Don’t Starve Together Update 2.50 Patch Notes

Don’t Starve Together Console PS4 update 2.50 is now rolling out for players. According to the official Don’t Starve Together PS4 patch notes, the latest update added various fixes, tweaks and changes.

Previously, a major update added the Waterlogged ocean biome and various tweaks and fixes to the game.

Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Don’t Starve Together version 2.50 will fix a few of these issues.

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.50 Notes – July 6, 2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Emergency Exit skin merged into the Scrap Metal Boat skin. Players that own the Emergency Exit skin will have it removed from their inventory, and replaced with 1,350 Spools.
  • The Lazy Forager will no longer pick up cursed items.
  • Fixed Pigmen and Merms going invisible when frozen.
  • Fixed Powder Monkey’s non stolen items showing in the stash.
  • Fixed Cannonballs spawning in the world when loading them into Boat Cannons.
  • Fixed Wurt’s tail from showing incorrectly in their Swashbuckler head skin.
  • Fixed Wortox’s tail in his Sea-Frayed Pants.
  • Removed duplicate crafting items from the Cawnival crafting recipes.
  • Fixed moving around when the map and crafting menu both are open with a controller.
  • Fixed a possible conflict with mods and becoming Wonkey.
  • Fixed Rudder placement animation.
  • Fixed an animation skip with characters tails.
  • Fixed a rare worldgen issue creating 0% durability traps.
  • Fixed some crashes with the pirate stash.
    • Debug print statements have been included to help track down more for the time being. Please report any crashes on the bug tracker with logs!
  • Fixed a crash related to boat bumpers.
  • Updated Wonkey UI art to display the new versions.

Download free Don’t Starve Together update 2.50 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Jack Johnson
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