Cartel Tycoon Update Patch Notes (Official) – November 17, 2021

Cartel Tycoon update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Cartel Tycoon patch notes, the latest update brings a number of new changes and improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Cartel Tycoon patch will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Cartel Tycoon Patch Notes – November 17, 2021

Major changes
  • Added ability toturn off restriction for the allowed number of buildingsin Sandbox advanced settings! Unlimited hotels, Research Centers and Residences, here we go!
  • Changed progression to Global Tier IIin the Research Tree.
  • Multiple Lieutenants Selection. Added “List of Lieutenants” window with Filters.
  • New Hot Keys:Press and hold L. Shift to turn off buildings sticking to roads in Construction Menu. Use Delete to open the Demolition Menu.
  • Added additional Dialog for situations when your lieutenant is trapped in an Enemy Region.You can now bring him backeven if you lost the region and the roads are destroyed.
  • Thejournalist is now a Quest-Event.
  • AddedPartial Controller Support(Xbox 1708) [Experimental]
  • Upgrading yourlieutenants rank is now a Quest-Event.
  • Updated the “Statistics” Windowto give more information about sales, earnings, and market prices. The UI has been reworked too.
  • Music Panel reworked. You can choose the tracks you want now!

Other updates & changes

  • Updated UI for Lieutenants transportation Menu.
  • Added an Additional Research for Tier III Residence – “Additional Transport.”
  • Added different icons for different types of Quest-Events.
  • You gain 2x Terror for burning Enemy or Neutral Buildings.
  • When Saving the game on Pause, it will load on Pause! New Pause animation added!
  • Now you can still build buildings that you researched using your lieutenant ability! In Sandbox Mode, you can build them even if you haven’t researched a path for them yet.
  • Increased the volume of available starting Illegal Money in Sandbox Mode settings (100m $)
  • New city animations for Abilities “Robbery”, “Kidnapping” and “Concert”.
  • A new page in the Manual with a controller scheme.
  • Names of Ports, River Piers, and Checkpoints in the Economics Screen now also contain Region names for easier identification.
  • Changed biographies of lieutenants with the new “Perform a Concert” ability.
  • Changed icons for Assassination and Silent Assassination abilities.
  • Updated Warehouse 3D models.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: The game no longer crashes when you try to burn the building from the helicopter.
  • Fixed: Incorrect animations for Capos Helicopter flights.
  • Research Progress no longer stops at 0 when researching a new building in the Research Center.
  • Fixed: Pressing Space opened “Building Demolition” window multiple times when demolishing a building
  • Fixed: Some Quest-Events finished abruptly after loading the Save Game.
  • Fixed: Charity Events in Church did not count towards the Quest Goal if you gained Loyalty through Villages (Tutorial)
  • Fixed: Quest with Bribing the Mayor did not count if you captured Rogandes before the quest “Gaining Control I.”
  • Fixed: After reloading the save, progress resets in Lieutenant Quests.
  • The Quest description for “Production Chain I” has been updated to include [Logistics] reflecting the building selection menu changes.
  • Changed the description for “Have a Feast” Quest-Event. It won’t be confusing anymore!
  • Changed the description of the Story Mode in the Main Menu.
  • When changing a Hot Key for “Pause,” the “Pause” button in the UI will show the Hot Key you’ve chosen.
  • Transport Company now shows Regions in the “Additional Connections” Tab.
  • Deleted Text “0 Additional Connections” from the Warehouse menu.
  • Tips for Quest-Events no longer display beyond the window boundaries.
  • Fixed: the wrong number was displayed in the dialogue with Diana in “Fair Exchange I” Quest.
  • Changed Dialogue with Panfilio during “Money Buys Power” Quest to match the Quest description (Survival Mode).
  • You can no longer perform two concerts in the same city and the same building.
  • You can no longer perform a concert in a building that hasn’t been built yet.
  • Updated the description of the “Perform a Concert” ability.
  • Lieutenant Interface no longer displays above the opened Building List.
  • Fixed: Freezing Terror Stars doesn’t count as a bribe in a Statistics Menu
  • Fixed: Incorrect effect descriptions for Residence III
  • Fixed: Text doesn’t fit the animation after Research and Mayor Quests (depending on the resolution)
  • Multiple Localization updates and fixes.

Download free Cartel Tycoon patch on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Steam.

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