Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes – January 24, 2023

    Bungie has released Destiny 2 update details for PS4, PC, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Destiny 2 update patch notes, the latest update resolves various gameplay issues. Apart from this, today’s Destiny 2 patch also includes performance fixes.

    Previously, Destiny 2 update 6.3 added a long list of new changes and fixes. Unfortunately, some players are still facing several issues with the game. Today’s Destiny 2 version will fix a few of these issues.

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    Destiny 2 Patch Notes – January 24, 2023



    • Heist Battleground
      • Fixed an issue where Shadebinder Warlocks couldn’t shoot Stasis projectiles during their Super.
      • Legend difficulty now grants progression toward various Triumphs and Challenges.
    • Year-5 Seasonal ritual activities now count toward ritual progress of all Season Pass Exotic catalyst quests.
    • Fixed an issue where the Ritual of the Season Triumph progressed with Heavy Grenade Launchers instead of Pulse Rifles.


    • Rumble: Restored as a game mode and removed from the weekly rotation.
    • Showdown: Fixed an issue where revives where not properly displayed on the scoreboard.


    • Increased reputation gains by over 50%.



    • Citan’s Ramparts:
      • Increased the cooldown of the Barricade ability while Citan’s Ramparts are equipped by 70%.
      • Increased the amount of damage players deal to a Citan’s Barricade by 25%.
      • Developer note: This change should decrease how often one sees a Citan’s Barricade in PvP, as well as add more opportunities for effective counterplay.



    • Adjusted Deep Stone Crypt raid encounter rewards to favor Deepsight weapons that have not had their patterns fully unlocked.
      • Happy farming.
    • Updated Deep Stone Crypt’s Commemoration Machine Gun to properly allow Rapid Hit and High-Impact Reserves as crafting options, as well as Feeding Frenzy and Under Pressure.
      • This includes crafting support for the enhanced versions of these perks.
    • Fixed an issue where Tripwire Canary was not displaying the correct draw time stat in the UI.


    • Submachine Gun
      • General
        • Increased damage and aim assist falloff start at 0 range by ~30%.
        • Reduced damage and aim assist falloff start at 100 range by ~10%.
      • Adaptive
        • Increased critical hit multiplier from 1.44 to 1.5.
        • Crit damage goes from 16.2 to 16.9.
      • Precision
        • Increased Forensic Nightmare’s zoom from 13 to 14.
    • Pulse Rifle
      • General
        • Reduced aim assist falloff start at 100 range by ~10%.
        • Reduced damage falloff start at 100 range by ~5%.
        • Increased recoil by 20% on mouse and keyboard only
      • Lightweight
        • Reduced BXR-55 Battler zoom from 20 to 18.
    • Sidearm
      • General
        • Reduced the Season 18 aim assist falloff distance buff from 30% to 20%.


    • Primary weapons
      • Aim Assist
        • Reduced all additional primary weapon auto-aim (bullet bend) penalties by ~60% at 0 AE (i.e., reduced penalty from 1.2 degrees to 0.5 degrees) for both mouse and keyboard as well as controller.
        • Increased the precision angle (how far off target you can be and still have auto-aim help you land a headshot instead of a body shot) by 50% at 100 AE.
          • Changed the curve to be exponential, so you’ll get more benefit at high AE for both mouse and keyboard and controller.
        • Removed all additional Primary weapon magnetism (reticle friction) penalties, and at 60 to 100 AE you get a magnetism bonus compared to pre-AE (0.5 degrees at 100 AE) for controller only.
      • Reduced accuracy penalty for all Primary weapons.
        • At 10 AE they’re now as accurate as if they had an Icarus Grip mod slotted before Season 17. (Previously they reached this level of accuracy at 30 AE.)
        • Approximate reduction in penalty:
          • Hand Cannon, Sidearm: 60%.
          • Auto Rifle, Scout Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Submachine Gun: 20%.
          • Bow: 30%.
    • Special weapons
      • Sniper Rifles and Slug Shotguns
        • Reduced base airborne accuracy penalty by 50%.
      • Pellet Shotguns
        • Fully removed airborne accuracy penalty.
        • Airborne spread angle penalty is still present.


    • Dead Messenger
      • Reduced splash damage against players from waves by 35%.
    • Dead Man’s Tale
      • Removed the damage penalty for 5 stacks of Cranial Spike.
      • Reduced hip fire and airborne aim assist cone angles by 25% on mouse and keyboard.
      • Reduced hip fire cone angle bonus scaling from 20% to 5%.
      • Reduced hip fire precision aim cone angle from 3 degrees to 0.8 degrees.
      • Reduced hip fire auto-aim falloff scalar from 1.5 to 1.1.


    • Reversal of Fortune now triggers on two misses within 6s.
    • Fixed an issue where the Perfect Float perk could cause the Frenzy perk to activate prematurely.


    • Increased the base cooldown time of the following class abilities by ~20%:
      • Towering Barricade base cooldown increased from 40s to 48s.
      • Rally Barricade base cooldown increased from 32s to 38s.
      • Thruster base cooldown increased from 30s to 36s.
      • Marksman’s Dodge base cooldown increased from 29s to 34s.
      • Gambler’s Dodge base cooldown increased from 38s to 46s.
    • Touch of Thunder – Storm Grenade:
      • Roaming Storm lightning strike damage reduced from 40 to 30.
      • Added a 0.24s delay on Roaming Storm creation after the primary grenade detonation.
      • Travel speed now begins at 1.5 meters/second and ramps up over 1.3s to a maximum speed of 3 meters/second.
        • It previously was a flat 3.5 meters/second at all times.
      • Tracking search range now increases in size over 2s after creation, rather than starting at full size.
    • Removed weapon stability, incoming flinch, and Shotgun pellet spread angle penalties applied to the player while sliding.


    • Rare (blue) engrams no longer drop after reaching the soft gear cap. Equivalent Glimmer amount will be rewarded instead.


    • Gunsmith reputation gains increased by 25% to compensate for the lack of Rare engrams.


    • The Exotic Catalyst Quest Boost now applies to all previous Season Pass Exotic weapon catalysts.
    • Season of the Haunted’s gear Triumphs “Shape Opulent Weapons” and “Nightmares Take Shape” will now correctly track weapon shaping.
      • If you shaped one of these weapons and did not complete the objective for it, you can reshape the weapon with no changes (and thus no cost) to advance the objective.
    • Step seven of the Revision Zero quest “The Hidden Shape” will now correctly track weapon shaping.
      • Like the aforementioned Triumph, you can reshape Revision Zero with no changes to advance this objective.
    • Adjusted the pattern requirements of the “Report: Reverse-Lure” Exotic Glaive quest.
      • Recipe now only requires one portion of the required Wellspring weapons’ pattern.
        • Additionally, the first daily drop of a Wellspring weapon will have Deepsight.
      • Once unlocked on a character, each class’s respective Exotic Glaive recipe will be available for purchase on the Evidence Board.
    • Step four of The Witch Queen quest “Report: Relic-Data” now tracks weapon shaping.
      • The requirements for reshaping a weapon with enhanced perks have been temporarily removed.
      • Reshaping any weapon will complete this objective, regardless of whether the weapon has been upgraded with enhanced perks or not.
    • Step six of The Witch Queen quest “Reshaping the Enigma” will now track weapon shaping.
      • Like the “Relic-Data” quest, the Enigma quest step has had the enhanced perks requirement temporarily removed.
      • Reshaping The Enigma will progress this step regardless of the existence of enhanced perks on the weapon.

    UI & UX

    • Fixed an issue where the Glorious Seal icon was inconsistent with other Seals.

    Addressed the following issues.

    • Players may be unable to crouch after acquiring the first Scanner augment in the Operation: Seraph’s Shield Exotic mission. This can be resolved by entering and exiting a menu or remapping keys.
    • We are investigating an increase in CENTIPEDE error codes.
    • Players are unable to progress the objective in Operation: Sancus. To circumvent this, players should restart the mission, move slower, and wait for Rasputin to finish his dialogue before progressing to the next area of the activity.
    • Players are unable to progress the Reshaping the Enigma quest beyond step six, as well as other weapon crafting quests.
    • Bounty acquisition via the Destiny Companion App is noticeably slow.

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