Clash Royale Update Patch Notes – June 7, 2022

Clash Royale June 7 update is now available to download on Android and iOS devices. According to the official Clash Royale patch notes, the latest update brings various balance changes and more.

Previously, a major update added the Archer Queen, Golden Knight, and Skeleton King to the game. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Clash Royale patch will address a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Clash Royale Patch Notes –  June 7, 2021


  • Mother Witch ☝️
  • Electro Giant ☝️
  • Night Witch ☝️
  • Barbarians ☝️
  • Goblin Drill 👇
  • Skeleton King 👇
  • The Log 👇
  • Royal Ghost 👇
  • Barbarian Barrel 🔄

Read all the changes and the reason for them below!

  • Hit Speed: ☝️ (+9% faster)
  • First Hit: ☝️ (+25% faster)

The last balance change caused her use and win rates to plummet. This buff counters the previous Hitpoints nerf with a DPS increase, allowing her to churn out those Cursed Hogs even faster!

Electro Giant
  • Hitpoints: ☝️ (+9%)

The latest rework made him a bit too fragile, even with a lower Elixir cost. Adding more Hitpoints allows him to still keep the title of ‘Giant’.

Note – this change is roughly halfway between its old 8 Elixir Hitpoint values and his current.

  • Hit Speed: ☝️ (+13% faster)

Since the removal of her Death Spawn Bats, she struggles to find her place in a meta. We are increasing her very slow Hit Speed to emphasize her role as a dual support/Damage dealer.

  • Hit Speed: ☝️ (7% faster)

(affects Barbarians, Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian Barrel)

The above-mentioned cards have all been on the weaker side for a while, however, the Barb Barrel has been solid. Now with the Barrel range nerf (see at the bottom) there’s an opportunity to buff all 4 Barbarian cards in the game and hopefully bring their use/win rate up a bit!

  • Travel Speed: 👇 (25% slower)

Apparently all the extra tunnels the Mighty Miner has been digging have been allowing the Drill to travel faster than usual! Fresh soil has been packed into the Arena to slow those Goblins down.

(Translation: A recent change to the Mighty Miner’s mechanic had a knock-on effect, and turned out to accidentally increase the Goblin Drill’s speed. This has now been fixed.)

  • Soul Summoning Ability: 👇 (Max. Skeleton count 20 -> 18)

The undisputed King of Bones has become a Champion that puts too much pressure on the opponent when he has collected enough souls. We’ve asked him to chill out on the whole ‘summon endless hordes of the undead’ thing he has going on.

  • Damage dealt to Crown Towers: 👇 30% -> 20% (-33%)

This piece of sentient wood has been the most used card in the game for a long time because of its versatility and power. The time has come for it to receive a nerf!

Thanks to player feedback, we decided to keep its knockback ability as it was but reduced its Crown Tower Damage. This means that it still keeps its Legendary knockback status whilst still being able to defeat log bait. The trade-off is that it won’t be able to deal as much Crown Tower Damage as other spells.

  • Invisibility cooldown: 👇 (1.6s -> 1.8s)

This sleepy fella is a part of many strong meta decks and can provide a lot of value. Maybe a little too much. Allowing him to be visible for a little while longer can help to balance this.

  • Range: 👇 (5 -> 4.5)

Alongside The Log, Barb Barrel has been one of the strongest cards in the game consistently for many months. The Range reduction will allow the Barbarian to only hit the tower once instead of twice if unanswered.

Download the free Clash Royale patch on Android.

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