Escape From Tarkov Update 0.14.1 Patch Notes – February 12, 2024

A new Escape From Tarkov update 0.14.1 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Tarkov patch notes, the latest update introduces significant changes to armor mechanics, recoil parameters, sound positioning, and various fixes. Apart from this Escape From Tarkov patch 0.14.1 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added a new character model, emotes, and an improved tutorial. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues. Today’s Tarkov patch 14.1 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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Tarkov Patch 14.1 Notes – February 12, 2024

List of changes:
● Reworked the damage through layers of armor: now when each layer is penetrated, the bullet loses some penetration power and damage depending on the characteristics of the penetrated armor;
● Fixed an issue with missing blunt damage when hitting a ballistic plate;
● Blunt damage now decreases when there is soft armor behind the unpenetrated component;
● Adjusted the head colliders (eyes, ears);
● Removed the possibility for bullets to pierce through a character’s thorax and stomach;
● Added the “fits existing” text to the ballistic plate inspector to display which armors the plate fits to;
● Added the ability to fit Granit Br4 and Br5 plates into WARTECH TV-110 and TV-115 plate carriers;
● Adjusted the recoil parameters for pistols, shotguns, and the SKS carbine;
● Added contact shadows for the BTR and updated visual effects of BTR machine gun fire;
● Adjusted the random container spawn settings to reduce the chance of spawning an empty container;
● Added the tenths of percentage display when viewing the total number of players who have completed an achievement;
● Adjusted the sound positioning system on Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov;
● In the near future, the in-game stash expansion and access to the practice co-op mode will become available for purchase in the profile page on the official Escape from Tarkov website;
● Purchase of additional stash lines will be available regardless of the game edition;
● Purchasing access to the practice co-op mode will be available for all editions. For Edge of Darkness owners, the ability to play in practice co-op mode is available by default.

List of fixes:
● Numerous fixes and adjustments to the visuals and geometry of Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov;
● Fixed the lack of camera shake when firing from stationary weapons;
● Fixed the incorrect shifting of the aiming line on iron and hybrid sights at high FOV settings;
● Fixed the weapon getting stuck sideways when switching from one sight to another while aiming in the left shoulder stance;
● Fixed the distance to the sight when shooting in the left shoulder stance at FOV=75;
● Fixed the lack of camera sway when aiming in the left shoulder stance;
● Fixed several bugs in vaulting mechanics that caused getting pushed out, stuck, falling into geometry;
● Fixed the possibility of taking damage from snipers while inside the BTR;
● Fixed the logic where the BTR would start firing at nearby players;
● Fixed the ability to transfer restricted items to other players using the BTR;
● Fixed the error pop-up when trying to view a player’s profile in certain cases;
● Fixed the availability of Lightkeeper services for players who have not completed the starting quests or with insufficient reputation;
● Fixed the inability to activate Lightkeeper’s services immediately after unlocking them, without restarting the game;
● Fixed several incorrect player animations when using stationary weapons;
● Fixed the hands getting frozen after using stationary weapons in certain cases;
● Fixed the error when loading a double-barrelled shotgun with ammo from the secure container;
● Fixed the reload through the context menu during magazine check that resulted in locking of the magazine’s slots in the player’s inventory;
● Fixed the narrowed display in thermal scopes;
● Fixed the incorrect positioning of Magpul SL-K buttstock with some buffer tubes;
● Fixed the incorrect display of face shields for other players in certain cases;
● Fixed the error after replacing an equipped helmet with the same helmet but with a different flashlight installed;
● Fixed the ability to quickly return from left/right lean if using smooth lean (Alt+A/Alt+D) after using normal lean (Q/E);
● Fixed the incorrect AI movement speed in certain cases;
● Fixed the incorrect cultists behavior after attacking with melee weapons;
● Fixed the possibility of AI falling through the ground in certain cases;
● Fixed the error after the post-raid Therapist healing screen for players with the elite Charisma skill;
● Fixed the incorrect logic of unlocking a new quest after failing the previous quest;
● Fixed the incorrect objective area for the Capturing Outposts quest;
● Fixed the disappearance of a secure container from the inventory when interacting with equipment presets in certain cases;
● Fixed the incorrect logic of inviting a player to The Lab raid if they don’t have a keycard;
● Fixed the incorrect display of fog in optics after using thermal sights;
● Fixed the display of light from IR flashlights in optical sights;
● Fixed the display of insurance and “Found in Raid” icons;
● Fixed the blinking of certain achievement icons when pressing the “Collection date” filter;
● Fixed the text overlay on white background on the language selection screen;
● Fixed the error when inverting the mouse on the X-axis;
● Fixed the infinite loading when trying to load into a finished raid after a reconnect;
● Fixed the ability to open a locked door without a key using the “Breach” option;
● Adjusted the damage from fire and barbed wire;
● Fixed the possibility of generating a Player Scav with no equipment.

Download free Escape From Tarkov update 0.14.1.

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