Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes for PS4, PS5, PC & Xbox

Bungie has released Destiny 2 update details for PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Destiny 2 update patch notes, the latest update resolves gameplay performance issues. Apart from this, today’s Destiny 2 patch also includes stability fixes.

Previously, Destiny 2 update 6.3 added a long list of new changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues and bugs. Today’s Destiny 2 version will fix a few of these issues.

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Destiny 2 Patch Notes – February 14, 2023

Addressed progression issues for certain Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts.

  • Players who receive a leaver penalty in Competitive Division may be unable to launch into the playlist once their leaver penalty has expired. This can be resolved by swapping characters and playing another match in the playlist.
  • VFX from the Symmetry Exotic perk “Revolution” may continue to display for players once the weapon is stowed.
  • The “Push the Objective” Crucible bounty does not gain progress in Momentum Control.
  • Daily Crucible bounties for capturing zones in Control are unable to be completed when Iron Banner is active.
  • The requirements for the completion of the week-nine Icy Singularity Seasonal Challenge are incorrectly listed in its description. Players must defeat targets with Void or Stasis effects during Gambit matches in order to progress this Challenge.

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