Cartel Tycoon Update Patch Notes

A new Cartel Tycoon update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Cartel Tycoon patch notes, the latest update added an optimized Seaport model and a long list of bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Cartel Tycoon patch will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Cartel Tycoon Patch Notes – August 2, 2022


Temporarily removed 2 tracks from the soundtrack that were being claimed on YouTube and Twitch. We’re still investigating the issue and will add the tracks back as soon as we can.


  • Optimized Seaport model

Bug Fixes

[From players, Reported]

  • FIXED: Game wasn’t displayed in a native resolution in fullscreen after the first boot-up, leading to incorrect mouse positioning.
  • FIXED: The tinyBuild launcher process wasn’t fully terminated in rare instances.
  • FIXED: The mouse is moving when a controller is connected (Xellos).
  • FIXED: Promoting a Volatile Lieutenant to Capos crashes the game (Doug-le-Guedin).
  • Multiple localization fixes and changes, including quest mistakes in French and Chinese languages.
  • Fixed: Some Sandbox settings prevent players from capturing the Los Grandes region. (Rowan)
  • Fixed: The dollar sign is missing in menus of Laundering Buildings and Smuggling Points
  • Fixed: Destroying the university locks all the researched buildings and upgrades the university was used for
  • Fixed: Tier III of Research is unavailable if one of the multiple Universities is destroyed. (Xellos)
  • Fixed: “Make a Deal” with Lyova Fainherz was using an incorrect drug (CamaradeOurs)
  • Fixed: In-game music turns off after loading a save made in Tutorial.
  • Fixed: City Building menu isn’t locked during the Tutorial.
  • Fixed: After-death screen for Cesar Garcetti in the “Needs and Fears” campaign doesn’t show any money or drug types.
  • Fixed: Incorrect pronouns for female Capos used on some occasions. (Xellos)
  • Fixed: Non-existent Capos are shown on the Starting Capos screen. (LORSOLT)
  • Fixed: Incorrect text appears when clicking an Enemy Gang leader descriptions showing they’re managing a farm.
  • Fixed: Players get Addam Gomez as Starting Capo instead of Armando Cruz. (SavageLurva)
  • Fixed: Reloading a game while Research is in progress, will automatically complete Research. (Tyronis)
  • Fixed: Capos can meet their doppelgangers leading Enemy Gangs. (Obiwan)
  • Fixed: Lieutenants don’t get experience after the player finishes the Tutorial and continues playing.
  • Fixed: Incorrect recipes in Manual (TaterTot)
  • Fixed: Area Depot doesn’t have an on/off button in a menu. (CoatMcMutton)

[From Team]

  • Fixed: In Survival Mode players control the Amado River Pier from the start of the game.
  • Fixed: Incorrect visual positioning of enemy cars during fights in River Piers and Indigenous Territory.
  • Fixed: Steam Achievements localization.
  • Fixed: A tooltip explaining why players can’t construct buildings in Enemy and Neutral regions wasn’t displayed.
  • Fixed: Old map was displayed in the Region Selection screen at the start of the game.
  • Fixed: Lieutenant Quests for kidnapping and robbery were completed successfully if players canceled them.

Known bugs

  • Technical text in Tutorial Quest Descriptions in some languages.
  • Missing localization in some instances.
  • Animation spam when re-rolling lieutenants multiple times.
  • No player feedback on why some answers are locked when talking to Gang Leaders.
  • New Capo displays the same status he had when he was a lieutenant.
  • in the “That Sinking Feeling” campaign, certain characters are accessible through the Lieutenant Menu when they shouldn’t be.
  • Lieutenant remains inaccessible in a nearby City if the aerodrome was destroyed before he arrived there.
  • Lieutenants don’t always choose the fastest routes to get to a location.
  • Players can research bonuses that aren’t in the Research Tree. Spooky…
  • Incorrect portrait displayed in some dialogues.
  • The Casino isn’t specified as a Loyalty building in city building filters.

Download free Cartel Tycoon patch on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Steam.

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