Cartel Tycoon Update Patch Notes (Official) – November 17, 2021

    Cartel Tycoon update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Cartel Tycoon patch notes, the latest update brings a number of new changes and improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Cartel Tycoon patch will address a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Cartel Tycoon Patch Notes – November 17, 2021

    Major changes
    • Added ability to turn off restriction for the allowed number of buildings in Sandbox advanced settings! Unlimited hotels, Research Centers and Residences, here we go!
    • Changed progression to Global Tier II in the Research Tree.
    • Multiple Lieutenants Selection. Added “List of Lieutenants” window with Filters.
    • New Hot Keys: Press and hold L. Shift to turn off buildings sticking to roads in Construction Menu. Use Delete to open the Demolition Menu.
    • Added additional Dialog for situations when your lieutenant is trapped in an Enemy Region. You can now bring him back even if you lost the region and the roads are destroyed.
    • The journalist is now a Quest-Event.
    • Added Partial Controller Support (Xbox 1708) [Experimental]
    • Upgrading your lieutenants rank is now a Quest-Event.
    • Updated the “Statistics” Window to give more information about sales, earnings, and market prices. The UI has been reworked too.
    • Music Panel reworked. You can choose the tracks you want now!


    Other updates & changes


    • Updated UI for Lieutenants transportation Menu.
    • Added an Additional Research for Tier III Residence – “Additional Transport.”
    • Added different icons for different types of Quest-Events.
    • You gain 2x Terror for burning Enemy or Neutral Buildings.
    • When Saving the game on Pause, it will load on Pause! New Pause animation added!
    • Now you can still build buildings that you researched using your lieutenant ability! In Sandbox Mode, you can build them even if you haven’t researched a path for them yet.
    • Increased the volume of available starting Illegal Money in Sandbox Mode settings (100m $)
    • New city animations for Abilities “Robbery”, “Kidnapping” and “Concert”.
    • A new page in the Manual with a controller scheme.
    • Names of Ports, River Piers, and Checkpoints in the Economics Screen now also contain Region names for easier identification.
    • Changed biographies of lieutenants with the new “Perform a Concert” ability.
    • Changed icons for Assassination and Silent Assassination abilities.
    • Updated Warehouse 3D models.


    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed: The game no longer crashes when you try to burn the building from the helicopter.
    • Fixed: Incorrect animations for Capos Helicopter flights.
    • Research Progress no longer stops at 0 when researching a new building in the Research Center.
    • Fixed: Pressing Space opened “Building Demolition” window multiple times when demolishing a building
    • Fixed: Some Quest-Events finished abruptly after loading the Save Game.
    • Fixed: Charity Events in Church did not count towards the Quest Goal if you gained Loyalty through Villages (Tutorial)
    • Fixed: Quest with Bribing the Mayor did not count if you captured Rogandes before the quest “Gaining Control I.”
    • Fixed: After reloading the save, progress resets in Lieutenant Quests.
    • The Quest description for “Production Chain I” has been updated to include [Logistics] reflecting the building selection menu changes.
    • Changed the description for “Have a Feast” Quest-Event. It won’t be confusing anymore!
    • Changed the description of the Story Mode in the Main Menu.
    • When changing a Hot Key for “Pause,” the “Pause” button in the UI will show the Hot Key you’ve chosen.
    • Transport Company now shows Regions in the “Additional Connections” Tab.
    • Deleted Text “0 Additional Connections” from the Warehouse menu.
    • Tips for Quest-Events no longer display beyond the window boundaries.
    • Fixed: the wrong number was displayed in the dialogue with Diana in “Fair Exchange I” Quest.
    • Changed Dialogue with Panfilio during “Money Buys Power” Quest to match the Quest description (Survival Mode).
    • You can no longer perform two concerts in the same city and the same building.
    • You can no longer perform a concert in a building that hasn’t been built yet.
    • Updated the description of the “Perform a Concert” ability.
    • Lieutenant Interface no longer displays above the opened Building List.
    • Fixed: Freezing Terror Stars doesn’t count as a bribe in a Statistics Menu
    • Fixed: Incorrect effect descriptions for Residence III
    • Fixed: Text doesn’t fit the animation after Research and Mayor Quests (depending on the resolution)
    • Multiple Localization updates and fixes.

    Download free Cartel Tycoon patch on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Steam.

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