstances it was incorrectly possible to kill some of the Vipers without actually dealing fatal damage

  • Addressed an issue with Hatchet abilities Ricochet & Care Package, not correctly healing if there is no adjacent enemy
  • Addressed an issue with Mindthief ability Cranium Overload, if mind controlling a monster that dies with an innate ‘on death’ ability
  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue with Cthulhu ability Epidemic, cancelling the active bonus at certain points was not correctly seen by all players
  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue where players could use a controller to switch characters while another player is joining resulting in desyncs
  • Addressed a Multiplayer issue where restarting round immediately after lots of ‘Undos’ (before other players have caught up) could result in a desync
  • Addressed a certain road event effect/outcome Each Merc suffer damage resulting in the game hanging while players are travelling to a scenario
  • Addressed an issue with enemy multi-target attacks where it was possible for the second target of the attack to incorrectly take no damage
  • Addressed a target selection issue with Cthulhu ability Willing Sacrifice, had to select Plagueherald as a target twice
  • Addressed an issue with the JotL enemy [spoiler[ Rat Monstrosity it was possible for the game to freeze up after they used a certain ability
  • Addressed an issue with spawners incorrectly spawning enemies on the same hex as obstacles if there are not more available empty hexes
  • Addressed an issue with controlling an enemy into a Stun Trap then waypointing further movement for them, action would not end resulting in a softlock

Addressed an issue in Scenario 71 Windswept Highlands, the special rule could incorrectly push a Merc into a locked door if the Merc has the Item Cloak of Phasing

  • Addressed an issue with being unable to place a summon on a hex that a trap was just triggered in the same turn (was not being seen as an empty hex when it should)
  • Addressed Demolitionist ability Nowhere to Run, can now only move single-hex obstacles and was incorrectly selecting obstacles adjacent to the first move hex not the starting hex
  • Addressed Cragheart ability Clear the Way to only move single-hex obstacles

Addressed an issue in JotL Scenario 25 Destroying a ‘later’ room before destroying an ‘earlier’ one incorrectly teleports the party to a room that is already destroyed and crashes the game

Download free Gloomhaven patch 27862 on PC(steam).