Dauntless Update 1.61 (1.7.0) Patch Notes – July 8, 2021


Dauntless update 1.61 patch notes (1.7) released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Dauntless 1.61 patch notes, the latest update added omnicells, a new craftable gear that provide a wide range of build options. Apart from this, Dauntless version 1.61 also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, an update was released with new features like Umbral escalation, a new behemoth: Thrax, Relics & Ruin Hunt Pass, slayer journal, training grounds, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Dauntless version 1.61 will fix these issues.


Check out more details below.

What is new in Dauntless 1.61 (1.7.0)?


1.7.0 marks the launch of omnicells, new craftable gear that provide a wide range of build options to let you strategize around your preferred playstyle, as well as plan for specific encounters. Experiment to find the playstyle that best suits you!

  • Added the Nayzaga Rockstar Dye Rumour.
  • Added the Timeweave Quadhammer Rumour.
  • Added the Timeweave Vambraces Rumour.
  • Added the Ostian Commander-General armour set.
  • Added the Admiral Zai Emoji Pack.
  • Added the Wils Bormen Emoji Pack.
  • Added the Hinterwings Glider.
  • Added the Dustwalker Armour set.
  • Added the Timeshifted Weapon set.
  • Added the Relentless Dye.
  • Added Reward Cache cosmetics from Infinite Radiance.
  • If you had any Iceborne cells, you will receive the Iceborne omnicell.
  • If you had a Discipline cell, you will receive the Discipline omnicell and 150 Steel Marks for any additional Discipline cells owned.
  • If you had any Tenacious cells, you will receive Galvanized cells of the same rarity.
  • Dark Watch (Shrowd helm), Boreal Might (Boreus gauntlets), Boreal March (Boreus boots), Volcanic Treads (Charrogg boots), and Skraevwing Gloves (Skraev gauntlets) will each grant 1 aetherheart and 10,000 rams if owned and power surged.


  • Rage: Once every 50 / 40 / 30 / 25 / 20 / 15 seconds, when you take damage, deal +20% increased damage for 15 seconds.
  • Overpower: +10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 40% increased damage vs staggered Behemoths.
  • Evasive Fury: After dodging through an attack, gain +4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12.5 / 15% attack speed for 20 seconds.
  • Wild Frenzy is now Assassin’s Frenzy: Each time you break or assist in breaking a part, gain +15% attack speed for 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 40 seconds.
  • Aetheric Frenzy is now a technique cell called Aetheric Evasion: On dodging through an attack, reduce the cooldown of your lantern ability by 5 / 10 / 15 / 25 / 30 / 35%.
  • Lucent: Your flask heals over 20 seconds, but for 20% more healing – while this heal is active, increase the recharge rate of your lantern ability by 15 / 25 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%.
  • Grace: Ranks 4 through 6 now grant attack speed equal to half the move speed increase, for 40 seconds.
  • Aetheric Attunement: Reduces the cooldown of your lantern ability by 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50%.
  • Aetherborne: Using aethervents at ranks 4 through 6 will cause you to enter aether rush.
  • Guardian: +5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% of shields applied to you are also applied to your nearest ally for 15 seconds.
  • Fortress: After not taking damage for 10 seconds, gain shields of 65 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 / 135. Stacks 3 times.
  • Zeal effect text updated to show that it affects lantern abilities.
  • Removed the Tenacious effect that increased critical strike chance at higher ranks.
  • Dark Watch (Shrowd helm) now has the Cunning perk.
  • Skraevwing Gloves (Skraev gauntlets) now have the Aetheric Evasion perk.
  • Boreal Might (Boreus gauntlets), Boreal March (Boreus boots), and Volcanic Treads (Charrogg boots) now have the Tenacious perk.
  • Skarn weapons’ unique effect now grants a stackable 175 / 250 shield that lasts for 25 seconds (max 600 shields) after using your Lantern ability.
  • Valomyr weapons’ unique effect damage increased to 550 / 700.

The low-life builds with Wild Frenzy have dominated the meta for a really long time. Many players feel like this is the new standard for Dauntless. Outright removing Wild Frenzy and making other attack speed buffs conditional would have a major impact on the feel of the game. After some careful reflection, we’ve decided to increase the default attack speed on all weapons to give all players a higher baseline that matches the fast paced nature of modern Dauntless. We’ve also done a pass over all other attack speed bonuses to create a more consistent experience and added a new cap to attack speed to prevent extreme scenarios that introduce bugs.

  • Hammer and axe attack speed increased by 12%.
  • Sword, war pike, and repeaters attack speed increased by 10%.
  • Chain blades and aether strikers attack speed increased by 8%.
  • Attack speed from all other sources is now capped at +50%.
  • Tempest Form attack speed bonus reduced to +15%.
  • The axe’s Vertical Ripper repeatable combo finisher attacks are now affected by attack speed perks (up to a limit of +105%).
  • Increased Ardent Cyclone’s base damage per hit from 70 to 80.
  • Doubled the Ardent Cyclone’s bonus damage on its finisher.
  • Removed all meter gain while performing Ardent Cyclone.
  • Molten Edict damage from fireball shots reduced by 33%.
  • Molten Edict damage from ground fireball reduced by 25%.
  • Using an aether vent now reduces your lantern ability cooldown by 20%.
  • Aether wisps now reduce your lantern ability cooldown by 10%.
  • Lanterns no longer have tap abilities and have been replaced with omnicells active abilities.
  • Shrikes Zeal’s buff no longer stacks with other active Shrike lantern buffs.
  • Spiteful Onslaught now triggers on lantern hold instead of on tap.
  • Aetherdrive Tonic now increases the recharge rate of your lantern’s ability by 100% for 60 seconds.
  • Elder and Primal Behemoths have been removed from all Hunting Grounds islands except for Paradox Breaks.
  • Paradox Breaks’ minimum level increased from 13 to 14, and the recommended level increased from 17 to 18.

The Hunting Grounds was designed to be a social experience that promotes drop-in, drop-out gameplay with other Slayers. After evaluating the data on how players engage with each other in this mode, and after listening to player feedback, we’ve decided that the danger meter wasn’t living up to our original design goals. In the end, it was causing too much friction when playing with others. This change will maintain the failure case on encounters while removing the pain points associated with other slayers going down around you.

  • The Danger Meter in the Hunting Grounds no longer increases when a Slayer is downed.
  • The Danger Meter in Hunting Grounds does not increase faster while Slayers are downed.
  • The Danger Meter in Hunting Grounds does not decrease when a Slayer is revived.
  • Raised the rate of Danger Meter increase in the Hunting Grounds.
  • Drask’s head no longer deals damage during the tail swipe attack.
  • Increased the time between blizzards when fighting Winterhorn Skraev.
  • Reduced health on Stormclaw’s shock fences so they’re easier to destroy.
  • Removed the Past and Future Talent Trees.
  • Added shiny new icons for Dauntless on consoles.


  • Gruk-gruks and styxians now properly respect the territory of Behemoths, and will not engage with Slayers in melee with them. But as always, they will be waiting for their moment, lurking from the shadows…
  • Shields visual and sound effects now only play for 3 seconds when shields are applied, instead of persistently as long as you have shields.
  • Added a new death animation.
  • Added new stagger animations.
  • Lowered the intro roar sound effect.
  • Players can now dye and transmog their armour during matchmaking.
  • Lucky Break menu now focuses on the last item purchased from Lady Luck after purchasing an item.
  • Menu now focuses on the closest item next to the last purchased item on the Store screen after purchasing an item.
  • Behemoths will not drop parts that are no longer used.
  • Dye rumours will no longer require Aetheric Crownplates and will instead require the Epic part from the target Behemoth.
  • Added various alternate versions of out of combat music to the Hunting Grounds.
  • Fixed some emotes that would not be canceled when walking.


  • Malkarion’s lightning projectiles now have audio.
  • Addressed an issue where Stormclaw would walk slowly before going into their pounce attack.
  • Addressed an issue where Elder Behemoth shields would remain visible while Behemoths were invisible or teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue where Elder Behemoth shields would be invisible.
  • Splitting Lava and Splitting Umbral attacks will now reliably break on Behemoths, and no longer move through them.
  • Addressed an issue where other Slayers would be invisible on hunts.
  • Fixed an issue where Slayers would be left standing after being knocked down.
  • Fixed an issue where Malkarion’s legendary ability would add 4 stacks of Pulse in a single hit.
  • Addressed an issue where supply crates wouldn’t open when first used.


  • Addressed an issue where using Blitz and Frenzy tonics was not progressing quests.
  • Addressed an issue where Hunt Pass XP was unreliably counting towards quest and challenge objectives.
  • Addressed an issue in Hammer specials that caused the ammo charge level to be incorrectly calculated.
  • Addressed an issue where Overdrive would have a large pause during the combo’s animation.


  • The war pike’s heavy whoosh audio now stops when dodging mid-swing.


  • The Beta Anniversary flare no longer displays the wrong graphic.
  • Removed Sandstone, Plunge, and Sapling dyes from being visible from the dye selector for players who don’t have them.
  • The Paradox Waymarker banner plant now displays the correct VFX.
  • The Dart Attack emote now attaches its darts to the second body type properly.
  • The Gone Fishing emote now has the proper whistle audio.


  • The paradoxicon in the Chronovore’s arena now properly rises from the ground and no longer gets stuck.
  • Fixed areas where players were escaping the map on The Paradox Breaks. There is no escape.


  • The Chronovore’s escape message will no longer show up far before it actually escapes.
  • The Chronoslayer Event Pass notifications will go away for those who have completed and collected its rewards.
  • Addressed an issue where the “Claim Rewards” notification would show when there were no rewards to claim.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip for the Captain’s Grip. It now correctly reflects that the attack speed increase is 15%.
  • Players using controllers can now unlock items in the Reward Cache while on the Hunting Grounds.
  • Addressed an issue where players would not be notified they received charged aether instead of a Behemoth part break during Escalation hunts.
  • Cores will now display the correct rarities.
  • Events and encounters you are taking part in will no longer appear on the compass for you.
  • Addressed an issue where party members’ health bars were the wrong size.
  • Fixed a missing unlock message when viewing gliders in the personality screen before they’ve been unlocked in the Slayer’s Path.
  • Addressed an issue where keystone Behemoth roars were not playing in the mastery screen or crafting menus.
  • The “Quests, Bounties, & Challenges” button text now fits properly inside the button in all languages.
  • Head accessory preview is now kept or removed correctly upon closing the head accessory menu.
  • Holding down the “Play!” button won’t cause the button sound effect to repeat.
  • Addressed an issue where the Hunt Pass achievement on Xbox would not unlock if it was already completed.

Download free Dauntless update 1.61 (1.7.0) on PS4 and Xbox One.