Patch Notes

Dying Light Update 1.08 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed


Dying Light Update 1.08 is now available for download on PlayStation 4. According to the official Dying Light 1.08 changelog, the new update has made some changes to Be the Zombie mode, including reducing the effectiveness of spits and opening up additional gold-tier weapon rewards to human players. In addition, Dying Light version 1.08 also includes various bug fixes and improvements. Check out full details below.

Previously, a big update 1.07 was released which added a new enemy, a new weapon, a new game mode and more.

Dying Light Update 1.08 Patch Notes

  • increased flare duration
  • 3 flares and 3 medkits gifted each respawn
  • medkits/ammo/craft parts can be looted from hives
  • additional gold tier weapon rewards (previously, only fantasy weapons could be won)
  • slight increase in uv light distance for 2v1-4v1
  • Dying Light 1.08 reduced knockback from hunter melee
  • explosion range for uv disable spit and horde spit returned to previous values
  • Dying Light version 1.08 increased spit/uv block cooldowns in 3v1, 4v1

Check your game update and download the latest Dying Light Update 1.08.