Fortnite Update 19.20 Patch Notes (Official) – February 1, 2022

    Fortnite update 19.20 will soon roll out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Fortnite 19.20 patch notes, the latest update brings fixes for Battle Royale, Save The World, and more.

    Previously, a major update added new features, new LTM modes, new changes, and much more.

    Unfortunately, since the later major update, players are facing several issues with the game. Today’s Fortnite patch 19.20 will address a  few of these issues. Read more details below.

    Fortnite Update 19.20 Download Size

    Xbox Series X/S – 2.7GB

    Xbox One – 3.4GB

    PlayStation 5 – 3.1GB

    PlayStation 4 – 2.5GB

    Nintendo Switch – 1.8GB

    What is new and fixed in Fortnite 19.20 Update Today? – February 1, 2022


    Deep inside the mountains north of Camp Cuddle, a high-tech new POI has appeared: Covert Cavern. Navigate its central waterway and harvest materials from its many facilities.

    Rumor has it that Covert Cavern is home to a Mythic version of the Stinger SMG, possessing more power than a regular one (and more recoil to match). However, getting your hands on it is no easy feat…

    Fortnite Mythic Stinger SMG


    The Heavy Shotgun has been unvaulted in a refashioned form for Chapter 3. It’s now single slug, longer-range, and requires more accuracy. Exceptionally reliable and consistent, break out the Heavy for closing the gap or responding to an incoming threat!

    Fortnite Heavy Shotgun

    Find the Heavy Shotgun on the ground, in normal and Rare Chests, and from Supply Drops. The new Heavy Shotgun is available in all rarities.

    Note: The new Heavy Shotgun is unable to penetrate through multiple targets, which the classic Heavy could do. This is a bug that will be fixed in a future game update.


    With v19.20, begin unlocking all the masks of Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass Outfit Haven!

    How do you unlock Haven’s masks? Collect Feathers in Chests around the Island, then spend your Feathers in the “Haven’s Masks” section of the Battle Pass tab. Each mask has a special Quest for you to complete to make the mask available to redeem. For example, catch fish to unlock cat masks, forage to unlock deer masks, glide to unlock owl masks, and more!

    Fortnite Haven Reanimated Cat Mask, Autumn Stag Mask, Tropical Owl Mask, and Snow Hunter Mask

    Each mask’s Quest can be found in the “Haven’s Masks” Battle Pass section, and every mask is unlockable all the way ‘til the end of Chapter 3 Season 1. (Please note that players must own the Haven Outfit before starting the Quests.)


    We’re improving the XP Beyond Battle Royale experience! Usually, Creative Islands undergo “calibration” before they begin granting Battle Pass XP from your in-game Accolades (sometimes taking several days). Now with v19.20, if you triggered an Accolade before calibration was complete, you’ll be rewarded with the XP once it’s available!


    Tornado and lightning weather events have been added to Team Rumble!


    • The Mythic Stinger SMG is not included in competitive playlists. The Heavy Shotgun is included immediately, however.
      • While most new/unvaulted items are given an evaluation period in the wild before being added to competitive playlists, we’ve made an exception with the Heavy Shotgun, as the new Heavy Shotgun was made with higher-skill play in-mind.
    • As our heads-up stated last week, Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters now have 20 shots instead of 80 in competitive playlists. This lower count is to encourage more strategic decisions about when to use the item, while retaining the item’s usefulness as a powerful mobility tool.

    Addressed the following issues in Battle Royale.

    • Addressed a bug where games and points do not count towards tournament score.
    • Fixed a bug where Spiderman’s Web-Shooters drop with full uses from eliminated players.
    • Addressed a bug where when navigating to the Compete Tab, the cursor automatically takes you to the far right of all the tournaments.


    • Fixed an issue where players respawning in the Creative Hub during games
    • Addressed a bug where Charge Shotgun doesnt save in Item Spawner

    Save the World

    • Addressed a bug where Husks can damage objectives through player built structures in Deliver the Bomb
    • Fixed an issue where players not gaining access to Expeditions despite meeting the criteria to get them


    • Addressed a bug where the Storm is not as dense and is more transparent on Nintendo Switch

    Download free Fortnite patch 19.20 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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