Dead Cells Update 1.36 Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox One


Dead Cells update 1.36 is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam). According to the official Dead Cell patch notes, the latest update added fixed analog stick problems, sound effect issues and more. Apart from this, today’s Dead Cells patch 1.36 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major ‘Breaking Barriers’ update added loads of new options to improve accessibility, such as adjustable font type & size, input customization and individual adjustment of sound effect volumes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Dead Cells version 1.36 will fix a few of these issues.


Dead Cells Update 1.36 Patch Notes – August 1, 2022

Important features:
  • Added unlocking conditions for the new content (Panchaku, Bobby Outfit and Soul Knight Content)
  • Buffed the damage of the Back Damage, Super Crit and Super Back Damage affixes.
  • Reduced the damage and tick rate of Barbed Tips.
  • Increased the damage and crit multiplier of Gilded Yumi.
  • The Hand Hook pull attack now comes out way faster, but has more lag to compensate.
  • Legendary Weapons no longer roll a guaranteed Starred Affix
  • Bullets parried by the Cudgel will now stun enemies as well.
  • Rampart’s forcefield now pushes enemies away for its entire duration.
Graphics & UI:
  • Reworked the Outfit Selection UI. It is now a grid displaying the icons of all the unlocked outfits, as well as an in-game preview.
Music & SFX:
  • Added proper sound effects to the Panchaku.
  • Custom Heads can now load custom atlases.
  • Added a new folder in the ModTools : ModHelperSkin. It contains a full custom outfit with differently colored points instead of a proper model, to help with making outfit mods.
  • We also provided a json file containing all the tracks of all the joints, for all the animations in the game. This data can potentially be used to roughly recreate the 2D animations.
Bug fixes:
  • Corrosive Cloud now correctly displays its synergy with Bleed.
  • Prevented Death Root from triggering on non-mob entities.
  • Fixed the Tailor’s Room decorations being offset from the center.
  • Removed the Flawless Outfits displaying two times in the Outfit Selection UI.
  • Fixed a crash when breaking the Bank’s Golden Doors.
  • Fixed the bombs from the ‘Cherry on the Cake’ modifier in Custom Mode not dealing any damage to the player.
  • Added the missing world map transition of Distillery -> Lighthouse.
  • Fixed Conjunctivius sometimes shooting projectiles during the death animation.
  • Fixed the Hunter’s Grenade not spawning back when thrown off a cliff, or when an enemy converted to elite fell of a cliff.
  • Fixed a crash when picking up an amulet with the Homunculus Rune in the Daily Challenge.
  • Fixed Mushroom Boi getting stuck in the dash animation after triggering the explosion.
  • Fixed Mutineers’ melee attack not having the attack warning.
  • Fixed Invisibility not affecting the player’s head or scarf.
  • Fixed Armored Shrimps moving while frozen.
  • Fixed the player getting stuck off-screen in some specific situations.
  • Fixed pets sometimes dying for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed Magic Bow and Scarecrow’s Sickles interacting weirdly when reflected by the Queen.
  • Fixed the Leghugger not teleporting back to the player when too far away.
  • Fixed minimap refresh hiding parts of the map revealed by Explorer’s Instinct.
  • Can’t use the down input with analog stick on controller. If the problem persists – reset the controller settings to default to fix it.
  • Glitchy sound effects
  • Crash when reloading a save where you are in Undying Shores
  • Issues with stat icons being misaligned and different sizes
  • “We recommend playing Dead Cells with a controller” message overlapping with “Show the update pop-up again” message
  • Boss HP resetting to full HP when you exit to main menu and reload
  • Affixes for oil dive attack and fire dive attack triggering at different heights
  • Auto-jump triggering while climbing, making it impossible to climb
  • Misplaced arrow in multiple lives selection
  • Dying to the vault challenge in The Bank with Continue Mode softlocks the game
  • Damage numbers on enemy hit have an arrow icon in the middle
  • Lock with dying on Time Keeper boss then Null Access crash on reload
  • Pollo Power effect affixes not working
  • Using Pollo Power while entering The Ossuary leaves you stuck in mid-air
  • Custom mode is displayed twice in the main menu
  • Sprite of item bought from a shop with a mimic remains on screen and can’t be interacted with

Download free Dead Cells patch 1.36 on PlayStations 4, PC, and Xbox One.