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ESO Update 2.14 Patch Notes (ESO 2.14 PS4) (Update 29)

ESO update 2.14 patch notes (Update 29) released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official ESO 2.14 patch notes, the latest update added the Flames of Ambition DLC. This DLC adds two new 4-player dungeons for you to tackle – Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron – in addition to several new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and furnishings. Apart from this, ESO version 2.14 also addressed various stability issues.

Update 29, the latest base game update free for all players, brings about a number of significant changes and new features. First and foremost, we’ve updated the entire Champion Point system with a new UI and all-new stars to choose for your characters. Equipped Armor pieces also now passively augment your character’s effectiveness, and you can view additional combat stats in a new Advanced Stats UI.

Housing enthusiasts will be excited to utilize a new feature to fast travel outside your home, and we’ve made several improvements when previewing furnishings and houseguests. We’ve also added many new furnishings for you to enjoy!

Previously, a major update added Markarth DLC and update 28, featuring the epic conclusion of the Dark Heart of Skyrim. The new Markarth DLC added the new zone of The Reach, two world bosses, two delves, and an exciting solo Arena that is sure to challenge.

Unfortunately, many players are still facing several problems when trying to play the game online. Today’s ESO patch 2.14 will solve a few of these problems.

ESO 2.14 Patch Notes


Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed an issue which caused the tools to sometimes stop working after excavating an Antiquity.


Fixes and Improvements


  • Invitation to Orsinium: Only one Stuga now appears at a time. You don’t need to know how long she’s been looking for you multiple times.

Base Game

Base Game

Champion Point System Update
In this update, we’ve revamped the entire Champion Point (CP) system with an updated UI and all-new stars to choose. Now, when building your character, you’ll have more choices than ever before.

  • The goals for this change include several factors:
    • This new system encourages horizontal progression over vertical progression.
    • The new Champion system reduces how many passives are on a character at one time, reducing the calculations per combat action.
    • Expandability is essential to the health of character progression, and the revamped Champion system has far greater flexibility for expansion in the future.
  • The Constellations have been renamed from the Mage, Warrior and Thief to Warfare, Fitness and Craft.
  • Constellations have been reduced from 9 to 3, but the variety of stars available to spend points in has greatly increased.
  • Stars are interconnected in a way such that spending enough points to unlock the bonus awarded from a star, will also unlock the path to its connected stars.
  • Stars within constellations are categorized under two main types:
    • Non-Slottable: These are stars which give you their noted stats and do not need further interaction other than adding the requisite points to activate the stat bonus listed.
    • Slottable: These are stars which give you their noted stats and must be added to the new Champion bar to activate the bonus listed in the star. When actively slotted, their art will update in the constellation to indicate this.
  • We’ve added a new Champion bar to the top of the Champion Constellations UI. This allows you to slot up to 4 stars from each of the 3 Constellations.
    • You can swap out any slotted star at any time with no cost, as long as you’re not in combat.
    • The cost of respec’ing your Champion Points is still 3000 gold.
  • The CP cap per update has been lifted, and you can now spend up to the 3600 point cap. We’ve adjusted the rate at which you gain CP to accommodate for the cap lift.
  • You still only earn Champion Points at level 50 or higher, but as with the original CP system, you can spend any you have earned regardless of your level.
  • All characters have had their base Health increased to 16,000, up from 8744 and their Magicka and Stamina has increased to 12,000, up from 7958.
    • These changes were made to offset the loss of the 20% stat increases gained from the original Champion Point system, where spending 100 points in a tree would increase the base stat of the tree by 20%.
  • Characters now also take 10% reduced damage at base, to reduce the loss of the mitigation from the Champion Point system.
  • Characters now also start with 1000 Weapon and Spell Damage regardless of your level.
  • Made numerous adjustments to battle leveling bonuses to tone down some of the power spiking seen with some stats, specifically with Weapon and Spell Damage and Health.

Armor Changes
Equipped Armor pieces now passively augment your character’s effectiveness at a base line, in addition to their purchasable passives. Their effects are now denoted in the Armor section of the Skills screen and are unlocked immediately upon unlocking the Skill Line itself. You can find their effects below:

  • Light Armor Bonuses
    • Reduces your damage taken from “Magical” (Magic, Flame, Frost, and Shock Damage) attacks by 1% per piece worn
    • Reduces the cost of Roll Dodge by 3% per piece worn
    • Reduces your Movement Speed penalty while Sneaking by 5% per piece worn
    • Reduces the cost of Break Free by 5% per piece worn
    • Reduces the cost of Bash by 3% per piece worn
  • Light Armor Penalties
    • Increases your damage taken from “Martial” (Physical, Poison, Disease, and Bleed Damage) attacks by 1% per piece worn
    • Increases the cost of Block by 3% per piece worn
    • Decreases your damage done with Bash by 1% per piece worn
  • Medium Armor Bonuses
    • Reduces the cost of Sprint by 1% per piece worn
    • Reduces the cost of Sneak by 5% per piece worn
    • Reduces the cost of Block by 3% per piece worn
    • Reduces your damage taken from Area of Effect Attacks by 2% for 2 seconds after you Roll Dodge
    • Increases your Movement Speed by 2% while immune to crowd control
  • Heavy Armor Bonuses
    • Reduces your damage taken from Martial attacks by 1% per piece worn
    • Increases the amount of damage blocked by 1% per piece worn
    • Increases damage done with Bash by 3% per piece worn
    • Reduces your damage taken while immune to crowd control by 1% per piece worn
  • Heavy Armor Penalties
    • Increases your damage taken from Magical attacks by 1% per piece worn
    • Reduces the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint by 1% per piece worn
    • Increases the cost of Roll Dodge by 3% per piece worn
    • Increases the size of your detection area while Sneaking by 10% per piece worn (making you easier to detect)
  • The above changes were done to help increase the effect that Armor plays on your build, by augmenting your Core Combat Mechanics such as Break Free, Roll Dodge, and Sprint in ways that are not already apparent in the paradigms. Additionally, the “Rock Paper Scissors” effect that Armor was originally meant to follow should have more sharp effects in PvP situations, where Light Armor is stronger versus Heavy but weaker versus Medium, and Heavy is stronger versus Medium.
  • We also tried to avoid outright buffing the same exact playstyles that already exist with some Armor types in efforts to improve armor viability, rather than reinforcing the existing patterns.
    • For example, Light Armor has much more freedom with most of its Stamina costs but is less effective with outright soaking damage. Heavy Armor is now slower but bulkier, and Medium Armor is more slippery but with less sharp bonuses as it has no drawbacks.
  • All armor passives now scale per piece of Armor equipped, rather than some of them granting bonuses while wearing 5 pieces or more. This, along with the new penalty and bonus system of Armor, should help diversify build variety and increase the viability of unique options such as 4/3 and all 7 pieces of the same Armor weight being worn.
    • Light Armor
      • Concentration: This passive now grants 469/939 Spell Penetration per piece of Light Armor worn, rather than 2442/4884 when wearing 5 pieces or more.
      • Prodigy: This passive now grants 0.5/1% Spell Critical per piece of Light Armor worn, rather than 5/10% when wearing 5 pieces or more.
      • Spell Warding: Increased the amount of Spell Resistance granted per rank to 363/726, up from 182/363.
    • Medium Armor
      • Agility: This passive now grants 1/2% Weapon Damage per piece of Medium Armor worn, rather than 7/15% when wearing 5 pieces or more.
      • Dexterity: Decreased the amount of Weapon Critical granted to 0.3/0.6/1% per piece of Medium Armor worn, down from 0.3/1/1.5% per piece.
    • Heavy Armor
      • Rapid Mending: This passive now increases your Healing Taken by 1% for every 2/1 pieces of Heavy Armor worn, rather than 4/8% when wearing 5 pieces or more.
      • Resolve: Decreased the amount of Armor granted per piece of Heavy Armor worn to 114/229/343, down from 121/142/363.
      • Revitalize: This passive now increases the resources restored from your fully-charged Heavy Attacks by 2/4% per piece of Heavy Armor worn, rather than 12/25% when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Advanced Stats
You can now view additional combat stats about your character by selecting Advanced Stats within the Character menu. This includes a variety of additional offensive, defensive, and utility bonuses that your character currently has based on their equipment, buffs/debuffs, Skill and Champion Point expenditures. Additionally, Physical and Spell Penetration have been added to the main stats view.

Fast Travel Outside of Homes
There are many reasons to visit your lovely home, but sometimes you just want to use it as a handy fast travel point! For times like those, you can now select the “Travel to Outside” option when traveling to any of your homes, and it will take you right outside the front door without any extra loadscreens. You can of course still travel straight inside, as before, with the “Travel to Inside” option.

Furnishing & Houseguest Preview Improvements
You can now preview furnishings and furnishing plans directly from your inventory. No more guesswork when deciding whether to learn a plan! In addition, Houseguest previews on the Crown Store now include a selection of voice lines, so you can get a better sense of their overall identity.

New Furnishings
In Update 29, we’ve added several new furnishings to acquire and have made some quality of life changes.

  • New Dwarven Structural Items
    • We’ve added a new set of 20 Dwarven furnishing plans in the Markarth style. These have a chance to appear in Markarth Reward Coffers, which are awarded for completing world boss and delve daily quests in The Reach. These plans include various platforms, pillars, and stairways, as well as other structural components—including plans for a fireplace, a double door, and a tower!
  • New Master Writ Furnishings
    • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
      • Diagram: Dwarven Minecart, Ornate
      • Pattern: Solitude Yarn Rack, Colorful
      • Blueprint: Solitude Well, Noble
      • Praxis: Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall
      • Formula: Vampiric Cauldron, Distilled Coagulant
      • Design: Provisioning Station, Solitude Grill
      • Sketch: Dwarven Crystal Sconce, Mirror
    • As usual, Rolis has handed some of his prior furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio, the Master Writ Achievement merchant. In order to help manage the growing number of furnishing plans on her store, she’s consolidated her offerings. Her furnishing plans are now grouped together into Folios based on when they first appeared in her store. Opening a Folio will give you tradable copies of all of the plans inside and costs the same as it would have cost to buy all the recipes in that Folio individually. The most recent set of furnishing plans are still available individually. The contents of each Folio are as follows:
      • Crafter’s Furnishing Folio
        • Diagram: Apparatus, Boiler
        • Formula: Case of Vials
        • Diagram: Apparatus, Gem Calipers
        • Blueprint: Podium, Skinning
        • Blueprint: Tools, Case
        • Formula: Bottle, Poison Elixir
        • Design: Mortar and Pestle
        • Blueprint: Cabinet, Poisonmaker’s
        • Praxis: Orcish Table with Fur
        • Pattern: Orcish Tapestry, Spear
        • Design: Orcish Skull Goblet, Full
      • Morrowind Furnishing Folio
        • Formula: Mages Apparatus, Master
        • Diagram: Dwarven Gyroscope, Masterwork
        • Pattern: Dres Sewing Kit, Master’s
        • Praxis: Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork
        • Design: Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted
        • Blueprint: Telvanni Candelabra, Masterwork
      • Dark Elf Furnishing Folio
        • Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Master
        • Diagram: Hlaalu Gong
        • Pattern: Clothier’s Form, Brass
        • Praxis: Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle
        • Design: Miniature Garden, Bottled
        • Blueprint: Hlaalu Gaming Table, “Foxes & Felines”
      • Summerset Furnishing Folio
        • Sketch: Alinor Ancestor Clock, Celestial
        • Sketch: Figurine, The Dragon’s Glare
        • Diagram: Relic Vault, Impenetrable
        • Pattern: Alinor Bed, Levitating
        • Blueprint: Alinor Bookshelf, Grand Full
        • Praxis: Alinor Gaming Table, Punctilious Conflict
        • Formula: Artist’s Palette, Pigment
        • Design: Alinor Grape Stomping Tub
      • Ebonheart Furnishing Folio
        • Sketch: Silver Kettle, Masterworked
        • Blueprint: Frog-Caller, Untuned
        • Design: Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning
        • Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Condenser
        • Praxis: Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted
        • Pattern: Dark Elf Tent, Canopy
        • Diagram: Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea
      • Elsweyr Furnishing Folio
        • Diagram: Elsweyr Gate, Masterwork
        • Pattern: Elsweyr Chaise Lounge, Upholstered
        • Blueprint: Elsweyr Cart, Masterwork
        • Praxis: Elsweyr Statue, Shrine Lion
        • Formula: Elsweyr Incense, Fragrant
        • Design: Provisioning Station, Elsweyr Grill
        • Sketch: Elsweyr Cage, Filigree
    • Faustina Curio now offers Skyrim Journeyman and Master Furnisher’s Documents, containing a variety of superior and epic furnishing plans from Western Skyrim.
  • New Undaunted Quartermaster Furnishings
    • Two new furnishings are available from Undaunted Quartermasters for those who have braved Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron, and returned to tell the tale.
      • Fountain of the Fiery Drake: At first glance, this draconic accent seems straightforward, but a quick adjustment allows it to breathe flame.
      • Basalt Pillar, Glowing: Though touching this lava-formed pillar bare-handed is inadvisable at best—it contains a molten core—gently blowing on it might just brighten its glow a bit. Try it and see!

New Antiquities 
There is one new Antiquity to find in Western Skyrim: its Antique Map. Much like other Zones’ Antique Maps, the Lead for this Map can be purchased at many vendors across Western Skyrim, but only if you’ve completed the Pathfinder Achievement for the zone.

New Battleground Collectibles
Three new emotes are available for you to collect in this update by completing Battlegrounds!

  • Scorching Chaos Ball Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.
  • Chaos Ball Victory Dance Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.
  • Chaos Ball Boom Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.

System Mail Deletion & Organization Changes 
Beginning with this update, System Mails will now remain in your inbox for a limited time, after which they will be deleted. This mirrors the current behavior of player-sent mail.

  • System Mails include:
    • Mails sent by NPCs (such as Hirelings)
    • Mails containing Collector’s Edition rewards
    • Mails sent for completing PvP activities (such as Rewards for the Worthy and Battleground completion rewards)
    • Mails sent for completing random dungeon runs, such as Premium Undaunted Exploration Supplies mails
    • Mails containing Guild Trader purchases
    • Mails that have been ‘bounced’ from another player (such as CoD items that have been refused)
  • When this update launches, all System Mails you currently have in your inbox will be given a timer of 30 days. When that timer gets close to running out, the mail will be highlighted with red text and iconography to indicate it will soon expire. When a System Mail’s timer expires, that mail (and any items or gold that might be attached to it) will be deleted.


  • Fixed an issue where the Battering Ram UI could remain on screen after loading into a new zone.


  • Mounts will no longer float on the character select screen.
  • Fixed minor visual issues with several armor and weapons.


  • Fixed some visual issues with the Dwarven Scarab Pet’s wings during certain idle animations.
  • Personality props will now be hidden when using Blade of the Blood Oath.
  • You will no longer be removed from first person view when certain animations play while running.
  • Fixed an issue where some arrows would not move smoothly through the air, appearing to stop and start.


  • Fixed a visual issue caused when wearing the Timbercrow Wanderer Costume with the Namira’s Bile Skin.
  • Fixed a stretching texture issue on the Ancestral Reach Medium boots.
  • Fixed the size of the Undaunted Nightflame helmet piece.


  • Wearing the Knight Slayer Breeches no longer make your character sound like a creaky boat.
  • Fixed some audio issues for a variety of older animations.


  • Prince Irnskar now pronounces Jorunn’s name properly.
  • Fixed some visual issues on the Singing Skald hat when worn by Vampires.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the Logger costume.
  • Fixed some distorted textures that would appear on the Red Diamond Guardian Skin.


  • Dragonstar Arena
    • Vampire Lord Thisa will now only play her Blink Strike animation once, no matter how many enemies are hit by that ability.


  • Banished Cells II
    • High Kinlord Rilis will no longer flicker before teleporting.
  • Blessed Crucible
    • Monsters in the Frozen Arena can no longer be damaged before their gates open.
  • Fungal Grotto I
    • Friendly Goblin Archers no longer show a telegraph on their attacks.
  • Wayrest Sewers I
    • Uulagarg the Hungry’s Terrifying Roar no longer causes your character to flee in terror (but still imparts significant mental anguish).
    • Varaine Pellingare will now reliably jump into or enter the fight space as you enter into it.
    • Varaine will use his Slash ability more often.
    • Allene Pellingare will no longer remain invisible after the Fiendish Hallucinations are defeated.
  • Wayrest Sewers II
    • Uulagarg the Risen’s Scorching Flames no longer forces your character to flee.
    • The Ghost’s Haunting Spectre ability will no cause your character to cower in fear rather than flee during the encounter with the Pellingare Siblings.


  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • All Scaled Court enemies will now correctly add into the fight when intended.
    • Possessed Mantikora
      • Vortex now correctly displays the target of the ability at the center of the portal that is opened.
    • Stonebreaker
      • Player characters that die to Stonebreaker while afflicted with Spreading Poison no longer damage nearby enemies with Poison Blast when they die; the damage will correctly come from Stonebreaker.


  • Added a tooltip to explain where certain Morphing Collectible components come from.


  • Moved several Mementos that have non-cosmetic uses to the Tools section of the Collectibles menu, including the following:
    • Fire Rock
    • Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug
    • The Pie of Misrule
    • Witchmother’s Whistle
    • Jubilee Cake (note, only the most current Jubilee Cake memento will appear in the Tools Menu- the others can still be found with the other Mementos)
  • Foods granted from vendors in Cyrodiil, such as Cyrodillic Field Brew, have been brought up to standards with their crafted and Crown Store counterparts, resulting in the durations and stats granted to mirror them.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Heavy Sacks to award extra potency runes to players of particular levels.
  • Fixed an issue where you had a chance to get the wrong rank of Jewelrycrafting Dust from a Heavy Sack if your character is between CP60 and CP80.
  • Two identical pieces of gear will no longer be counted together when looking at the item tooltip bag/bank counts if one of the pieces has been re-traited to a different trait.
  • Fixed an issue where Kizna and Kazbur the Wanderer, merchants in Dragonstar Arena, were selling old, incorrect wares. They now sell wares as befits standard Merchants.


  • Updated the wording of Champion Point achievements to be more in-line with the new Champion Point names.
  • Updated the text for “Vault Breacher” achievement to match prior prologue achievements.

Text & UI

  • Updated the names of several Ice Staff items, which were previously using the not-quite-correct term “Frost Staff”.
  • Fixed a typo in the description text of the Thunderbug Carapace Quicksilver Axe.
  • Fixed a number of minor typos in stealable treasures’ descriptive text.
  • Updated the description for the “Scorching Chaos Ball” Emote to better match the Emote’s animation.


  • Corrected some minor mismatches between the voiceover and text for recent houseguests.
  • Historian Phedre no longer appears in the Collections menu if you did not acquire the rewards from the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event, to be consistent with other rewards from that event.
  • Fixed an issue where chairs were not working properly after going through a portal in a home.
  • Fixed an issue where some furnishings would not always respect their bind status when gifting a home.


  • When editing the location of a chair, the highlight color of the chair now more accurately reflects whether or not it can be sat in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Moonmont Lunar Altar, from the Reaper’s March achievement furnisher, would appear hollow when viewed from below.
  • Fixed an issue where the Target Iron Atronach, Trial training dummy would appear to give you two copies of the Minor Toughness buff in combat.
  • Adjusted the location that you grab the following items from, to make them feel a bit more natural to place:
    • Clockwork Lens Assembly, Frozen
    • Mages Guild Sign, Large
    • Fighters Guild Sign, Large
    • Nedic Orb, Ritual
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fern, Cyan Cluster” furnishing had excessive collision.
  • The “Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Apprentice” furnishing no longer appears hollow when viewed from below.
  • Sealed two small gaps in the bottom of the “Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall” furnishing.
  • Updated the names for the “Common Soul Gem, Empty” and “Lesser Soul Gem, Empty” furnishings to “Soul Gem, Common” and “Soul Gem, Lesser”, to be consistent with other Soul Gem furnishings.
  • The following housing items have been moved from Miscellaneous > General into other housing categories:
  • The following items previously spread across Knick-Knacks, Pipes and Mechanisms, and Symbolic Decor have been re-organized under Undercroft > Soul Gems:
  • The “Redguard Well, Arched” furnishing no longer appears hollow when viewed from below.
  • The bristleback inside the “Stone Garden Vat, Alchemized Bristleback” furnishing now correctly plays a subtle animation, similar to the other alchemized creatures.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a flat section of dark material to appear in the distance on one side of Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm.
  • Removed some very small pieces of invisible collision in the living room of Stone Eagle Aerie that could interfere with selecting objects at specific locations.
  • Removed a tiny piece of wood that was poking up into the courtyard of Domus Phrasticus.
  • In the Dwarven interior section of Stillwaters Retreat, the small open archways near the ceiling now have more accurate collision. This makes it easier to place or remove objects inside those archways.
  • Removed some errant bushes that had taken to flying high in the sky above Bouldertree Refuge.

Housing Editor

  • Fixed an issue where the beams connecting Path Nodes would sometimes flicker when placing nodes far apart from each other.


  • Reduced load times when moving between zones.
  • Optimized the threading and rendering processes on the client and load distribution on the server.
  • Fixed a rare crash during some animations.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when in heavy combat with many other bow users.
  • Fixed a rare crash cause by the model loading system.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when multiple effects would try to move a character simultaneously.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing furniture in player housing.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when joining a large group with other unknown players.

The Rift

  • In His Wake: Corporal Bredrek will no longer follow you all around Riften if you don’t accept his quest.


  • Previewing from your Inventory now allows item types other than just armor and furniture to be previewed. This includes weapons, containers that grant collectibles, and motif pages/books.
  • Triggering the sell confirmation text no longer puts the menu into a state where you cannot navigate through it.
  • Updated tutorial text to reflect updates to the Champion System.
  • Updated the message that displays when skills have been forcibly reset to be more generic.
  • Fixed an issue where a random UI error could trigger a chatter interact when one shouldn’t be happening.
  • Added Search to various Inventory screens.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when adjusting the screen size.
  • Fixed an issue when spamming the back button while in a friends list overlay, you could get locked out with an invisible overlay.

French Game Client

  • Fixed an issue where filters at crafting stations would extend off the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where grammar markup would display in certain Item Set Collection subcategories.

Guilds & Guild Functionality

  • Fixed an issue where guild rank changes wouldn’t save for some guilds.

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