Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes – Sep 7, 2022

Dead Cells update 1.39 is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam). According to the official Dead Cell patch notes, the latest update added a new weapon Panchaku, a new outfit and much more. Apart from this, today’s Dead Cells patch 1.39 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major ‘Breaking Barriers’ update added loads of new options to improve accessibility, such as adjustable font type & size, input customization and individual adjustment of sound effect volumes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Dead Cells version 1.39 will fix a few of these issues.

Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes – September 7, 2022

  • New Weapon: Panchaku

    Two pans tied together by a string, the perfect DIY weapon to tear through the island!

    Crits on enemies facing you.

  • New Outfit: Bobby Outfit

    A new outfit inspired by the Beheaded’s design from the Dead Cells trailers, flaming head included.

  • New crossover content with Soul Knight:

    Those features were already in the Mobile version of Dead Cells, we just brought them over to PC and Consoles!

    Weapon:Magic Bow, fires 5 slowly-moving, homing arrows.

    Outfit:Knight’s Outfit, inspired by Soul Knight’s character of the same name.

    New lore room inPrisoners’ Quartersto unlock the blueprints!

  • New Custom Mode Option: Legendaries Only

    Turns all weapons found in the run into legendary ones.

  • You can nowpet your Petswhen you are in transition areas, by holding interact next to them!
  • We completely reworked how Legendary Weapons work!

    – Removed the double stat scaling, but kept the colorless status. They now scale on your highest stat only.It was mostly overpowered, rather counter-intuitive (you had to split stats whereas you should do the opposite in non-legendary situations) and not really fun (just adding more damage on top of your damage).

    – Added a unique Legendary Affix toallWeapons. A Legendary Weapon will always have its Legendary Affix on top of its normal rolled ones.You can find a list of all the Weapons and their respective Legendary Affix below.

  • Added newDouble StackLegendary Affix, which doubles the number of stacks applied by the weapon.(Things like poison, fire, etc.)
  • Added newGlobal Shield on KillLegendary Affix.
  • Added newBetter SecretsLegendary Affix, which upgrades the quality of secrets found in the ground or walls by one tier.
  • Added newTrue EvilLegendary Affix, deals triple damage but locks out the rest of the loadout as long as the weapon is equipped.
  • Added newGod SlayerLegendary Affix, increases the crit multiplier of the weapon’s last hit.
  • Added newDeath RootLegendary Affix, roots nearby enemies on kill.
  • Added newMega CritLegendary Affix, increases crit damage by 75%.
  • Added newCascading TombLegendary Affix, unique to theTombstone, doom effect can trigger recursively.
  • Added newRebuild on KillLegendary Affix, unique to theBroken Toothpick, repairs the weapon on kill.
  • Added newSpeed BallLegendary Affix, reduces the pause time between the attacks.
  • Added newSuper SliceLegendary Affix, unique toQueen’s Rapier, increases greatly the range of the reality slices.
  • Added newFire on HitLegendary Affix, puts hit enemies on fire.
  • Added newDouble BulletsLegendary Affix, doubles the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added newTriple BulletsLegendary Affix, triples the number of projectiles shot by the weapon.
  • Added newGolden DamageLegendary Affix, buffs the weapon’s damage based on the player’s current gold count.
  • Added newStun ShieldLegendary Affix, stuns any enemy parried by the shield.
  • Added newDouble SpeedLegendary Affix, projectiles shot by the weapon go twice as fast.
  • Added newEchoLegendary Affix, replays a grenade’s explosion a second time.
  • Added newBigger ExplosionLegendary Affix, increases a grenade’s explosion radius.
  • Added newIce WalkerLegendary Affix, unique toIce Armor, the created armor never expires.
  • Added newSuper Back DamageLegendary Affix, greatly increases the damage when hitting enemies in the back.

Download free Dead Cells patch 1.39 on PlayStations 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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