Dauntless Update 1.67 Patch Notes (v1.7.4) – Sep 9, 2021


Dauntless update 1.67 (v1.7.4) released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the official Dauntless 1.67 patch notes, the latest added Behemoth, tweaks, changes, and fixes. Apart from this, Dauntless version 1.67 also includes performance fixes.

Previously, a big update added omnicells, a new craftable gear that provides a wide range of build options.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Dauntless version 1.66 will fix these issues.


Check out more details below.

What is new in Dauntless 1.67?



  • The Nimble perk’s stamina refund increased for ranks 4, 5, and 6. All ranks now generate a stamina shield (max 50) with excess granted stamina.
  • The Swift perk now applies sheathed movement speed bonus to nearby allies across all ranks of the perk.
  • The Swift perk movement speed bonus now persists after unsheathing for a short time.


  • Reduced part health scaling for Behemoths on The Blazeworks so parts are easier to break in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Heroic Razorwing Kharabak now spawns on The Blazeworks.


  • The damage bonuses from the Marksman Chamber’s abilities are now calculated as an additive, rather than multiplicative modifier. This means slightly less damage output.



  • Improved colliders and hitboxes.
  • Improved the interrupt window and interruptible areas — now players must hit the head or shoulders to interrupt Nayzaga. Knees and toes remain protected from interrupt.
  • Updated and polished the model. Lookin’ good Naynay!


  • Updated the name of the “Screams of the Shrike” repeaters so they aren’t too close to the name of the “Scream of the Shrike” war pike. They are now “Eyes of the Shrike”.
  • Thunderdeep Drask weapons now have corresponding mastery cards.



  • The Skarn lantern now does its full damage as advertised. It was short by one tick of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Urska’s legendary ability wasn’t accounting for perks in its damage calculation against Behemoths — it was only working properly against fauna.
  • Aetheric Evasion now triggers only once per successful dodge as intended.
  • The Discipline omnicell now generates just a single stack per successful parry.
  • Fixed an issue with the Disciplined state where it persisted too long.
  • The Tempest omnicell now generates just a single stack per successful dodge.
  • The Tempest omnicell now properly includes the consumed stack of Velocity in its damage calculation.


  • Removed an incorrect fire visual effect at the base of Hellion’s feet.


  • Shadowtouched Koshai’s antlers now disappear when broken off.


  • Fixed Nayzaga’s jaw during a backhand attack animation.


  • Fixed a bug where Shrikes tails were not always taking part damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the tail’s wound effect was showing on Shrike’s leg.


  • Fixed a bug where Skraevs tails were not always taking part damage.


  • The Escalation Boost’s UI no longer overlaps the cosmetic crowns.
  • The Escalation Boost’s time remaining text won’t appear when you’ve already purchased the Escalation Boost.
  • Malkarion, Torgadoro, Thrax, Agarus, and Urska mastery pages are unlocked when the corresponding Hard Escalation is unlocked.
  • The omnicell craft tracking now shows the correct icon and type.
  • The player will now see the correct platinum skip options on their active objectives.
  • The Sovereign Dye Rumour quest now properly references Koshai instead of Heroic Koshai.
  • The Full Bore Chamber has a brand spanking new icon.
  • Leveling UI now correctly displays “MAX” when you are at max level.


  • Replaced the idle animation on the Ostian Enforcers on The Blazeworks to a smoother one.

Download free Dauntless update 1.67 on PS4 and Xbox One.