Factorio Update 1.1.60 Patch Notes – June 6, 2022


A new Factorio update 1.1.60 is available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Factorio patch notes, the latest update improved the game startup time when using mods and added various other bug fixes.

Previously, a major update was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Factorio patch 1.1.60 will address a few of these errors.


Factorio June 6 Update Patch Notes


  • Improved game startup time when using mods.


  • Fixed that item requests didn’t subtract items picked up from ground when reviving ghosts.
  • Fixed burner inserter would not fuel itself when drop target was full.
  • Fixed that inserters would report status other than “Waiting for space in destination” in certain cases.
  • Fixed that Lua collision mask util didn’t check for tile prototypes.
  • Fixed that map pings would always round up the pinged location.
  • Fixed that replays would always say mods didn’t match.
  • Fixed that canceling syncing mods with a save would exit the GUI.
  • Fixed that canceling syncing mods with a save through escape would leave the partially downloaded mods.
  • Fixed that the circular dependency error doesn’t list all mods.
  • Fixed a deadlock on loss of ConnectionAcceptOrDeny message.
  • Fixed a desync when fast-replacing burner generators.


  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::height, torso_rotation_speed, automatic_weapon_cycling, chain_shooting_cooldown_modifier, chunk_exploration_radius reads.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::animation_speed_coefficient.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::manual_range_modifier.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::dying_speed read.
  • Added sample_index parameter to LuaFlowStatistics::get_flow_count().

Download free Factorio update 1.1.60 for PC(Steam).