Patch Notes

ESO 1.36 Update for PS4 and Xbox One Released


ESO update 1.36 for PlayStation 4 is now available for download. According to the official ESO 1.36 patch notes, the new Elder Scrolls Online update 1.36 contains a fix for Jewelry Crafting inspiration, the Arms of Relequen item set, and the invisible Lava Pools in Bloodroot Forge. In addition, the new ESO version 1.36 also includes stability and performance improvements. The update size is around 1.29Gb. Check out more details below.

Recently, a big update was released with the new Summerset DLC. The patch also released the highly anticipated Jewelry Crafting system that now allows you to craft, upgrade, research, and transmute Rings and Necklaces. With the addition of Jewelry Crafting, there are 9 Traits that can be applied to jewelry – 6 of which are all new! These Traits can be discovered and researched by acquiring jewelry found in various activities throughout the game.

ESO 1.36 Patch Notes for PS4


Asylum Sanctorium Trial

  • Your character will no longer be inexplicably killed on the walkways between Saint Felms and Saint Llothis.


  • Bloodroot Forge
    • The visual effects for the Earthgore Amalgam’s Lava Pools will again persist while the ability is active.

Halls of Fabrication Trial

  • The Overcharging Aura of the Fabrication Committee will once again function properly.

Psijic Order

  • Concentrated Barrier: Fixed an issue where the damage shield from this passive ability would remain on you when you logged back in to the game, causing its shield value to stack.
  • Undo: You can no longer cast this ability and its morphs while you are carrying a Chaosball or Relic in Battlegrounds, or an Elder Scroll in Cyrodiil.


  • Fixed an issue for some visual holes appearing on the Pyandonean Homespun robe.

Cloudrest Trial

  • Malevolent Cores now teleport down to the lower level if they are dropped from the upper platforms.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl to double the number of fish you receive under certain circumstances. The intended effect is that this food increases your chances to acquire rare fish, similar to the bonus that occurs when another player is fishing from the same fishing hole.

Jewelry Crafting

  • Fixed an issue where Jewelry Crafting Writs beyond the first rank were incorrectly granting Inspiration for Enchanting. These Writs now grant Inspiration for Jewelry Crafting, as intended.
  • The Jewelry Crafting Station available from Faustina Curio (the Achievement Mediator) is now legendary quality instead of epic, no longer binds when acquired, and now warns you that it requires the Summerset chapter to use.


  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial could not be completed if you defeated the Yaghra Nightmare in a particular location, and decided not to loot it.
  • Fixed some text in Rellenthil that didn’t match its associated voiceover in non-English languages.


  • A Pearl of Great Price: Razum-dar is now much easier to locate in Rellenthil.
  • The Crystal Tower: Fixed an issue if you used a Synergy during the first phase of the boss event, you weren’t able to use it in later phases.
  • The Queen’s Decree:
    • Your progress will no longer become blocked if you decide not to wait for the scene between Raz and Valserinn to complete, after leaving the Kinlady’s house.
    • Your progress will no longer be blocked if you defeat all the Yaghra before Valserinn has reached the Abyssal Pearl in the Undercroft.


  • Fixed an issue for some visual holes appearing on the Pyandonean Homespun robe.


  • Fixed an issue where Salamander pets were displaying health bars and nameplates.
  • Updated the Pocket Salamander pet to display the correct name.

Gameplay and Combat Fixed in ESO Update 1.36


  • Fixed an issue where grouped players occasionally couldn’t see one of their members when loading in after using the Activity Finder.


  • Fixed an issue where Poisons that snare or immobilize enemies were bypassing abilities that grant immunity to snares or immobilizes.

Item Sets

  • ESO patch 1.36 addressed an issue where two or more players using Arms of Relequen or Perfected Arms of Relequen could not both apply stacks on the same target. Arms of Relequen will now deal 200 Physical Damage of Harmful Winds per stack on a target generated by the caster.

Base Game fixes in ESO version 1.36


  • Catapults now have their area effects last in the area when hitting a Keep section that can be destroyed.


  • Fixed an issue where the daily Random Battleground reward (Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box) was tradeable when it should not have been.
    • Note: Boxes that are already for sale on Guild Traders will not appear to be Bind on Pickup in the Guild Trader UI. These will still bind to you when you purchase them.


  • Fixed an issue where the Patriarch and Brigand Beards would turn black when the Divine Prosecution heavy helmet was equipped.
  • ESO 1.36 update removed the lipstick from the Eye-Briar Gemmed tattoo.
  • Fixed an issue where the Barbaric Windblown Hair could display patches of gray when used with some costumes.


  • Replaced the activation sound for the Jorvuld’s Guidance item set. It is now more subtle, and won’t wake the dead each time you activate it.


  • ESO version 1.36 fixed an issue where you could get an error message stating “No Slots are Available” when your Researching was only at 2/3 slots.


  • Psijic mages have closed a rip in the fabric of Nirn that caused players who died at Saltspray Cave in Auridon to revive at Saltbreeze Cave in Summerset.


  • The Announcement window will now appear less frequently at login. Now, it is account-based and will only appear if the featured products have changed or if a daily reward is ready to be claimed.
  • Fixed an issue where Trait icons wouldn’t display when selling items to a merchant.
  • Jewelry tooltips in mail attachments will now display the deconstruction message if they cannot be deconstructed.

Gamepad Mode

  • Jewelry tooltips in mail attachments will now display the deconstruction message if they cannot be deconstructed.


  • Fixed some occasional game crashes and disconnects.
  • Reduced the large FPS dips when moving into areas with many characters.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause poor in-game performance whenever another player left or joined a large guild you were a member of.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the environment and buildings around you to temporarily vanish.
  • Fixed a number of game crashes and poor FPS in heavily-populated areas.
  • ESO 1.36 added fixes and improvements.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.

ESO update 1.36 is now vailable for download on PS4 and XBox One.