Fall Guys Update 1.25 Patch Notes for PS4, PS5, PC & Xbox

Fall Guys update 1.25 is rolling out on PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. According to the official Fall Guys 1.25 patch notes, the latest Summer Breeze Update introduces Carriable Fans, new obstacles, and rounds. Apart from this, today’s Fall Guys version 1.25 also includes gameplay performance improvements.

Previously, a major Fall Guys Season update added crossplay, a brand-new game mode called Sweet Thieves, and much more. Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Fall Guys patch 1.25 will fix a few of these issues.

Read full details below.

Fall Guys 1.25 Patch Notes – August 16, 2023


  • New obstacles for Builder Beans in the Blunderdome.
  • Introduction of Carriable Fans that can be moved around by Beans.
  • Introduction of Floating Spinning Beams that can be placed anywhere.
  • Release of 4 new Rounds featuring Carriable fans:
    • Gappy-go-Lucky
    • Fun with Fans
    • Drop n’ Drag
    • Blocky Bridges
  • New obstacles and objects for “Original” themed Round:
    • Bowl Platform
    • Inflatable Hill
    • Slope Barrier
    • Trench
    • Plain Barrier
    • Hoop Platform
    • Pillar


  • Opening of the vault to bring back favorite rounds.
  • Announcement of the full list of Rounds for the Main Show coming soon.
  • Updates to be provided on the Fall Guys Owl channel.


  • Ability to emote in the lobby.
  • Introduction of the ability to look up, allowing Beans to see more of the level.
  • Vertical camera improvement for more vertically challenging Rounds.


  • Fixed various minor softlocks and cosmetic issues.
  • Fixed issues where players couldn’t click the “Back” prompt using a mouse in Creative Mode menus.
  • Added a placeholder image for the My Levels menu when a thumbnail can’t be rendered.
  • Fixed issues with a new Fame Pass not loading in the store if the game is open over the refresh time.
  • Fixed the Blizzard and Floor fans not having SFX in the Level Editor.
  • Fixed draggable objects rapidly respawning when placed at the bottom of a level.
  • Fixed visual jitters when holding a carriable Fan on a ramp.
  • [XBOX] Fixed the A button becoming unresponsive in some instances when players open the Party Menu.
  • [PS5] Fixed draggable boxes lacking collision SFX.
  • Addressed various visual issues.
  • Fixed game crashing bugs.
  • Addressed numerous bugs related to costumes and obstacles.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Download free Fall Guys update 1.25 on PlayStation 4, PC and PlayStation 5.

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