Garry’s Mod June Patch Notes – June 8, 2022

    Garry’s Mod June 2022 update patch notes details for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Garry’s Mod patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes and improvements.

    Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game.

    Today’s Garry Mod March patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Garry’s Mod June 8 Update Patch Notes

    •  You can now search maps by the name of the Workshop Addon they come from in Start New Game screen
    • Moved potentially conflicting addons detection to Problems menu – potentially conflicting means two addons have the same Lua file with different file sizes

    • Fixed Lua error with Super DOF when activating 5 second hide UI and reopening UI before the timer expires (Community Contribution)

    • Fixed toolgun ghost preview not clearing when switching away from the toolgun using the spawnmenu (Community Contribution)

    • “Unused Addons” problem will now tell you which files it recommends deleting

    • Attempt to prevent Entities and Weapons spawning out of map bounds when spawned through Spawn menu (Community Contribution)

    • Updated server browser recommendation icons (Community Contribution)

    • TTT: Fixed a bug with weapon respawning and updated language files (Community Contribution)

    • Readded missing mapIO outputs to airboat vehicle

    • Implemented CS:GO soundscape features: playlooping.position “random”, playlooping.radius, fadetime

    • Fixed “Steam overlay replacement” window opening links externally

    • Added nullptr safeguards to CMaterialVar::SetTextureValue

    • Unspecified security fixes

    • Fixed crashes when setting null model on players

    • Fixed crash when trying to render world model as entity model

    • Fixed a typo in detail.vbsp

    • Fixed gmod_language resetting to empty string on dedicated servers

    • Fixed in-code documentation comment of table.CollapseKeyValue (Community Contribution)

    • +vgui_drawtree now requires sv_cheats just like vgui_drawtree 1/0 does

    • Force OS Specific binary module load errors to English

    • Sandbox spawning and entity variable editing bypasses IsAdmin checks in singleplayer, so mods cannot accidentally interfere with basic Sandbox functionality

    • Some changes towards fixing/narrowing down the CSoundPatch update crash

    • Deleted Windows steam binaries (used by dedicated servers) as they are now shipped automatically by Steam

    • Added NPC:GetKnownEnemyCount

    • Added NPC:GetKnownEnemies

    • Added NPC:IgnoreEnemyUntil

    • Added NPC:GetTimeEnemyLastReacquired

    • Added NPC:GetLastTimeTookDamageFromEnemy

    • Added NPC:MarkTookDamageFromEnemy

    • Added Entity:GetAnimCount

    • Added NPC:NavSetGoalPos

    • Changed NPC:NavSetGoalTarget – second argument defaults to 0,0,0, sets correct goal type for the path

    • Added CLuaLocomotion:GetDesiredSpeed

    • Added CLuaLocomotion:GetGroundNormal

    • Added math.SnapTo (Community Contribution)

    • Added icons and select fields for DProperty_Combo (Community Contribution)

    • Added Entity:GetSequenceVelocity

    • Made Entity:GetSequenceMoveDist shared

    • Fixed crashes with certain Vehicle functions when used on unsupported vehicles

    • Fixed PhysObj:SetInertia causing unexpected zero-G behaviour when used on frozen physics objects or with invalid values

    • Fixed cam.End crashing when used without cam.Start first (will throw Lua error)

    • Try to end cam.Start calls that are left unended each frame (will display warnings in console when this happens)

    • Fixed CNavLadder & CNavArea’s Lua objects not becoming null after removal, causing crashes

    • Fixed Material() not being able to access gamemodes/ folder

    • ServerLog global now obeys sv_logecho convar

    • Save cookies on Lua state shutdown to prevent data loss when disconnecting

    • Render library underflow warnings are now non halting Lua errors

    • Clamped PhysObj:SetMass to safe values (0-50000] to prevent crazy physics

    • CreateConVar/AddConsoleCommand globals now ErrorNoHalt when command creation fails, instead of silently failing

    • Can no longer create concmmands/convars with blocked names

    • Made Player:GetPlayerInfo shared

    • Added snd_buildcache to blocked command list

    • Entity:DropToFloor now checks if the entity is inside world geometry – if it is, do not drop to floor. Should help with stuff ending up underground in certain places, such as NPCs on displacements.

    Download free Garry’s Mod update February 2022 on PC (Steam).

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