Gloomhaven Update 27253 Patch Notes – May 16, 2022

    Gloomhaven update 27253 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Gloomhaven patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Gloomhaven patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Gloomhaven Patch 27253 Notes – May 16, 2022


    Added – A House Rule for Summons dropping gold
    Added – A ‘Retry scenario’ function (Players can retry a scenario from the results screen without loading back to map)
    Updated – Better GUI for Scenarios 88 & 69, players now able to see which merc is carrying the [spoiler]The Lurker claw & The Doll[/spoiler]
    Updated – Better GUI for Reputation unlock [spoiler]Sunkeeper (+10) & Nightshroud (-10)[/spoiler] now better explained when they occur
    Updated – When a Merc levels up they have the Merc’s name not the Player’s
    Updated – Some personal quests that previously unlocked the [spoiler]Sunkeeper[/spoiler] class, have been changed to unlock [spoiler]Sawbones[/spoiler] or [spoiler]Berserker[/spoiler]. This change will apply retroactively to your save file if you’ve completed those personal quests so you may find these characters are now unlocked when loading on the latest version.


    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 81 [spoiler]Boss, The Colorless, spawning incorrect Night Demon Elite[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Softlock that could be caused by Spellweaver’s Mystic Ally
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 34 [spoiler]Elder Drake’s dark pits[/spoiler] not displaying correctly
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 36 [spoiler]Prime Demon not spawning correctly past Round 9[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Multiplayer desync caused by Players being able to click on actions while another Player is acting
    Fixed – Multiplayer desync that could be caused by BG selection while other players still catching up to loadout screen
    Fixed – Crash & softlock that could happen in specific cases with Mindthief’s [spoiler]Phantasmal Killer[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue that could lock a party slot if players switched same class merc in this slot a certain way
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Nightshroud’s Smoke Step[/spoiler] to correctly add bonus
    Fixed – Some issues with the Personal Quest GUI not tracking progress correctly
    Fixed – Ability card Mindthief’s [spoiler]Many as One[/spoiler] to correctly apply bonus for allies
    Fixed – Issue with Undo / Skip regarding some Scenario Special Rules [spoiler](Forgo top/bottom half)[/spoiler] that could cause a crash
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Beast Tyrant’s Soaring ally Loot Command[/spoiler] so it correctly now loots
    Fixed – Issue with element not correctly being consumed with Item [spoiler]Robes of Evocation[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Doomstalker’s Predator & Prey[/spoiler] now applies correct bonus to attacks on Doomed enemy
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Elementalist’s Shaping the Ether[/spoiler] now grants Push correctly (not twice)
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Enhancement for Soothsinger’s Knimble Knife Top[/spoiler], now correctly adds additional Bless if enhanced with Bless
    Fixed – Issue where it was possible for allies to move through enemies in doorways
    Fixed – Issue with a certain Boss counting towards a Personal Quest [spoiler]Perfect Poison & Giant Ooze[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Plagueherald’s Spread the Plague[/spoiler] incorrectly poisoning its user
    Fixed – Multiplayer desync that could occur using Brute’s [spoiler]Skewer Top[/spoiler] with consumed element
    Fixed – Issues that could cause error & desync with [spoiler]Quartermaster’s Continual Supply & Refreshment[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 71 [spoiler]Windswept Highlands, where enemies would not correctly wake up from sleep condition when they are moved by the scenario rule[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 68 [spoiler]where special rule would cause an error when the tree takes damage[/spoiler]
    Fixed – GUI for multiple scenarios such as 22, 52 & 75 [spoiler]where the ‘Forgo action’ button would incorrectly display even if Merc was not adjacent to the target[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Issue with skipping the first Push on an AoE Attack in which all targets should be pushed, incorrectly skipping all pushes
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Nightshroud’s Spirit of Night Top[/spoiler] that would not behave correctly when Disarmed and an element was consumed to make it a ‘Kill’ ability
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 79 relating to [spoiler]The Betrayer’s mind control ability[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Ability card Cragheart’s Dirt Tornado Top + Consumed element
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Elementalist’s Volatile Consumption[/spoiler] sometimes causing an error
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Doomstalker’s Sap Life Bottom[/spoiler] where the session could get stuck requiring reload
    Fixed – GUI getting stuck on screen sometimes when failing to join a multiplayer session
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue in card selection phase that could happen when using [spoiler]Berserker’s Unstoppable Destruction[/spoiler]
    Fixed – XP rewarded for Scenario win when changing difficulty before loading in
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue with Scenario 22 that could incorrectly affect Monster’s stats when Client’s re-joined
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Plagueherald’s Virulent Strain[/spoiler] not correctly applying damage
    Fixed – Issue with a specific combo using [spoiler]Berserker’s Bone Breaker Bottom + Stun[/spoiler] when a monster has Flying and is on same hex as a Trap
    Fixed – Ally Summon focus issue in Scenario 48 [spoiler]Shadow Weald, where summons would incorrectly focus the ‘invisible’ (but teleported out) Dark Rider boss[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue buying items in ‘Shared gold’ Guildmaster mode
    Fixed – Unlimited movement bug with [spoiler]Berserker’s Careless charge[/spoiler] when used in combination with a certain Item [spoiler]Battle Axe[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Ability card [spoiler]Sawbone’s Triage[/spoiler] could cause an issue while Long resting
    Fixed – Issue skipping the [spoiler]Sawbone’s Triage[/spoiler] ability incorrectly ending the turn even if actions were available
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue that could result in an error due to a duplicate item in ‘shared gold’ Guildmaster mode
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue that could result in a desync using Cragheart ability [spoiler]Clear the way Top[/spoiler]
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue when using [spoiler]Soothsinger’s Song – Power Ballad[/spoiler] with a summon controlled by another player
    Fixed – Multiplayer issue regarding ‘Mind Control’ abilities that could result in a desync
    Fixed – The hover UI to display the correct sell prices for Enhancements in the Enchantress screen
    Fixed – Issue with Scenario 26 [spoiler]Skipping the ‘Cleanse pump’ action[/spoiler] would skip Merc’s entire turn incorrectly
    Fixed – Possible sofltock when levelling up a Mercenary
    Fixed – Tooltip that displays when using [spoiler]Doomstalker’s Frightening Curse Top – ‘Transfer Doom'[/spoiler] tooltip now displays better
    Fixed – Issue where discarding a card during card selection to give a total of 2 discarded cards would still not allow Long Rest
    Fixed – Issue with a specific combo [spoiler]Beast Tyrant’s bear with a command action killing an enemy affected by Doomstalker’s Detonation doom ability[/spoiler]

    Download free Gloomhaven patch 27253 on PC(steam).

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