Ember Knights Update 0.1.1 Patch Notes (New Features)

Ember Knights update 0.1.1 is now available to download for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Ember Knights patch notes, the latest update added new features, content, bug fixes and more.


Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still facing several issues. Today’s Ember Knights patch 0.1.1 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Ember Knights Patch 0.1.1 Notes – April 25, 2022

New Features/Content & Main Changes

  • New revive instances:
  • Previously, 100% on boss
  • Added, 50% on miniboss, 25% on healing rooms
  • Additional metrics:
  • Healing sources
  • Damage tracking
  • Shop data
  • Small sequence for players going through the Tear to remind them to talk to Evee/Esper for tablet/relic orb identification
  • Added Ember Tree popup for ET progress
  • Bow can interupt attack with roll/skill use
  • Fixed grammar on bow description
  • Updated build version to 0.1.1


  • Increased requirements on Frost Bite relic to have 2 ice things
  • Increased Mimic speed 30 > 64
  • Cyclone changes:
  • Reduced damage from 8/8/8 > 3/3/3 (tap/charge/perfect)
  • Reduced duration from 4/4.5/5 > 2.5/3/3.5
  • Reduced pull radius from 200/250/300 > 200/225/250
  • Increased max attack range for Herald’s Arcing projectile attack (was getting stuck at start of fight)
  • Updated Herald’s skull bomb visual to stand out better in the dark room
  • Slightly increased Whirmaw’s spin build up time 0.75s > 0.92s
  • Swapped Whirmaw and Rotworm appearance progression
  • Reduced some dark forest rooms having max 2/3 enemy types (which could results in 4 enemy types)
  • Increased aggro range for ice minion from 150 > 1000
  • Reduced stun threshold for pinwheel elite from 75 > 35
  • Reduced threshold to mash out of frozen/chained/grab statuses by 50% (wasn’t set in the right place previously)
  • Updated Ember Tree upgrade 7 – Earned Power to only trigger on bosses
  • Reduced healing in A3
  • Reduced some A1 rooms having max 2/3 enemy types (could result in 4 enemy types at once)
  • Set the timed chest reward to <=7:00, not <7:00
  • Aim assist tweaks for bow
  • Reduced gold props in healing rooms
  • Reduced HP for A1 miniboss variants (50-100)
  • Changed relic 130 to use ADD instead of MUL for skill modifier
  • Increased damage delay on Mosquito miniboss variants poison/red circle from 0.3s > 0.75s
  • Increased the move/damage delay on Phantom chain projectiles from 0.3s > 0.65s
  • Ice King – sped up phase transition swords and added circle indicators at spawn


  • Can’t progress if P1 is dead during NPC dialogue
  • Fixed bug with UIPlayerSelectOnline where it wasn’t getting sent back to the lobby for clients if the host closes the game
  • Force hiding the black overlay when initializing the A3 boss room
  • Timed chest not spawning its other rewards
  • Bunch of compendium bugs:
  • Back button had no label
  • Item selector being cut off by scrollbar
  • Index out of range in previous runs
  • Always showing sword in history
  • Pause lock on item drop
  • Delayed camera shake
  • Red edges on screen during boss death and revive
  • Null reference if host disconnects during gameover
  • Heroic horn double buffing
  • Relic description issues
  • Null with Wisps when their target entity becomes dead/null
  • Critical: if players leave the room while someone is dying/reviving, game breaks
  • Critical/Exploit: swapping Skills allows players to freeze the game and blow up everything. Turned Skill swapping off for now
  • Ripple FX playing during Evee’s intro
  • Healing Pool banner persisting to the next room
  • Reviving players at the spawn point in Healing Rooms so they don’t get pushed through the wall
  • Removed Ember Tree “waiting for all players” requirement, only host can edit
  • Ember Tree upgrades not working for online
  • Few minor fixes for the commune cutscene
  • Damage overlay flashing when switching weapons
  • Bunch of fixes related to doors and the host being dead:
  • Disabled the south door’s trigger and trigger game object
  • Only checking to go to the next room if it’s a north door
  • Added an early return in the DoorSYS if the door loading system is running (it won’t process door triggers while moving players)
  • Fix for enemy death events being dispatched twice to clients causing stat discrepencies
  • Fix for reviving players while Meteor kills boss/miniboss
  • Fixed player head – didn’t show when reviving instantly
  • Fixed a bug where extra gold and extra ember drops were not in sync between client and server
  • Fix for snowball relic with clients (not freezing, aim was off)
  • Fix for client desync/unable to move after finishing the game and playing again
  • Various desync issues
  • Custom cursor tweak
  • Volume tweaks
  • Fixed a client player state bug for cutscenes when host causes a null reference
  • Fixed a bug with the game over screen in online play. Game over shows placeholder values and images if a client disconnects and a new lobby isn’t made

Download free Ember Knights update 0.1.1 on PC.