Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes Details

Bungie has released a new Destiny 2 update details for PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the Destiny 2 update patch notes, the latest update adds quality-of-life changes and fixes. Apart from this, today’s Destiny 2 patch also includes gameplay performance improvements.

Previously, Destiny 2 update 7.1 changes for the economy, weapon sandbox, abilities, exotic armor, quality of life, crucible, and enemy elemental shields. Today’s Destiny 2 version will fix a few of these issues.

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Destiny 2 Patch Notes – August 1, 2023



  • Fixed an issue where not all expected activities on Neomuna were counting towards the Solstice challenge In the Hot Seat.
  • Enabled Sparrows in the Bonfire Bash activity.
    • Get your zoom-zoom on.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to finish the quest A Guardian in Shining Armor.


  • Fixed an issue where the Lightfall tooltip wasn’t mentioning the current Season.
  • Fixed an issue where some Solstice items were missing from the Collections tab.



  • Fixed an issue where the armor mods Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Impact Induction, and Momentum Transfer could provide more ability energy than intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock Aspect Child of the Old Gods would not provide the right amount of health and ability energy.


  • Moved the Guardian Rank requirement for the Armor Charge Mods from Guardian Rank 6 to Guardian Rank 7.

Known issues.

  1. Kindling Armor Issue: Players are experiencing an issue with the Solstice quest chain after Update The Kindling popup remains active for some players, blocking quest progress when rekindling all armor on one character.
  2. Missing Solstice Items in Collections: Several Solstice items are missing from the Collections, causing frustration for players trying to access their collected items.
  3. Visual Flickering: Some players are encountering visual flickering due to a performance optimization. A temporary fix has been applied, with a permanent solution under investigation.
  4. Solstice Challenge – “In the Hot Seat” Progression Issue: The Solstice challenge, “In the Hot Seat,” is not progressing from all Neomuna activities. However, players can still complete this objective by finishing Lost Sectors or the HyperNet Current strike.
  5. Bright Honored Centurions in Gilded Precept Lost Sector: Some Honored Centurions in the Gilded Precept Lost Sector are abnormally bright, impacting the visual experience for players.
  6. Disabled Armor Mods: Certain armor mods, including Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Impact Induction, and Momentum Transfer, have been temporarily disabled due to issues.

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