COD BO4 Update 1.20 Patch Notes, Check Out Operation Apocalypse Z

    COD BO4 update 1.20 is now rolling out for PS4 players. According to the COD BO4 update 1.20 patch notes, the latest update brings changes for Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies which includes new game modes, new weapons, map updates, and more. Apart from this, the new COD BO4 version 1.20 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update was released with the new Contracts feature, Hacienda Twilight, Blackout changes and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 patch 1.20 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

    COD BO4 update 1.20 patch notes


    • New Specialist: Reaper
    • New Game Mode: Sticks & Stones
    • New Maps (Black Ops Pass):
      • Der Schatten
      • Remnant
      • Havana (Black Ops Flashback)
    • New Alt Map: Jungle Flooded
    • + More


    • New Map Updates:
      • The Haunting Fog – An apocalyptic transformation to the main map.
      • Alcatraz: Nightfall – The prison island under the cover of darkness.
    • New Game Modes
      • Quads Fog – A limited-time Quads playlist where cloudy skies hang over an ominous fog.
      • Alcatraz Portals Horde – An Alcatraz game mode with more Zombies enemy types that spawn throughout the map.
    • New Weapons/Equipment
    • New Playable Characters:
      • M. Shadows
      • Russman
      • Danny Trejo


    • COD BO4 1.20 added new Experience: “Alpha Omega”
    • New Elixirs:
      • Head Drama
      • Phoenix Up
    • New Perk: Blood Wolf Bite
    • + More

    Black Market

    • 40 new Contraband stream Tiers
    • Zombies-themed Specialist outfits
    • New Mastercrafts and MKII Weapons
    • Earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe
    • + More


    Reaper returns! The experimental war robot from Call of Duty: Black Ops III returns with added abilities focused on heavy assault and disruption.

    Reaper is a heavily armed robotic Specialist that utilizes explosive firepower to gain the upper hand. Reaper’s Special Issue Weaponry is the Scythe – a high-damage machine gun with explosive rounds and a fast fire rate that also inflicts a suppression status effect to nearby enemies. Reaper’s Special Issue Equipment, the Radar Shroud, is a deployable jamming device that conceals an area on enemy mini-maps. This equipment allows Reaper and his teammates to operate undetected within the Shroud’s radius. Reaper is available at Tier 1 of the Operation, and will be playable in Multiplayer once unlocked.

    Another Party Game returns to Black Ops 4 with Sticks and Stones! Players are only given a crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and Combat Axe to battle opponents in this score-based Free-For-All game mode. Players earn varying points by getting kills and can bankrupt enemies with a successful Combat Axe kill. Pay attention to the periodically-sweeping UAV that marks the leading player with a gold dot so that you can hunt them down and try to gain the advantage.

    In addition to Sticks and Stones, other Party Games will return in this Operation. Look out for Gun Game with the Ballistic Knife as its new final weapon, the return of Infected, and more.

    New Multiplayer weapons in the Black Market this Operation include:

    • Reaver C86: A semi-auto crossbow that kills on impact.
    • Argus: A precision lever-action shotgun returning from Black Ops III.
    • Backhander: A disembodied zombie arm that functions as a one-hit kill melee weapon.


    An eerie fog has settled in Blackout, signaling the onset of the Zombie apocalypse.

    Drop into Blackout to experience battle royale at the end of days. Zombies have left the main map in ruins as windows have been boarded up to secure safety, and the waters run red with blood.

    Two variants of the Blackout main map will be available: one that updates the traditional playlists (Solos, Duos, Quads) with a light fog and unique Zombies-inspired theming including a familiar voice at the beginning of the match; and the second, a limited time playlist aptly named “Quads Fog”, has similar environmental changes but with a much thicker and more foreboding haze.

    Both maps hold Zombies secrets to find and unlock. Visit Zombies locations to find some new surprises and special enemies!

    Zombies have overrun the prison island of Alcatraz where the undead are more prevalent than ever in its latest update, Alcatraz: Nightfall. Shrouded in darkness where opponents or zombies can assault players off their guard, Alcatraz: Nightfall introduces the need for new gameplay tactics on this redeploy map.

    This new map variant brings a new game mode: Alcatraz Portals Horde, where the darkness has brought out Hellhounds and the Warden patrolling for anyone with plans of escaping. These new enemies make survival more difficult, as you’ll still drop in with nine other squads ready to fight. Even though there are more zombies, fewer zombies will spawn in during the final Collapse, so a squad vs. squad battle will determine the victor. If you want to test your skills against the growing horde, drop into Alcatraz Portals Horde and see if you can find any hidden secrets along the way.

    Coming later in the Operation, battle for survival in Pandemic. This Operation’s upcoming limited-time mode is planned to feature a large-scale fight to survive enemies and zombies. Like Multiplayer’s Infected, when players are eliminated, they return as zombies looking to add more numbers to their horde. Infected players can respawn all the way up until the final Collapse, where the remaining squads must bunker down and outlast the Pandemic. The last squad of survivors will win.

    More characters will be available in the Black Market throughout the Operation, including M. Shadows, Russman, and Danny Trejo!


    The Aether story continues in “Alpha Omega”.

    Following the events of “Classified” and “Blood of the Dead”, the Primis and Ultimis crews travel to a secret Broken Arrow facility at Nuketown. This gameplay space, which is 400% larger than “Nuketown Zombies”, features both familiar nostalgia and new elements. In “Alpha Omega”, players will face new enemies, including Jolting Jacks and Nova 6 Bombers that are deadlier evolutions of the Nova 6 Crawlers from “Kino Der Toten”. Plus, you’ll fight against a new special round foe, the Lightning Hounds. As the Aether story heads toward an epic conclusion, “Alpha Omega” works to unravel the mysteries of the beginning and the end.

    Gear up for this epic new battle with the latest Perk, Blood Wolf Bite. When activated, players are given a friendly wolf companion named Luna that aids in surviving the undead. Once in the map, Luna fights alongside the player, killing zombies and even dealing damage to larger or mini-boss type enemies. If Blood Wolf Bite is placed in the Modifier slot, a Luna kill has the chance of spawning a mini-Power-up, such as a small amount of ammo, points, or power.

    Classic Elixirs from Black Ops III will also arrive at the start of the Operation. Phoenix Up is for players who want to lend a helping hand, reviving all teammates and allowing them to keep their Perks. Head Drama makes every shot really count. When equipped, any bullet that hits a zombie damages its head.

    The Argus shotgun and Reaver C86 semi-auto crossbow will be added to the Mystery Box at the start of Operation Apocalypse Z. Discover how both deal damage to the undead and Pack-A-Punch them in game for the Ancient Harbinger (Argus) and Minos’ Zeal (Reaver C86).

    Also, the new Zombies experience delivers a new Gauntlet later in this Operation. Players will be able to tackle thirty new challenges while battling the undead in the upcoming “Alpha Omega” Gauntlet, “Duck and Cover”.

    Black Market

    Operation Apocalypse Z brings new gear and weapons to the Black Market.

    The Operation Contraband stream will contain 40 predefined Tiers lasting through the first half of the Operation, followed by a new stream to cover the second half. The Contraband stream will also include an earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe. Ultra Weapon Bribes guarantee one new ranged Black Market weapon and two Reserve Cases. If you already own a variant of all Black Market weapons, Ultra Weapon Bribes will award an additional Black Market weapon variant.

    In addition to new weapons, the Black Market holds new zombies-themed epic character outfits, new MKII weapons, Legendary weapon camos, and more. Here’s an overview of all the goods in Operation Apocalypse Z:

    • 40 Tiers: Preview all the earnable rewards in the first half of the Operation on day one.
    • New Specialist: Reaper is available at Tier 1 and playable in Multiplayer and Blackout once unlocked.
    • COD BO4 update 1.20 added new Black Market Weapons: The Argus shotgun, Reaver C86 semi-auto Crossbow, and Backhander melee weapon.
    • New Blackout Characters: Russman, M. Shadows, and Danny Trejo.
    • New MK II Weapons: Available in Reserves, find MKII Weapons for the Mog 12, Saug 9mm, and Vendetta.
    • New Mastercrafts: The “Wundergewehr 115” for the Koshka is available at Tier 20 of the Contraband stream and the “Imaginator” for the Daemon 3XB is in Reserves. If the “Imaginator” is acquired by a player who doesn’t own the Daemon 3XB, it will serve as a functional ranged weapon, effectively adding the Daemon 3XB to the player’s Armory.
    • COD BO4 1.20 added new Weapon Camos: The green “Derezzed”, post-apocalypse dust “Smoke Blast”, and the out-of-this-world ‘Time Out’ camo.
    • New Specialist Outfits: Zombies-inspired Specialist’s outfits include “The Prepper” for Spectre, “The Cheerleader” for Outrider, and “The Waitress” for Zero amongst others. Also, new Legendary outfits like “Fossil” for Firebreak, “Ritual” for Prophet, and more can be found in the Contraband stream and in Reserves.
    • New Weapon Charms: Available in Reserves, equip the latest Weapon Charms before you head into battle like “Pillow Talk”, “Just Peachy”, and “Byte Me”.
    • New Death Effects: Add something extra when you take down enemies with new Death Effects – “Black Hole” and “Magma”.
    • New Gestures: Bust a move with new gestures “Breakin’ For Beats” and “Nooice”.
    • COD BO4 update 1.20 new Jump Pack: Equip the “Night Terror” jump pack to drop into Blackout in epic Zombies fashion.
    • Blackjacks’ Reserves: Operation Apocalypse Z Reserve items include the Vendetta MKII, Argus, M. Shadows, Specialist outfits such as Battery’s “Kaleidoscope”, and more.

    Black Ops Pass

    Three more Multiplayer maps and a new Zombies experience are available to Black Ops Pass owners in Operation Apocalypse Z. The Multiplayer maps will join the regular map rotation in Core and Hardcore playlist along with a dedicated Map Pack Moshpit playlist at the beginning of the Operation.

    Set in the 1940s at the height of Nazi Germany during the Zombies experience “Der Eisendrache”, Der Schatten begins by spawning players into the map via a time portal. The zombies have already arrived in Eisenstadt, Austria, and you’ll see them in store windows along with other nods to Zombies history, including Samantha’s teddy bear. A fallen “Giant” robot has crashed, dispersing Element 115 throughout the play space, suspending various parts of the environment in mid-air. In “The Shadow” of the Zombies experience, this Multiplayer map offers unique engagements against the backdrop of Treyarch Zombies lore.

    The map has multiple interior spaces including opportunities to fight inside a crashed robot that adds a new dynamic to the Multiplayer space. Players can use the robot parts to flank, gain cover, and other tricks to get a tactical leg up over the opponent. There’s also an opportunity to get in the literal head of the robot and overlook parts of the map. From that power position players can pick off enemies or press a button that activates the robot’s finger to smash unsuspecting foes. Der Schatten also holds various structures and longer sightlines on the streets, creating a versatile battleground ready for players to enjoy.

    Hop off your tour bus and visit Remnant, a modern day museum that specializes in collecting and showcasing curiosities, oddities, and nightmares surrounding Zombies-related events. A recently purchased relic has unleashed chaos and death, wiping out everyone in the museum. For those who dare to trek past the Bio Response Initiative vans, you’ll discover various exhibits modeled around epic moments in Zombies history, including a familiar bus and diner that offer a distinct Multiplayer experience.

    Remnant is a large-scale map with wide spacing for longer engagements as well as close to mid-range firefights among various part of the interiors. The map is primarily indoors, so ground-based Scorestreaks will play well. And with a larger map, moving around the outside (in or out of the water) or using a telepad to teleport quickly to another location is ideal to finding and eliminating enemies. Take in the sights and stop by the gift shop if you have a chance between battles to enjoy this specialty museum in the heart of Louisiana.

    Havana returns to Black Ops 4, where an escalating conflict has cleared out the streets. This Black Ops flashback is set in Cuba during the Cold War, where revolutionary posters and flak guns fortified by sandbags signal an uprising.

    The map is filled with multiple houses, bars, alleys, and other spaces that favor close-quarters builds. For those who want to literally take to the streets, long sightlines can be found that overlook parts of the map as well as various environment pieces that can serve as cover during intense engagements. There are multiple ways to get across the map that offer both risks and rewards, so players will have to think strategically and play to their strengths.

     COD BO4 1.20 Full Details

    • Multiplayer

      • Reaper now playable in Multiplayer, earnable at Tier 1 in the Contraband stream (PS4).

      • 3 Black Ops Pass maps added to rotation: Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana (PS4).

      • Sticks and Stones game mode now in Featured Playlists (PS4).

      • Map Pack Moshpit added to Featured Playlists, including Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana (PS4).

      • New weapon tuning for the Daemon 3XB.

      • Featured playlist updates on all platforms.

    • Zombies

      • “Alpha Omega” Zombies experience now available for Black Ops Pass holders (PS4).

      • New Perk: Blood Wolf Bite (PS4).

      • 2 Epic Elixirs added: Phoenix Up and Head Drama (PS4).

      • New Black Ops 4 version of “Damned” music now plays in the lobby (PS4).

      • Support added for new Black Market weapons and new MKII Weapons (PS4).

    • Blackout

      • “The Haunting Fog” and “Alcatraz: Nightfall” map updates (PS4).

      • Quads Fog and Alcatraz Horde limited-time modes (PS4).

      • Zombies Wonder Weapons now available in the Mystery Box (PS4).

      • Outfit Mission added to unlock “The Numbers” Outfit for Reaper (PS4).

      • Zombies-themed music now plays during infiltration (PS4).

      • New Humiliations now available (PS4).

      • Featured playlist updates on all platforms.

    • Global

      • New Contraband stream added to the Black Market, including “Wundergewehr 115” Koshka Mastercraft at Tier 20 and earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe at Tier 40 (PS4).

      • Reaver C86 auto-crossbow and Argus shotgun now available in Reserves (PS4).

      • New weapon camos, MKII Weapons, Zombies-themed outfits and more now available in the Black Market (PS4).

      • Various fixes for Contracts in Multiplayer and Zombies.

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    • Specialists

      • Reaper

        • Reaper now available in Multiplayer after being unlocked at Tier 1 in Contraband.

        • Weapon: Scythe – High-damage machine gun with a fast fire rate and suppressing status effect.

        • Equipment: Radar Shroud – Deployable jamming device that conceals an area from enemies’ mini-maps.

    • Black Ops Pass Maps

      • Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana added to rotation for Black Ops Pass holders.

    • Game Modes

      • Sticks and Stones

        • Now live in Featured Playlists.

        • Free-for-all mode where players only use crossbows, Ballistic Knives, and Combat Axes.

        • Score varying points by getting kills with crossbows and Ballistic Knives.

        • Reset your enemy’s score to zero with a successful Combat Axe kill.

        • UAV periodically sweeps, marking the score leader with a gold dot on the mini-map.

    • Weapons

      • Reaver C86

        • Added Create-a-Class support for the Reaver C86 auto-crossbow.

      • Argus

        • Added Create-a-Class support for the Argus shotgun.

    • “Alpha Omega”

      • New Zombies experience now available for Black Ops Pass owners.

      • The Aether story continues in a new experience taking place in an overrun Broken Arrow testing facility in Nevada, where both the Primis and Ultimis characters are playable for the first time.

    • Perks

      • Blood Wolf Bite

        • New Perk now available in Chaos and Aether maps.

        • Spawns a wolf companion to fight alongside you.

        • Modifier: Wolf attacks have the chance to spawn a mini-Power-up.

    • New Epic Elixirs

      • Phoenix Up

        • Revives all teammates and allows them to keep their Perks.

      • Head Drama

        • While active, any bullet that hits a zombie counts as a headshot.

    • Weapon Support

      • Support added for Reaver C86 auto-crossbow, Argus shotgun, and new MKII Weapons.

    • Map Updates

      • “The Haunting Fog”

        • An eerie fog has covered the map, bringing with it blood-red waters, dead vegetation, new Wall Buys at the Asylum, signs of a violent apocalypse throughout the map, and more.

        • Applies to Quads, Duos, and Solo matches; heavier fog theme is exclusive to the Quads Fog limited-time mode.

      • “Alcatraz: Nightfall”

        • Night has fallen across the entire island, along with a brooding storm in the distance.

    • Limited-Time Modes

      • Quads Fog

        • Tactical limited-time mode featuring a thicker fog than the standard map.

      • Alcatraz Horde

        • Alcatraz limited-time mode featuring an increased horde of zombies over the entire island, along with new Hellhound and Brutus enemy types.

    • Wonder Weapons

      • Various Zombies Wonder Weapons can now be rewarded from Chaos Mystery Boxes and Zombies mini-bosses.

    • Infiltration

      • Zombies-themed music now plays during infiltration in Blackout.

    • Zombies AI

      • Zombies can now destroy doors and attack player Equipment, including the Sentry and Barricade.

    • Outfit Mission

      • Reaper’s Outfit Mission now available to unlock “The Numbers” Specialist camo.

    • Black Market

      • New personalization items added to the Black Market: weapon camos, MKII Weapons, Daemon 3XB Mastercraft, Zombies-themed outfits, Weapon Charms, Death Effects, Gestures, Jump Pack, and more.

      • Reaver C86 auto-crossbow and Argus shotgun now available in Reserves.

    Post image
    • Weapon Tuning

      • Daemon 3XB

        • Reduced 6-hit kill range by 5 meters.

        • Reduced 7-hit kill range by 6 meters.

    • Featured Playlists (July 9-16)

      • PS4

        • Sticks and Stones

        • Map Pack Moshpit (featuring Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana)

        • Prop Hunt

        • Bolt-Action Barebones

        • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit

      • Xbox One

        • Stockpile

        • Prop Hunt

        • Bolt-Action Barebones

        • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit

        • Endurance Chaos Moshpit

    • Featured Playlists (July 9-16)

      • PS4

        • Alcatraz Horde

        • Quads Fog

        • Quads

        • Duos

        • Solo

      • Xbox One

        • Alcatraz

        • Hot Pursuit

        • Quads

        • Duos

        • Solo

    • Contracts

      • Addressed an issue where Contracts could shift slots, making it difficult to select new Contracts.

      • Addressed an issue where Barebones playlists weren’t properly tracking progress toward the “Challenger” Contract in Multiplayer.

      • Addressed an issue where the “Ticket to Ride” Contract in Zombies would not properly track the use of telepads.

      • Addressed an issue where players would have to get a direct hit in order to progress the “Shotgun Kills” Contract in Zombies.

      • Addressed an issue where Perks and bonus point Power-ups that spawn from the Reign Drops Elixir did not count toward the “Power Master” Contract in Zombies.

      • Closed an exploit where players could complete the “Hoarder” Contract in Zombies by dropping and picking up weapons multiple times.

    Post image
    • Featured Playlists (July 9-11)

      • Quickplay

      • Stockpile

      • Bolt-Action Barebones

      • Prop Hunt

    • Featured Playlists (July 9-16)

      • Quickplay

      • Alcatraz Duos

      • Hot Pursuit

      • Solo

    • Fixed an exploit on Grind
    • COD BO4 update 1.20 added fixes for freezing and stuttering issues.
    • Stability and performance improvements.
    • Fixed several multiplayer specific crashes
    • Gameplay improvements added with COD BO4 update 1.20.
    • Added various other under the hood improvements

    COD BO4 update 1.20 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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