Clash Royale Update Patch Notes (Official) – October 27, 2021

Clash Royale update is now available to download on mobile devices. According to the Clash Royale patch notes, the latest update added the Archer Queen, Golden Knight, and Skeleton King to the game.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Clash Royale version will address a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Clash Royale Patch Notes – October 27, 2021

Level 14 is finally coming to Clash Royale! This means higher King/Princess Tower Damage/Health, and you’ll be able to upgrade your Cards even higher.

But that’s not all!

Card Upgrade Costs Reduction

Firstly, we’ve reduced the number of cards needed for the levels shown below:

All players will be awarded Cards that they’ve spent on previous upgrades for Level 11 (Epics only), 12, and 13 Cards. Find more info about that HERE.

We’ve also reduced the Gold needed to upgrade your Cards from Level 11 to 13:

King Level (KL) Experience Reduction

Another thing we’ve reduced is the number of experience needed to upgrade your King Level from 11 to 13:

You will be awarded the XP you earned for upgrades and donations due to these changes. For instance, if you are KL 11 with 35 000 experience, you will be upgraded to KL 12 directly when the update goes live.

For KL 13 players, all the experience you’ve been accumulating in the background when upgrading and donating cards will be distributed to you to give you a nice boost.


Star Points now unlock at KL 6! You start accumulating Star Points as soon as you start your Clash Royale journey at KL 1, but you will need to reach KL 6 to start spending them.

You will earn Star Points by upgrading and donating cards, as well as collecting max-level cards. Star Levels will unlock depending on the Card level:

  • Star Level 1 unlocks for Cards at level 7
  • Star Level 2 unlocks for Cards at level 10
  • Star Level 3 unlocks for Cards at level 13

We’ve also reduced the number of Star Points needed for Star Levels 1 and 2:

NOTE: All players will receive 25,000 Star Points once reaching KL6, and players who are already above KL6 will receive all the Star Points they’re entitled to!

For example, if you are KL 13, you will receive around 190 000 Star Points! You will be able to see how many Star Points you have by tapping your experience bar, and you can now preview Star Levels in the Card Info screen.


Champions have entered the Arena! They are a new card rarity with unique features and abilities, that you can unlock once you reach KL 14!

1. Archer Queen

The Archer Queen might be a familiar face for some players! Her “Cloaking Cape” ability makes her invisible as she shoots her arrows faster, causing extreme damage.

2. Golden Knight

The Golden Knight not only has luxurious hair, but his “Dashing Dash” ability makes him dash towards his enemies and chain attacks multiple targets along the way.

3. Skeleton King

The spooky one! His “Soul Summoning” ability allows him to collect the souls of the dead and bring them back as skeletons to join him in the fight.

  • How do they work?

Champions will start from level 11 when you unlock them and can be upgraded the same way as any other cards in the game.

Their Abilities can be activated by tapping the Ability button just above your deck. Make sure you time it right as they cost elixir and will be on cooldown for some time after!

Champions are so unique that you can only have one in your deck, and you can only have one deployed at any time! That means when you have deployed a Champion, it stays out of the card cycle until it is destroyed.

  • Try them out in Special Challenges!

Even if you’re not KL 14, you will be able to play with the Champions in 3 separate Challenges that will start after the update goes live.

Each challenge will contain two parts, and you’ll need to complete the first part of the challenge to enter the next stage.

The first will contain infinite retries with great rewards, including 10k Gold and a FREE Book of Cards (from Common to Epic)!

The second part will be regular with even more juicy rewards, 15k Gold, and a new Champion Emote for each of the Champions!


  • Champions Update Gold Rush

To celebrate Champions entering the Arena, we will have the Champions Update Gold Rush, where players can earn up to a WHOPPING 200k GOLD (yes, again!) from Battles, depending on your Arena level.

This will run from when the update drops to November 28th, 2021!

  • More Gold Crates

Gold Crates now unlock from KL 10! We’ve also removed more Silver Chests from King Levels 11-13, allowing for them to appear more often for you!

  • New Royal Wild Chest

The Royal Wild Chest will contain Wild Cards, Gold and a GUARANTEED CHAMPION at KL 14!

You’ll be able to find these Chests on:

– The FREE SIDE of Pass Royale
– In your Chest cycle (starting KL 10)

  • The King’s Journey and new Level Up Chest

The King’s Journey is a new way to better visualize your progression through the game and know what you unlock every time you upgrade your King Level. You can access it by tapping the Crown button next to your Experience/Star Points Bar.

Every time you upgrade your King, you will receive a Level Up Chest!

These are one-time rewards that contain Cards, Gold, Gems, and guaranteed Champion at KL 14!

NOTE: Veteran players will also receive all of the previous Level Up Chests. (Ex: Player that is KL 12 will receive 11 Level Up Chests)


  • Changes to the Tournament Cap

Previously, the level of your Cards for Global Tournaments, Friendly Battles, Classic/Grand Challenges, and Special Limited-time Challenges were capped at Level 9.

We’ve now moved the cap to level 11.

  • New system in Global Tournaments and Classic/Grand Challenges

With the Champions coming in the Arena, we wanted to keep some of the most competitive modes as fair as possible for everyone. That’s why we’re introducing the Deck Builder tool for Global Tournaments and Classic/Grand Challenges.

To put it simply, you will be able to use ALL the cards in the game to build your deck in those modes, even the one you haven’t unlocked yet (Champions too!).

  • Put your cards in order

You can now rearrange your cards’ order in your deck by holding down on them and move them around.

  • Copy decks easily

You can now copy your opponents’ decks directly from your battle log and TV Royale.


  • 120Hz device support
  • Increased delay between Emote uses
  • Increased “required trophies” number in clans to reflect the changes to Trophy Road
  • Fix for TV Royale replays showing the incorrect Arena number
  • Fix for unintended interaction with Goblin Drill and Clone
  • Change Goblin Drill’s trail to make it more distinct from the Miner
  • Fixed an issue with Replays becoming stuck
  • Some UI fixes
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Other minor improvements

Download the free Clash Royale version on Android.

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