Dauntless Update 1.76 Patch Notes (v1.9.1) Official – February 3, 2022

    Dauntless update 1.76 (1.9.1) is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Dauntless 1.75 patch notes, the latest added new rumors, saint’s bond, island event improvements, and more. Apart from this, Dauntless version 1.76 also includes a long list of bug fixes.

    Previously, a big update added omnicells, a new craftable gear that provides a wide range of build options.

    Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Dauntless version 1.76 will fix these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Dauntless 1.76 (1.9.1) Patch Notes?




    • Decreased Frostwülf weapons’ unique effect damage from 60/100 to 50/70 (default/power surged).
    • Decreased Sahvyt weapons’ unique effect damage from 250/350 to 250/325 (default/power surged).
    • Increased Bastion’s Slam shield conversion rate from 150% to 175% to increase damage output.
    • Increased Tempest’s base damage from 400 to 450.
    • Slightly increased Tempest’s range of detection for unbroken parts hits.
    • Decreased Revenant’s per-orb health regen amount from 125 to 115.
    • Decreased Discipline’s passive critical chance and damage bonus from 10% to 8%.
    • Increased Discipline’s cooldown time from 15s to 17s.
    • Decreased the amount of weapon XP required on the Reforged Slayer’s Path node from 28,000 to 27,500.

    Embermania Island Event


    We reduced the amount of competing factors that were at play in this early island event. This event is now focused on fighting multiple Embermanes instead of styxians and other modifiers.

    • Removed Danger Zones in stage one and increased the number of Embermanes from one to two.
    • Stage two is now a Lesser Embermane and a Bloodfire Embermane instead of two Lessers with styxians.
    • Removed styxians from stage three.

    Blast Zone Island Event


    This event already served as a nice introduction to island-specific events and modifiers, so changes here are light touch and intended to reduce overall chaos.

    • Removed smollusks from stage one.
    • Danger Zone modifiers are no longer tied to the Behemoth in stage one.
    • Removed smollusks from stage two.
    • Removed Danger Zones and shock attacks from Behemoths in stage two.
    • Danger Zone is now a general modifier in stage two.

    Swarmageddon Island Event


    With four stages, this was the longest event in the game. Reducing the number of stages to ensure it takes a similar amount of time to other events was important. The event has also been updated to keep the flying and insect theme running all the way through.

    • Reduced event from four to three stages.
    • Increased the number of Behemoths in stage one’s spawn pool, including Sahvyt.
    • Stage two is now a dual Behemoth fight with one of the Behemoths being Rezakiri or Valomyr.
    • Stage two’s Swarm modifier no longer attaches to Behemoths in the event and will now remain throughout the round regardless of which Behemoth dies first.
    • Stage three is a dual Behemoth fight that allows for two Rezakiri and up to one Valomyr.
    • Stage three now has a larger total number of swarms.

    Rock and Roll Island Event


    This event appeared on islands with two other unique events: Swarmageddon and Melting Point. We made the choice to move it to Paradox Breaks, giving the island a distinct event of its own. This is an early exploration of how it feels to expand the diversity of Behemoths in events, so long as it doesn’t conflict with the core element of the island — in this case, the radiant element.

    • Event has been removed from Razorcliff Isle and Hades Reach.
    • Event has been added to Paradox Breaks.
    • Event now only has single Behemoth rounds to allow it to exist alongside Chronovore’s event.
    • Behemoth pool has been expanded to allow for more rocky and rolling Behemoths, such as Phaelanx and Deepfrost Skarn.
    • Gruk-gruks and blaze bombers spawn across all rounds but have a 60 second delay before respawning.
    • Primal Containment modifier added to round two.
    • Elder Spikes modifier added to round three.
    • All rounds of this event grant a Chronostone.

    Melting Point Island Event


    This event was overloaded with several kinds of fauna and up to three modifiers at a time. The throughline of this event is now blaze bombers for fauna, and splitting lava with inferno as modifiers.

    • Event now has three stages, and the fauna-only stage was removed.
    • Removed Blaze Danger Zones and Combustion modifiers from all stages they existed in.
    • Stage one modifier is now just Inferno.
    • Stage two and three now have Splitting Lava.
    • Each stage has blaze bombers with a 45 second respawn time after being defeated.
    • Removed gruk-gruks from this event.
    • Hellion in round three no longer has increased health.

    Toxic Behavior Island Event


    The small changes here were made to trim the Behemoth pool down to the theme and remove excess fauna and modifier clutter.

    • Removed all neutral Behemoths from the spawn pool.
    • Added Koshai to the spawn pool.
    • Removed smollusks from all stages.
    • Increased Behemoth variety for the final duo fight.

    Poison Personality Island Event


    As one of the newest events, Poison Personality largely follows our updated design philosophy, so only minor changes were made.

    • Stage one now has the Poison Blood modifier.
    • Stage two now has Poison Blood and Terra Danger Zones modifiers.




    • Refined Bastion’s active ability’s sound effects.




    • Aegis will now get consumed before Sturdy instead of being consumed simultaneously.
    • Healing orbs now properly appear when dealing damage to a Behemoth under the terra status effect.



    • The Treasure Hunter’s Hat transmog now comes with hair.
    • Fixed clipping issues on Ragnar’s Bryjind, First Warden’s Bryjind, Warden Scout’s Bryjind, Warden Defender’s Bryjind, Draskscale Plate, Rapturous Handwraps, and Treasure Hunter’s Cloak.



    • Charging the axe while in midair no longer causes the player to rapidly drop to the ground.

    Chain Blades


    • Meter no longer resets when using the Chain Slam while momentum is less than four.
    • Fixed an issue where chain blades would sometimes stop generating momentum.



    • Removed an exploit where the sword’s special meter remained after changing equipment.
    • In the Hunting Grounds, The Hunger’s Feast special now ends when there are no more active threats in the player’s current encounter.



    • Lesser Drasks no longer remain stuck in a loop if their teleportation behaviour fails.



    • Fixed various typos.
    • Added seasonal challenges that were missing in 1.9.0.

    Download free Dauntless update 1.76 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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