Elite Dangerous Update 1.60 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox (Dec 9, 2021)

    Elite Dangerous PS4 update 1.60 (Horizons Update) is now available for players. According to the official Elite Dangerous 1.60 patch notes, the latest update addressed crashes, lag, hang, and more. Apart from this, today’s Elite Dangerous PS4 version 1.60 also includes stability fixes.

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    Previously, a major update was released with new changes and quality of life improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Elite Dangerous patch 1.60 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Elite Dangerous 1.60 Patch Notes – December 9, 2021

    Multi Limpet Controller Modules.
    Multi-Limpet Controllers are now available from Outfitting.
    Multi-Limpet Controllers can program a limpet to perform one of a given set of tasks and will be available in multiple types which will dictate what functions it is able to program.

    • Mining Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
    • Operations Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
    • Rescue Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
    • Xeno Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
    • Universal Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 7)

    Module Management.

    A fix has been implemented for pre-engineered modules from community goals not being marked informatively, as such.

    • Pre-engineered module rewards will now have their description display the fact that they are pre-engineered, as well as have it display in the outfitting screen.
    • Also trying to apply modifications to pre-engineered modules which specifically cannot be modified further (very niche circumstances) will now be disallowed with a message stating why.

    We’re actively continuing to help with tracking down as many continuing stability issues as possible, with your continued support in providing logs and reports where possible.

    • A crash could occur when selecting telepresence crew member fighters to deploy. This has now been addressed.
    • Player example:

    “Once you have joined a ship via Telepresence, attempting to select an onboard fighter from the bottom screen will cause the game to immediately crash. This will only crash the second player (passenger) as they attempt to board fighter. Helm player one is unaffected at time of crash.”

    General Fixes.

    • Fix implemented for that nasty issue whereby Megaship Cargo and Escape Pod canisters could become stuck inside the ships.
    • Issues around this included:

    “After hatchbreaking a cargo bay or escape hatch, some or all of the cargo/escape pods stay inside the ship rather than venting into space where they can be scooped or picked up by limpets. Cargo bays don’t seem to vent any canisters at all, they just stay stacked inside. Escape hatch vents some pods but others seem trapped under the skin of the megaship and can’t be reached.”

      • “Use a hatchbreaker limpet on any cargo bay. Cargo canisters will appear on the contacts list but there’s no way to collect them”
    • Core mining fragments should no longer become trapped inside asteroids.

    The team have been heavily investigating and attempting to reproduce cases of this happening and will keep the checks in mind as we’re aware this issue has quite the tendency to bounce back.

    • Handing in multiple bounty vouchers at a terminal in quick succession could cause the text string containing the credit number to cascade to the next bounty voucher on the list, prefixing the text that indicates how much that bounty voucher is worth. This issue has now been fixed.
    • Fix implemented for being unable to switch tabs on comms panel when looking with headlook.
    • Various missing translations have been added.

    Download free Elite Dangerous version 1.60 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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