FF16 Update 1.10 Patch Notes for PS5

FF16 update 1.10 (version 1.001.000) details released PS5. According to the FFXVI patch notes, Arcade Mode receives a time limit to prevent excessive point accumulation and reduces scores for specific abilities. Apart from this, FF16 patch 1.10 also includes a new leaderboard, system menu enhancements and bug fixes.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the last patch 1.03, some players have been experiencing issues. Today’s FF16 version 1.10 (1.001.000) will fix a few of these issues.

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Final Fantasy 16 Update 1.10 Patch Notes – September 3, 2023

Arcade Mode Changes

  • Adds a time limit to each stage
    • Intended to prevent exploitative scoring methods
    • Can continue playing after time limit, but no more score
  • Reduces scores awarded by Rime and Gouge abilities
    • Part of ongoing adjustments to reward creative play
  • New leaderboard for players with this update
    • Old leaderboard still accessible to those without update
    • Plan to make old leaderboards visible in a future update

System Menu Changes

  • Adds Adaptive Triggers option to disable effect
  • Adds Target Cycle options for changing targets while locked on
  • Fixes issue with Player Follow resetting camera after attacks
  • Adds Controller Volume option to adjust sound effect volume
  • Fixes Visual Alerts preview and confirmation dialog
  • Fixes some text issues

Other Fixes

  • Fixes issues with enemy and boss actions
  • Fixes collision detection thresholds in boss fights
  • Fixes issues with certain character actions
  • Fixes issues with notorious marks
  • Fixes crafting issues in Final Fantasy mode
  • Fixes search issues in The Thousand Tomes
  • Fixes save data transfer issues from demo
  • Fixes various minor text issues

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