Fortnite 3.32 Patch Notes (v18.10) and Download Size – Sep 28, 2021


Fortnite update 3.32 (1.000.043) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Fortnite 3.32 patch notes, the latest update new game mode, new skins, and much more. Apart from this, Fortnite version 3.32 also includes general stability fixes.

Fortnite Update 18.10 Download Size

Xbox Series X/S – 16GB

PlayStation 5 – 2.7GB


Nintendo Switch – 7.5GB

Xbox One – 9GB

Previously, a major update added various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Fortnite version 3.32 will fix a few of these problems.

Fortnite 18.10 Patch Notes

Updated Limited Time Mode

  • Horde Rush
  • Score Royale
  • Unvaulted

Bug Fixes


Addressed an issue where scrolling in the Discover UI causes it to reset the players section position to the beginning of the row.

Battle Royale


The Chug Splash people just dropped Chili Chug Splash, Chug Splash with a kick. It restores Health and Shield like you’d expect, but it also gives you such an energy boost it’ll give you a speed boost too. Think of eating a Spicy Fish or a Pepper. (Or don’t think of it. The Chili Chug Splash tastes just like them…) And hey, since it’s a Chug Splash, you can share the kick with others too. Get your squads’ feet and nose running.

Chili Chug Splashes are Exotic. Exchange Bars with The Brat for some or find some in Loot Llamas.


Alongside the debut of Chili Chug Splash, the original Chug Splash has been re-released. It may not have that kick, but the Health and Shield nutritional value is all the same. (It’s also much easier on the taste buds.) Being the Chug Splash the Island knows and loves, you can pick some up as normal loot.

It’s really difficult to sneak around when a wolf is thinking I’m their food. That shouldn’t be an issue anymore, though, because — speaking of things returning — the Island has collectively remembered how to make a Hunter’s Cloak. Craft a Hunter’s Cloak by combining Meat. (It’s honestly kind of gross, but it does take less Meat than it did before.)


Something weird I noticed: there’s a big hole at Steamy Stacks. Was there an accident on the job? Did something… escape from the ground?

Could be something for you to investigate.

– Charlotte


The Cubes have corrupted even the Battle Pass! (But in a good way.) Bonus Styles for Chapter 2 Season 8 Outfits have been available for players who progress past Level 100. But now: this Season’s Super Level Styles have been added! Progress past Level 140 this Season and start unlocking new runic Styles for Charlotte, Kor, Fabio Sparklemane, J.B. Chimpanski, and Torin.

To help you get there, we’ve made improvements to XP earned through Battle Royale:

  • XP earned from your Daily Punchcard missions has been greatly increased.
  • We’ve added XP to all Shared Quests. (They still reward Bars too.)
  • All new and future Character Punchcards have substantially increased XP rewards.
  • Weekly Punchcard XP has been slightly reduced. This was done to lessen the setback of not completing them.


New Toona Fish Quest Styles have been added! Ink up your Toona Fish with new Styles inspired by even more of your favorite Fortnite characters. Complete themed Quests to copy Mancake’s drip, resemble regular Fishstick, and more. With 20 new styles to collect immediately (and one we can’t talk about just yet), there’s a ton more options to color Toona Fish your way!


  • Slipstreams will disable at the final Storm circle in core playlists.
  • Slipstreams will disable at phase 5 of the Storm in competitive playlists.
  • Chug Cannons are no longer available from Loot Llamas. In the Chug Cannons’ place are the spicy Chili Chug Splashes.
  • In competitive playlists, Sideways Anomalies will despawn earlier than they did previously.
  • The Rail Gun has been removed from competitive playlists.

Crash site slip streams won’t disable after hitting a certain storm circle phase

Vehicles take heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage.

Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” doesn’t progress during the match when it’s obtained.

Donation Boards do not display War Effort items in chosen language.

Creative Mode


Keep your aim true as the new Sideways Battle Royale weapons make their way into Creative! The following Battle Royale Items are now available:

  • Sideways Minigun (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Sideways Rifle (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Paint Launcher (Orange, Purple)
  • Paint Grenades (Orange, Purple)
  • Monster Shards Cube Monster Parts (Ingredients)


The updated Elimination Manager brings support for Fiends, Wildlife, and Sentries, as well as randomization and elimination penalties.  Here are the details:

  • New Team and Class options that allow for the exclusion of a single class or team.
  • New option for randomly selecting which items the device drops from its inventory.
  • New option that allows Creators to set a random chance for item(s) to drop from the device.
  • New options for Target Type. This allows creators to set what type of target triggers the elimination manager. This can be players, Sentries, any variety of Fiend, or animals from the Wildlife Spawner.
  • A new set of options to configure penalties that trigger when a player is eliminated. For penalty options to work, the Eliminated Player’s Items setting in My Island > Settings must be set to Keep.
  • Penalty Item determines what is affected by the penalty; Gold, Materials, Score or All
    • Penalty Amount determines what percentage of the specified items will be affected from 1% – 100%
    • Penalty Effect determines what is done with the items; Remove: just removes them from the Eliminated player’s inventory. Drop: drops the items into the world for other players to pick up. Grant to Eliminator: gives the items to the player who Eliminated the other.


  • Fixed a texture issue with the snow on the Gray Cliff Snow Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be picked up on placeable grass patches.
  • Fixed an issue with some rooftops in Spooky Mansion Gallery giving the wrong resource material.
  • Fixed an issue with the mausoleum props in Spooky Prop Gallery B not being broken by building, not providing harvesting hit points, or showing health.
  • Fixed an issue where Background City Gallery was not placed within the preview volume.
  • Fixed an issue with the unlit gothic lamp from Spooky Prop Gallery B not being destroyed by pickaxe and gunfire damage.
  • Fixed an issue with searchable paintings in the Spooky Mansion prefab.
  • Fixed a thumbnail issue with the basic corner asset from the Spooky Mansion prefab.


  • Fixed a texture issue with the snow on the Arctic Island.


  • Added Use Team Score option to My Island UI settings.
    • If set to YES, this will cause teams to keep all score gained, regardless of whether players subsequently leave the team.
    • If set to NO, team scores will be a dynamically calculated sum of the scores of the players currently on the team (current behavior).


  • We’ve converted the following device models to sprite art to help reduce memory costs.
    • Skydome device
    • VFX device
  • Added the Quadcrasher Spawner.
    • The Quadcrasher is now back in Creative, fully compatible with the new physics system.
  • Added Allowed Team and Allowed Class support to the Item Spawner device.
    • The option to turn item visibility OFF for disallowed players will be added in a future release.
  • Added new versions of collectibles to the Collectibles Gallery.
    • Golden Music Note
    • 3 New Coins
      • Small Bronze Coin
      • Normal Silver Coin
      • Large Gold Coin
  • Added Spooky Ghosts effect to the VFX device.
  • Added new options to the Customizable Light Device
    • Dimming Amount
    • Dimming Time
    • Dim Light When Receiving From
    • Undim Light When Receiving From
  • Added new options to the Map Marker, Capture Area and Objective Devices to display a directional pulse similar to the one used by Keycards.
  • Added new options to the Item Granter:
    • Grant On Timer – causes the device to grant items at the specified interval.
    • Grant While Offline – if a player leaves the game and then returns later if this option is set to YES the device will calculate how many times it would have granted the items in the player’s absence and then grants them at game start.
    • Clear Save Data For Player When Receiving From – clears any persisted data to prevent the device from granting items to a player when they return to the game.


  • Fixed an issue where Round results were showing the wrong player as the winner of the Round.
  • Fixed an issue with the Join in Progress island setting to allow more than 16 teams.
  • Fixed an issue with the Only Allow Respawn If Spawn Pads Found island setting.


  • Fixed some issues with the Timer device.
    • Now supports non-English character text.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the timer to start at 100 minutes rather than 60.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skydome Device did not turn back on after re-entering island limits
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Point Device increasing saved score when triggering multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with the Round Settings device to make On Round Start Transmit On work correctly with 1 round.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customizable Light device which caused square boxes to appear around the device after aiming at it.


  • Added a preview (beside the device description) of all filter tags applied to a device when selected in the Device Gallery.


  • Fixed various lights from the Ambient Gallery and Ambient Gallery Large not being customizable when they should be.
  • Fixed the Team Color option for Customizable Light Gallery to support more than 16 teams.

Players are teleported when jumping into Barriers.

Only allow respawn if Spawn Pads Found setting not working.

Player built structures cannot be placed adjacent to Barrier Device.

Save The World

Unable to swap Hero Loadouts in the Lobby while using a controller.

Campfires above lv 130 are shown as 130

Dungeon announcer “Found all coins” audio loops

Quests cannot be pinned from quest journal


Voice chat on Switch won’t connect to party chat.

Download free Fortnite update 3.32 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.