FIFA 22 Patch 1.32 Notes for PS4, PS5 & Xbox

    EA Sports has released a new FIFA 22 patch 1.32 for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Fifa 22 1.32 patch notes, the latest title update 9 added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, Fifa 22 version 1.32 also includes general audio and visual fixes.

    Unfortunately, since the last title update 8, players are experiencing several issues and bugs. Today’s Fifa22 version 1.32 will fix a few of these issues.

    FIFA 22 Version 1.32 Patch Notes (TU9)

    General, Audio, and Visual

    • Updated CONMEBOL competitions.
      • Updated CONMEBOL Libertadores seeding in Career Mode and Tournaments.
      • Updated CONMEBOL Libertadores and Sudamericana competition structure for Career Mode.
      • Added clubs who qualified for the 2022 CONMEBOL Libertadores and Sudamericana group stages where appropriate and updated rosters for existing clubs.
    • Updated some player portraits, kits, badges, ad boards, trophies, flags, logos, banners, broadcast and presentation packages, and interview backdrops.
    • Favorite Club selection has been changed to PSG if the Russian national team or any other Russian team was previously selected.
    • Removed the Otkritie Bank Arena.
    • Removed the Russian national team and other Russian teams.
      • Arena player and goalkeeper selections have been changed to PSG players if players from the Russian national team or any other Russian team were previously selected.


    • Addressed a bug where the player controlled goalkeeper did not drop the ball when requested, preventing the match from resuming normally.

    Fifa 22 servers are currently down. Check FIFA 22 server status here.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    • Addressed a bug where packs of the same name were opened in the order they were received instead of the player selection.
    • Fixed an issue where the match lobby Ping Indicator did not always display correctly and would sometimes incorrectly show nine digit numbers.
      • This was a visual issue only and had no impact on a player’s connection.
      • This issue has been previously posted on the EASF Tracker.
    • Fixed a bug where some Badge Items incorrectly displayed a placeholder image.

    Career Mode

    • The Russian national team and other Russian teams are no longer available in any competition when starting a new save.
      • As a result, these teams will not be present in any competition and players cannot be offered a Russian national team management contract.
    • Added a new intro video for the CONMEBOL Sudamericana competition.

    Pro Clubs

    • Kit selections have been changed to PSG if the Russian national team or any other Russian team kit was previously selected.
      • Players can select different kits.
    • Stadium selection has been changed to the default Pro Clubs stadium if the Otkritie Bank Arena was previously selected.
      • Players can select a different stadium.
    • Removed Russian themed stadium customization items.

    Download free Fifa 22 version 1.32 on PlayStation 4, PS5, and Xbox One.

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