Firestone Idle RPG Update 6.0.0 Patch Notes – April 6, 2022

Firestone Idle RPG update 6.0.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Firestone Idle RPG patch notes, the latest added a new battle system, 6 new avatars, a new splash screen, and more. Apart from this, today Firestone Idle RPG patch 6.0.0 also includes performance fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes.

Read more details below.

Firestone Idle RPG Patch Notes – Official


  • New battle system (side scrolling) has been added in the game. You can disable the side scrolling on settings.
  • Waves of a stage have been reduced to 5.
  • Heroes and enemies will spawn tombstones upon death.
  • 6 New avatars have been added in the Basic category.
  • New Splash Screen.
  • The battle backgrounds have all been redesigned to fit the new battle system.
  • Expanded the research trees on Library, Exotic Merchant, Alchemist and in the Personal Tree of Life.


  • Firestone researches no longer require Fire Tokens and the Eternal Magic mechanism has been removed.
  • Character menu has been redesigned.
  • War banner has been renamed to Drums of War.
  • Inventory items have been redesigned.
  • Early game tutorial and dialogues have been redesigned.
  • The language selection popup has been redesigned.
  • The mechanism of the world map has been reworked for optimization. Your active missions have been reset for this reason.
  • Many UI elements have been reworked. (settings, upgrades, chat and many more)
  • The progress bars in the game have been redesigned as well.
  • On the new battle system the hero positioning order is automatic based on the specialization and class.


  • Fixed several other minor bugs.

Download free Firestone Idle RPG patch 6.0.0 for PC (Steam).

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