Day of Dragons Update 1.J.F.0 Patch Notes – August 18, 2021


Day of Dragons update 1.J.F.0 (August 18, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Day of Dragons patch notes, the latest update added new features, new changes, and improvements.

Recently, a big update was released which added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues.

Today’s Day of Dragons update will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Day of Dragons Patch Notes – August 18, 2021


  • Added a Player Name Filter to the Admin Panel
  • Added Admin panel Disband Clan button allowing admins to disband the clan of selected player
  • Admins can now chat to each other with @admin <message> that non-admins cannot see
  • Players can now ping admins with @admin <message> allowing players a private way to communicate to admins
  • Added Restore admin panel button allowing admins to restore a player character to a player only if the character that died was a juvenile or older. Restorations are only available for 30 minutes after character dies.
  • Added new Ban player Admin panel button allowing admins to ban players from within the game. Admins can now ban in-game or from the config. In-game bans must be removed via /unban command or by deleting the steamid.sav in the /bans folder on the server. Config bans are separate and have not changed. Use config to ban when the server is offline and admin panel to ban when running.
  • Added new /unban <steamid> chat command which unbans players who were banned via admin panel
  • Added new PvP server config option bFlagHatchlingKillers=true that causes adult or older eyes to glow red for 20 minutes after killing a hatchling notifying other players that their hatchlings are not safe. Safelog is unavailable while Flagged when this config is enabled.
  • Added new server config option iMaxClanMembers=0 that allows servers to cap clan size. Only applies to clans made after this update. Server owners will need to either disband the clan in-game or wipe the SaveGames/Clans folder to force clans to re-make under new clan size limits. Clan members can be configured in the range of 8 – 1024 members.
  • Admin Port/Summon now ports/summons 5 meters above the player to prevent falling through the world
  • Admins now have infinite Stamina and Bile while in Super mode allowing them to do their duties without needing to rest
  • Added a system message notifying admins they have nametags on/off
  • Muting players now persists on the server indefinitely until unmuted
  • Player Chat command /anyadmins now only shows admins that are online and not incognito to prevent players from breaking rules when no admins are online (now they might be watching incognito)
  • Admin Panel now shows character info regardless if their character is rendered
  • Admin Panel now displays ping of players if ping is less than 1000.


  • Added new /verystuck command that teleports player to the nearest group member. Can only be used while stationary every 5 minutes and only after trying /stuck. Sets health to 1 and roots for 5s. Use only when necessary.-
  • Added /anyrevives chat command to let players know if they have a character that can be revived and how much time is remaining on the revive. Characters can only be revived by admins and must be a Juvenile or older upon death to be stored.
  • Added an “Apply Shimmer” button on Character panel allowing Kickstarter Backers with Shimmer Skins to apply the shimmer effect to nested-in Dragons with non-shimmer skins. After applying, player must go to Spawn Menu or safelog. Skin will be applied on next spawn in.
  • Added a struggle hint telling players how to struggle when picked up
  • Aiming reticle is now white when you can fire and red when you cannot to help our color blind community
  • Hatchlings on PvE servers can now only be picked up by group members to prevent griefing
  • Character Panel can now be mapped to Controllers
  • Developer nametags are now always visible to players (no more biting someone and then finding out they’re a dev)
  • Tooltips now look cool
  • Servers with Friendly Fire (group damage) enabled now display Friendly Fire On/Off in the group social panel
  • Chat command for making clan announcement is now “@clan <announcement>” (used to be “/@ <announcement>”)
  • Nights are now slightly brighter
  • Slightly increased Stalk Speed of all Dragons
  • Elder Walk, Swim, & Fly speeds are now capped to Adult speeds


  • Fixed a server-side memory leak
  • Loading Flaps should no longer persist into the character menu
  • Left mouse click on keybinds now properly allows player to rebind key
  • Improved flight sync to reduce camera jitter when being carried in flight
  • Unknown Parents & Clanmates should now display when player is offline even if player is not on Steam friendlist (requires player to logon before going into effect)
  • First Flight Theme should no longer play more than once
  • Players can no longer walk on the bottom of the pond in the far NW corner of the map

Download free Day of Dragons on PC (Steam).