Chrono Ark Update 1.7 Beta 2 Patch Notes – February 7, 2022

    Chrono Ark update 1.7 released on PC. According to the official Chrono Ark patch notes, the latest update added various fixes and changes.

    Previously, a hotfix was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues.

    Today’s Chrono Ark patch 1.7 will address a few of these errors.

    Chrono Ark Patch Notes – February 7, 2022



    • Added a passive that the player can take advantage of to make them a little easier to kill.

    Flame Hedgehog

    • Flame Hedgehog damage increased to 5->6.
    • Flame Hedgehog now attacks only once each time you cast a skill.


    • Trauma, Trojan Horse: Now draws 1 skill.
    • Nightmare Syndrome, Mental Shock: Now critical hits when the target has Identified! debuff.
    • Plant Spite: If the target has Identified! debuff, apply a debuff that increases receiving crit. chance by 25%.

    In Expert difficulty, you do not start with a class skill but can now choose 2 skills on the first level up.

    Download free Chrono Ark update 1.7 for PC.

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