Dread Hunger Update Patch Notes – January 28, 2022

Dread Hunger update 5 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Dread Hunger patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a major update added a new character model, emotes, and an improved tutorial.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues. Today’s Dread Hunger patch 5 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Dread hunger Patch Notes – January 28, 2022

New stuff:
  • Reviving now time based instead of health based
  • Added five new tutorial chapters
  • Added crosshair feedback when damaging nitro
  • Body parts now look like the person they were cut from
  • Added ‘Whetstone’ item that replaces steel and upgrades multiple melee weapons
  • Added new inventory item “Nails”
    Balance stuff:
  • Repairing hull breaches now requires nails
  • Crafting barrels now requires nails
  • Crafting shovel now requires nails
  • Crafting ice axe now requires nails
  • Removed extra bullet from the Royal Marine’s starting kit
  • Cannibal limbs are now decorative only
  • Boiler sabotage no longer random, each gunpowder will double the time till the sabotage
  • Fixed an issue where the boiler UI would get stuck on the screen at game end
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the iceberg to receive inconsistent damage from nitro
  • Fixed an issue that was causing corpses to become stuck in the air
  • Fixed an issue that was causing AIs to get confused when attacking multiple downed players
  • Fixed boiler consumes non-fuel items
  • Fixed an issue where Thralls do not get points for moving the ship backwards
  • Fixed an issue where Explorers did not get points for assisting nitro carry when a thrall was carrying
  • Fixed an issue where poisoning as a Explorer did not give expected points
  • Fixed an issue where warmth decreases when in bed on ship
  • Fixed an issue where totems destroyed while a thrall is in brig doesn’t get removed from spell charge
  • Fixed an issue where items can be dropped while in spirit walk
  • Fixed coal in barrel doesn’t give points
  • Fixed ghosts gain points for escaped/stowaway
  • Fixed an issue where can you dig and build campfire at the same time
  • Fixed poison doesn’t apply to a dead players inventory items
  • Fixed filling the last workbench slot mid craft cancels craft but consumes materials
  • Fixed swapping inventory items with external inventory holsters equipped item
  • Fixed holding ctrl while moving poison doesn’t move whole stack
  • Fixed an issue where holstering bone charm stops bone charm access (unless scroll first)
  • Cosmetics
  • Improved gore effects
  • Improved nitro iceberg destruction effect
  • Improved water splash effects
  • Improved campfire effects
  • Added smoke to the ship’s exhaust pipe
  • Added particle effect to bear’s ground slam attack
  • Added playtester and early access emotes
  • Changed Royal Marine’s uniform to red so he’s distinct from the Captain/Engineer at a distance
    New stuff:
  • Added new end of match victory screens
  • Added “Compendium” UI which provides detailed information about the game
  • Added “Stats” UI which provides detailed information about the player
  • Updated “Journal” and added hyperlinked compendium terms
  • Added more keybind images
  • Added rejoin party button (for when voip goes wrong)
  • Crew board invites show when coming back from a tutorial
  • Can accept a steam invite while in the tutorial
  • Added show mute icon over players when their volume is at zero
  • Added cosmetics menu within role selection menu
  • Added new role icons
  • Adding region select to launch expedition
  • Added auto select for last remaining role when joining a lobby
  • Added upgrade icon to the slot icons
  • Added Browse All Expeditions button
  • Added no XP message for custom expedition settings
  • Added message other thralls keybind
  • Added boiler sabotage and powder keg sabotage to the ship progress widget (visible only to thralls)
  • Added level up animation for Thrall charge tier change
  • Fixed ship fuel gauge can fail to appear
  • Fixed ESC menu can fail to open
  • Fixed pressing Enter on title screen does nothing
  • Fixed long usernames moving lobby slots
  • Fixed lobby loading up bar appears over the date in the lobby map
  • Fixed replay text can go off screen in some languages
  • Fixed Doctor’s perk in Russian moves UI in character select
  • Fixed opacity on tutorial concepts sometimes being too low
  • Fixed thrall chat cut off in some languages
  • Fixed “No expeditions” message in the lobby browser goes off the screen in some languages
  • Fixed the “days until blizzard” changes but the day and date does not
  • Fixed custom map settings showing 4 days before blizzard, not 3 as default
  • Fixed days until blizzard widget doesn’t show at start of game on 4 days in a custom game
  • Fixed player settings UI cut off when opened while browsing lobbies
  • Fixed thrall UI hotkeys don’t dynamically change when keybind changed
  • Fixed can’t read emote name under poker countdown timer
  • Fixed UI for pick up downed player reads “interact with corpse”
  • Fixed no indication of poisoned food when held
  • Fixed “Launch Expedition” is available for host after map selected
  • Fixed swapping a held item with another inventory item changes held item but keeps slot highlighted
  • Fixed last player to join shows as marine and doesn’t have character selected
  • Fixed shadow setting in video settings being misaligned in various languages
  • Fixed “Workbench” cut off by repair button in some languages
  • Fixed character names in character select exceed allocated space in some languages
  • Fixed P keybind doesn’t hide some UI
  • Fixed dragging an item onto itself flashes full indicator
  • Fixed mousing over the bottom of the screen when in settings shows inventory information
  • Fixed ship fuel icon sits inward when thrall on helm with spell charge showing
  • Fixed “Already crafted” on satchel is hard to read
  • Additional Poker emotes
  • New walk cycles (8 directions + run)
  • New downed animations (8 directions)
  • Removed camera shake from first person downed state
  • Added 13 crew activity animations for the Tutorial
  • Animation and cinematic sequences for Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Syringe | Added (1P/3P) animations for equip, in/out aim transitions and tweaked idle (3P)
  • Lantern | Added (1P/3P) animation for equip, in/out aim transitions, aim idle
  • Bear traps | Added (1P/3P) animation for equips, in/out aim transitions, idle tweaks
  • Axe/Ice Axe | Added in/out aim transition animations and equips (1P/3P)
  • Spyglass | Added equip animation (1P/3P)
  • Barrels, Powder Keg | Added new equip (no longer has shoulder clipping camera) added aim enter animations (1P)
  • Rock, Coal | Added (1P/3P) animations for equip, in/out aim transitions, and shared attack animations
  • Poison, Laudanum, Antidote | Added shared (3P) equip animations
  • Wood | Added (3P) animations for equip, in/out aim transitions and aimed idle
  • Ingots x3 | Added shared (3P) animations for equip, in/out aim transitions, and shared attack animations
  • Cooked, Animal, Human Meat | Added (1P/3P) animations for equip, in/out aim transitions, tweaked aimed idle and idle (3P)
  • Sabre | Tweaked equip animation (1P)
  • Tweaked head holding animations (3P)
  • Tweaked Cloth for Chaplain’s scarf
  • Tweaked the facial expression when firing a Muskets
    Level Design
    New stuff:
  • New Map :3
  • Various fixes to Approach and Summit
  • Optimization fixes
  • AI pathing fixes
    New stuff:
  • Added support for Steam Game Language
  • Can now prestige roles
  • Added Hong Kong server region
  • Added 11 new achievements
  • Added music player to ship lobby
  • Added timeouts for login steps
  • Fixed attempting to rejoin a nonexistent lobby (map ended, everyone left) sends player to lobby then kicked to title
  • Fixed host rejoining party in lobby after rejoining in map are told they are new host, they are not host
  • Fixed if host migrates to new lobby quicker than minion, minion is kicked
  • Fixed showing 0 player lobbies from search results
  • Fixed re-merging lobbies gets players stuck
  • Did not fix my sleeping pattern
  • Fixed accepting invite from closed client doesn’t put player in lobby
  • Fixed host leaving mid map doesn’t notify new host at end of map
  • Fixed attempting to return to host who merged lobbies and left sends to title
  • Fixed accepting invite from closed client when inviter in map shows no message
  • Fixed hosts globally game banned can still play games as host
  • Fixed players cannot be kicked sometimes
  • Fixed attempting to join full lobby via friends list leaves player on joining
  • Fixed host rejoining party after map selected removes selected map
  • Fixed declined pending invites will continue to appear each time player enters own lobby
  • Fixed attempting to join full lobby via friends list leaves player on joining
  • Fixed host migration after map selection uses previous host’s name as ship name
  • Fixed failing to join a lobby via invite because it is full will leave “Failed to join party” message
  • Fixed rejoining non-existent lobby leaves player on “joining” for two minutes
  • Fixed invites received while in map don’t show after map end
  • Fixed after map, minions can’t send Steam invites to lobby; join game unavailable
  • Fixed host rejoining in map still has map selected after game end
  • Fixed open invite screen prompt displays after invite screen open
  • Fixed invites pending after return to lobby after map, show on subsequent lobby returns
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