Destiny 2 Update 7.3.6 Patch Notes (Version 3.21)

Destiny 2 update 7.3.6 is available to download on PS4(Version 3.21), PC, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the Destiny 2 update 7.3.6 patch notes, the latest update introduces various improvements and fixes across different aspects of the game, including Crucible, Raids and Dungeons, Free Roam, UI/UX, Gameplay and Investment, Exotics, Perks, Crucible Only Changes, Abilities, and Bounties and Pursuits. Apart from this, Destiny 2 patch 7.3.6 also includes gameplay performance improvements.

Previously, Destiny 2 update 7.1 changes for the economy, weapon sandbox, abilities, exotic armor, quality of life, crucible, and enemy elemental shields. Today’s Destiny 2 update 7.3.6 will fix a few of these issues.

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Destiny 2 Patch 7.3.6 Notes (Version 3.21) – April 9, 2024



  • Updated the playlist tooltips to correctly display which matchmaking style is used for each mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Special ammo crate location was incorrectly displayed in the announcement when picked up on Vostok.
  • Added the Hardware modifier to Crucible Labs for testing.
  • Added a sound effect for the “Special ammo incoming” announcement when a Special ammo crate is about to spawn.


  • Removed Survival and Countdown Rush from the Competitive playlist and replaced with 3v3 Clash and Collision.
  • Collision
    • Updated the zone placements for Vostok and Dead Cliffs.
    • Updated several Special ammo crate placements on Altar of Flame, Anomaly, Endless Value, Eternity, and Multiplex.
  • Clash
    • Replaced the Special ammo meter system with Special ammo crates for 3v3 Clash.
  • Enabled a unified Competitive ruleset for Collision and Clash.
    • Game Length: 10 minutes.
    • Respawns: 7 seconds.
    • Revives: Enabled.
    • Special ammo spawns: 4 crates, 60 seconds, shared.
    • Heavy ammo spawns: Single crate, 120 seconds, not shared.
  • Expanded the Not Swap modifier to cover changing ammo types in either your Kinetic or Energy slot mid-life.
  • Reduced variation in Competitive rank adjustment on match completion.


  • Post-game weapon drops will now reward the weekly weapon.
  • For the first two weeks, Special ammo crate variants will be tested in Trials, alongside the Not Swap modifier.


  • Crota’s End
    • Fixed an issue where all players could die and wipe at the same time that Crota is defeated, awarding loot but not awarding completion of the encounter.
  • Deep Stone Crypt
    • Fixed an issue where shooting the Atraks replication attached to a player would cause ammo to spawn.
  • Warlord’s Ruin
    • Fixed an issue in the jail puzzle where Glaive projectiles and Bow arrows could not hit targets consistently.
    • Fixed an issue in the Ogre encounter where the Warden Knight on the right side of the stage wouldn’t spawn totems consistently.
    • Improved respawn placement in the room with the giant Taken orb and flying debris hazards.
  • Vow of the Disciple
    • Adjusted some visual effects in the final encounter to mitigate some photosensitivity concerns.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to crash after The Arsenal Walker public event.
  • Fixed an issue where a loud volume spike could occur when exiting the Fynch vendor screen on Throne World.



  • Fixed an issue where players had to spam click to give commendations to other players that left their activity.
  • Fixed an issue where direct launching a quest from the Quest Details screen wouldn’t always launch players to the landing zone closest to the objective.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dawning emblem icon displayed no background.
  • Fixed an issue where the Legacy button on the Character Select screen was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Banner Legacy ornaments were missing a reward acquire sound.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stasis subclass category icons at the Exo Stranger/Elsie vendor were using Void iconography.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for the Trials Auto Rifle, Strike Grenade Launcher, and dungeon Pulse Rifle Relentless were facing the incorrect way.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for the Warlock Guardian Games class item was not accurately representing the armor art.


  • Reduced the size of the Fireteam Finder banner in the Roster screen.
  • Added an animation to a Listing when successfully submitting an application.
  • Improved notifications for applications and join requests to Roster contacts when the players don’t own the required game content.
  • Players will now be able to see all players that are included in an application to help make a more informed decision on applying or joining Listings.
  • Improved the way Listing Settings and Filters are stored for quicker Listing creation.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Reset in the Join Settings Filter screen did not reset options.
  • Fixed an issue where a random Select button appeared in the Fireteam Finder application screen.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming buttons could load an empty Activity screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong selection screen appeared in Fireteam Finder when using the Activity Launch screen while already in a Fireteam.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accept Application pop up would shift when attempting to Accept Applications.


  • Fixed issues with text overlaps and alignment for various languages in The Guardian Oath screen.
  • Fixed font issues for some languages in the Summon Fireteam button.



  • Extended the handling bonus granted by Lucky Pant’s Illegally Modded Holster buff by 2 seconds so that it lasts until the Out of Luck debuff is activated.
  • Fixed an issue where a visual bump would occur when Overload Artifact perks were triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons that can change their element type were benefitting from multiple surge bonuses at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the intrinsic perk Warlord’s Sigil used an incorrect term for Freeze.


  • Auto Rifles
    • Precisions
      • Reduced base damage by 5%.
  • Hand Cannons
    • Precisions
      • Increased base damage by 6%.
    • Adaptives
      • Increased body shot damage by 1% and critical hit damage by 4%.
      • Improved the stats of Luna’s Howl and Midnight Coup.
  • Pulse Rifles
    • Rapid-Fires
      • Increased body shot damage by 3.5% and critical hit damage by 1%.
    • Lightweights
      • Increased body shot damage by 6% and critical hit damage by 3%.
    • Adaptives
      • Increased body shot damage by 5% and critical hit damage by 2%.
    • Aggressives
      • Improved the stats of Blast Furnace.
  • Scout Rifles
    • Rapid-Fires
      • Increased base damage by 2%.
  • Submachine Guns
    • Lightweights
      • Improved the stats of Recluse.
  • Bows
    • Lightweights
      • Increased base damage by 6%.
        • Le Monarque and Wish-Ender are not affected in this change.
  • Shotguns
    • Precisions
      • Corrected a rounding issue that was causing Precision Shotguns to require one extra pellet to kill max-resilience Guardians.
  • Breech Grenade Launchers
    • Increased direct impact damage by 40%.
      • This works out to be roughly a 15% overall damage buff, though total damage varies depending on the blast radius stat.
    • Reduced Disorienting Grenade radius for both damage and the disorientation effect by 15%.
    • Increased The Mountaintop’s PvE damage to make it competitive with other Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers.
    • Reverted a change from Season 12 that made The Mountaintop less accurate while airborne.
  • Heavy Grenade Launchers
    • Increased the stats of Edge Transit.


  • Updated perk descriptions to include subclass verbs for the following weapons (these weapons already had this functionality, but it just wasn’t explained in the perk descriptions):
    • Sunshot, Polaris Lance, One Thousand Voices, and Leviathan’s Breath.
  • Whisper of the Worm
    • Increased total ammunition from 18 to 24 (before reserves mods).
  • One Thousand Voices
    • Increased total ammunition from 7 to 11 (before reserves mods).
  • Quicksilver Storm
    • Increased the shots needed to trigger rockets by 50%.
    • Reduced grenade area-of-effect damage vs. combatants by 37.5%.
  • The Last Word
    • Increased base damage by 6%.
  • Forerunner
    • Increased base damage by 6%.


  • Reintroducing Dares of Eternity weapon perks that were previously removed. These can now roll on new drops or be added to shaped versions of the weapon.
  • Master of Arms
    • Reduced damage bonus from 20% to 15%.
  • Magnificent Howl
    • Precision final blows grant stacks, and reloading converts the stacks into Magnificent Howl rounds that deal greatly increased damage and have additional range. Getting a precision kill with a Magnificent Howl active converts an additional round.
  • Micro-Missile
    • Redesigned this perk to be a weapon intrinsic. It’s rebuilt to do less direct damage vs. players, but with dramatically more self-physics impulse.
    • Retuned its PvE damage to be competitive with other Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers.
    • Increased its reload speed slightly.
    • Since this is now an intrinsic on The Mountaintop, Micro-Missile has been replaced with Rampage in the first trait slot on old versions of the weapon.
  • Permeability
    • Fixed an issue where this perk was causing the The Slammer Sword to get stuck on the Strand damage type.
  • Omolon
    • Fixed an issue where overflowing the magazine could break the Omolon origin perk.
  • Deconstruct
    • Deconstruct will no longer activate on Scorch, Threadling, Stasis Shatter, and Jolt damage.
  • Slice
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Slice to lose stacks when shooting an enemy with a weapon that has a rapid rate of fire.
  • Headstone
    • Fixed an issue where Headstone’s cooldown was using the wrong icon. Headstone now uses the standard cooldown icon instead of a Stasis buff icon.


  • Reduced flinch taken by all Primary weapons by 15%.
  • Sunshot
    • Increased precision damage by 11%.
  • Wish-Ender
    • Reduced base damage by 5%.
  • Forerunner
    • Removed the critical hit damage bonus that was supposed to be just for Primary ammo sidearms, and replaced that with the 6% global base damage bonus.
  • Corrected several weapons getting the wrong ammo amounts from either the Special ammo crates or meter systems, including Buried Bloodlines and some Fusion Rifles.


  • Fixed an issue where reprised Dreaming City weapons could not obtain the Rare shader Burnished Dreams or the Legendary shader Blueshift Dreams.
  • Improved the chance a player will obtain the Burnished Dreams shader when dismantling a weapon with the shader.
  • Improved the likelihood of Blueshift Dreams appearing on Dreaming City weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Rite Scout Rifle had an incorrect appearance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Xenology quest incorrectly stated that having an Exotic cipher would prevent rewarding another, despite the player being eligible.
  • Fixed an issue where Word of Crota was using the incorrect stat group.
  • Fixed a photosensitivity issue with Outbreak Perfected.
  • Fixed an issue where Mountaintop and Jotuun’s hip-fire reticles were not centered.
  • Fixed an issue with Vengeful Whisper where an arrow was visible when holstered and stored on the players back.
  • Fixed an issue where the updated Dreaming City weapons were not appearing in Collections.
  •  Fixed an issue where notifications specific to The Coil could appear in Riven’s Lair.


  • Reduced the cost of Strand fragments at the Pouka Pond from 200 Strand Meditations to 100 Strand Meditations.
  •  Fixed an issue where Overload or Antibarrier capabilities granted through artifact mods or subclass keywords could reduce ignition damage created by some weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where completing the 2023 Moments of Triumph title did not count towards the appropriate Guardian Rank objectives.


  • Fixed an issue where Dares and Wellspring Fireteam Finders would try to launch the Salvage activity.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing the Chill Out finisher effects to persist after the finisher ends.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Ascendant Realm sky to block out the Dreaming City skybox in certain areas.
  • Fixed various world art issues in the Crucible Root and Crucible Ice
  • Fixed an issue where players could regenerate Skimmer energy in midair by re-summoning their Skimmer.

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