Deadside Update 0.3.0 Patch Notes (New Interface)


Deadside update 0.3.0 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Deadside patch notes, the latest hotfix added server performance optimizations and other minor fixes.

Recently, a big game update was released which added a new respawn system, new location, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are experiencing various issues with the game. Today’s Deadside patch 0.3.0 will fix a few of these issues. Read full details below.


Deadside Patch Notes – June 17, 2022

What’s new

Redesigned building mechanics and a new interface

1.The base module menu has been changed to radial and is available by pressing the “B” key. Select a module by pressing the LMB while holding down B;
2.During the installation of a base module, the interface displays tools and resources necessary for building;
3. The character is no longer tied to the construction site: no more progress bars;
4. Three modules are available for simultaneous construction”;
5. Resources needed to build a module can be added gradually during construction;
6. Canceling construction or disassembling a base module returns 50% of the resources spent.

Workbench and Steam inventory

We have added a workbench, a new base module and a feature that will allow you to apply camouflage on clothes. The functionality will be expanded in the future.. Steam Inventory integration is automatic.

Two test skins are added to your Steam inventory when you log into the game:

  • 1 of the existing sets of skins for all players;
  • 1 of the existing sets of skins for owners of the Supporter pack.

New effects of bullets hitting various surfaces

More dust, sparks and blood: more realistic visuals that also have practical purpose. Now the point of impact of a bullet is more noticeable, which helps you adjust the firing faster during combat.


  • Fixed an infinite stack of corner base walls;
  • Fixed collision of bullets and a character with a world blocker;
  • Fixed the inability of the server to restart without players online;
  • Fixed the walkie-talkie reactions to fast travel NPCs;
  • Fixed incorrect rendering distance of the placed explosive charge.

Download free Deadside patch 0.3 on PC (Steam).