Ember Knights June 23 Patch Notes (Rise of Praxis Update)


Ember Knights update (Rise of Praxis Update) is now available to download for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Ember Knights patch notes, the latest update added Rift Hammer, Rise of Praxis, the Ember Pit and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still facing several issues. Today’s Ember Knights patch 0.1.1 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Ember Knights Patch Notes – June 23, 2022

New content and features

  • The Rift Hammer


Our 4th weapon is here and it’s sure to pack a powerful punch!

  • The Rise of Praxis

Praxis will now appear randomly to buff members of his horde. Buffed enemies will become faster, larger and stronger, while also gaining a protective shield that reduces incoming damage. Defeating the buffed enemy will grant a small reward.

  • The Ember Pit

Discover the mysterious Ember Pit to unlock different colors for your Knight.

  • Offering Pits


As one of the first secret rooms to be introduced, players should pay special attention in shops to learn the secrets of the Offering Pit!

  • Multiplayer changes

Ember and skill tablets collected by players in multiplayer games will now be saved to their local save slots! More multiplayer progress improvements to come in future updates!

  • Weapon details

In addition to the details provided in the weapon popup, much more information has been provided, including videos of your favorite weapons in action!

  • New loading screens

  • Removed compendium entries that are currently unavailable


In addition to the new content and features, we’ve also made the following changes:

  • Increased the maximum damage on the bow’s non-perfect charge shot by 37%
  • Adjusted Staff damage for multiple enemies
    • 1 enemy: 100%
    • 2 enemies: 75%
    • 3+ enemies: 50%
  • Stun improvements for Skrixxa Za
    • Entire body now flashes when the butt is hit, was previously just flashing the butt
    • New animation for stunned state with black tint flicker
    • Added bigger hit FX when stunned
    • Adjusted regular hit FX to be closest to point of contact
  • Updated stun animations for Lord Bruma and the Phantom
  • Vanguard adjustments
    • Increased turning speed from 30 > 100
    • Increased charge indicator width to better represent hitbox
  • Updated the Brittle Sceptre relic to have summoned entities from a perfect skill cast only freeze enemies on their first hit
  • Updated Ember Tree upgrades Confidence and Fury to refresh their bonuses when the player revives
  • Added a few instances where enemy VFX are turned off while frozen
  • Hid the DPS counter on the target dummy


And finally, we squashed a bunch of bugs with this update. See below:

  • Fixed an issue with enemies instantly changing targets in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a few bugs with Shiver Mage
    • Wasn’t moving for clients, host only
    • Stun was destroing the FX but not the projectiles
  • Fixed a few collission issues in the Area 3 shop
  • Fixed the direction of the horns in Area 2
  • Fixed an issue with the descriptions for upgraded Poison Wheels that weren’t being shown
  • Fixed a bug with players dying/reviving while having a status effect
  • Fixed a few bugs with relic selectors and new relics
  • Fixed a bug with Knight’s Charge and the Area 3 miniboss room where players could get stuck behind the fireplace
  • Fixed a bug with the shop where picking up some dropped items would still trigger the cutscene reminder to grab all items
  • Fixed a bug with the move speed increase for bow
  • Fixed an issue with Lord Bruma’s ice swords overlapping and breaking on the north wall
  • Fixed a bug with the Supreme Ambition relic where it wasn’t increasing skill damage if an entity summoned from a skill killed an enemy
  • Fixed a bug with Chakram occasionally not hitting multiple enemies when in very close promiximity to each another
  • Fixed a bug with the Dividend Ember Tree upgrade and purchasing Nexus shop items
  • Fixed an issue with the custom cursor not being applied on game launch
  • Fixed a bug where the extra Ember reward wasn’t being applied until after clearing the next room
  • Fixed a bug with clients joining a game right as it was starting
  • Fixed a bug with the Call to Arms relic where it wasn’t triggering for clients
  • Fixed a few issues with relics and Ember Tree upgrades that weren’t refreshing their bonuses during various interactions
  • Fixed a bug in the online player select screen that wasn’t triggering the Add Friend button
  • Fixed a bug related to the host where a dropped client wasn’t being disconnected
  • Fixed an issue with the Staff where it was hitting enemies behind the player
  • Removed the chance of a mimic chest spawning during an item selector spawn – fixes the issue where players were being attacked by the mimic while in the selection screen
  • Fixed an issue with the value being displayed in the healing rooms
  • Fixed a bug with the Juicy Opal relic where it was adding an extra 1HP per tick when healing from the healing room
  • Additional fixes for Knight’s Charge taking players to non walkable areas preventing them from moving and requiring a reset position
  • Potential fix for steam lobbies not being marked as friend lobbies
  • Fixed a bug with Frost Bite dying at the same time as being frozen
  • Fixed a bug with the Hailstone Armor firing snowballs during cutscenes
  • Fixed a bug with the fire effects disappearing on the Ignition Break relic
  • Fixed a few visual bugs with various UI screens
  • Fixed a bug with rerolling the stat selector to refresh the stats section
  • Fixed a visual bug in the HUD when a player disconnects
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players could join after the host clicks start
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Rejuvenation Glove relic where it wasn’t showing the healing effects for clients
  • Fixed a bug with the Harvest Scythe description where it wasn’t showing the values as a percentage
  • Fixed a bug with the relic selector where it was presenting 3 relics instead of 2 on rerolls with the Ember Tree upgrade selected
  • Fixed a bug where the Earned Vitality upgrade was applying the bonus twice when defeating the Phalanx Bros
  • Fixed a multiplayer visual bug where it showed the Knights constantly running in the starting room of Area 2

Download free Ember Knights update 0.1.1 on PC.