Day of Dragons Update 1.K Patch Notes – September 27, 2021


Day of Dragons update 1.K (1.K.H.0) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Day of Dragons patch notes, the latest update added the most requested feature – Scent. Scent will greatly increase your chances of survival by giving you visual indicators of where things are in the world.

Recently, a big update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues.

Today’s Day of Dragons patch 1.K.H.0 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Day of Dragons Patch Notes – September Update


Added scent ability for all dragonkind allowing players to sniff out their environment. To use scent, hold (default F and may need reset) while stationary. Different species have different ranges of scent detection. Scent that is farther away will spawn a scent trail showing players the direction the scent is coming from. Scent that is closer to the player will spawn a scent plume showing players the location of the scent. Scavenger Mutation increases scent detection range by 25/50/100m per point and scent location range by 10/20/30m per point.

  • Added ability to smell lakes, ponds, & rivers (blue)
  • Added ability for hatchlings to smell puddles (blue)
  • Added ability to smell edible flora (green)
  • Added ability to smell blood (red)
  • Added ability to smell corpses (red)
  • Added ability to smell carcasses (red)
  • Added ability to smell prey creatures (magenta)
  • Added ability to smell nests of the same species (yellow)
  • Added ability to smell clues (yellow)
  • Players can now select common skins from character menu when spawning. Uncommon and Rare skins are still only obtainable by spawning with a Random Skin
  • Added new uncommon/rare random skins
  • Added new hybrid skin crafting recipes
  • Added a new species of Mushroom
  • Changed mushroom spawning areas and density
  • Minor changes to Forgotten Forest map
  • Added Thornback Mound ambient sound fx to boss mounds
  • Added Jellyflies ambient creature fx in certain areas
  • Added Fireflies ambient creature fx in certain areas
  • Added Carcass flies ambient creature fx

The first tier of the Patreon Lifetime Subscriber Rewards have been added to the game. Subscribers who have received the Lifetime Subscriber Rewards Pack will receive the Crimson LT shimmer skin and the Jellyflies cosmetic effect. This effect will later be replaced with a unique equippable dragon pearl. Until the inventory system is added in a later update, Subscriber Rewards Pack owners will need to type /pearlon to turn on the effect and /pearloff to turn it off. This effect only spawns while resting or sleeping.

  • Added Crimson LT skin as a spawn option for subscribers with the Lifetime Subscriber Rewards Pack
  • Added Jellyflies cosmetic effect for subscribers with the Lifetime Subscriber Rewards Pack
  • Added Apply Shimmer button for subscribers with the Lifetime Subscriber Rewards Pack which converts the Crimson PT skin into the Crimson LT skin.
  • Added Crimson LT skin compatibility with Crimson PT skin crafting recipes

Improvements have been made to dragon abilities and projectiles as well as the addition of carcasses.

  • Added Shadow Scale Scent Animation
  • Added Shadow Scale Scent Sound FX
  • Added Acid Spitter Scent Animation
  • Added Acid Spitter Scent Sound FX
  • Shadow Cloak now provides complete invisibility when crouched while stationary
  • Improved projectile tracking and hit detection
  • Increased range of Acid Spit
  • Increased speed of Acid Spit
  • Increased range of Plasma Bolt
  • Added visual corpse decay which progresses as the corpse is eaten
  • Added dragon carcasses v1 that replace a corpse that has been mostly eaten. Carcasses cannot be carried or moved like corpses and do not despawn like corpses but instead despawn only when fully eaten or abandoned (feeding on the carcass refreshes the corpse despawn timer)

We have had admins request the ability to mute/unmute players from Global Chat who are offline. Mutes and Unmutes are now permanent on the server. We also added the ability to ban a player who is offline from the admin panel. This feature is useful as it does not require a server restart to take effect. Config bans also work but require a server restart.

  • Added /mute [steamid] slash command for offline players. Please use admin panel for online players
  • Added /unmute [steamid] for offline players. Please use admin panel for online players
  • Added /ban [steamid] slash command for offline players. Please use admin panel for online players
  • Added Gore option in Game Settings which is disabled by default. Gore setting enables/disables blood pools and carcass gut piles
  • Added Survival+RPG HUD style option in Game Settings which combines the blood screen with the status bars
  • Force closing the game aka “combat logging” now causes your dragon to remain in the world for five minutes instead of just one. To leave the game properly, use the Menu to logout or quit.
  • Fixed missing projectile hit decals
  • Elder Acid Spitter Acid Spit no longer impacts self when running
  • Fixed strange movement jitter from network peer Dragons that have grown beyond adult

Download free Day of Dragons patch 1.K.H.0 on PC (Steam).