Cartel Tycoon Update Patch Notes – March 22, 2022

    A new Cartel Tycoon update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Cartel Tycoon patch notes, the latest update added multiple localization fixes and changes.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Cartel Tycoon patch will address a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Cartel Tycoon Patch Notes – Official

    Bug Fixes
    • In rare instances launcher remained in the Process Tab after players closed it. We fixed it!
    • Multiple Localization fixes.
    • Fixed: After failing the quest “GO TO GROUND I” in the “That Sinking Feeling“ campaign new quest doesn’t appear.
    • Fixed: After capo’s or lieutenants’ death their Quest-Event markers don’t disappear.
    • Fixed: Lyova and the lieutenants can’t leave for Moscow if police roadblocks are spawned on their paths in the region.
    • Updated tooltips for smuggling points in light of recent updates.
    • Fixed: Red circles and shootout animations with US Army didn’t disappear after their attack on Diana’s River Pier in the “That Sinking Feeling” campaign.
    • Fixed: DEA attention message in event log was displayed incorrectly.
    • Fixed: Meth quantities are displayed incorrectly after starting Diana’s quest in the “That Sinking Feeling” campaign a second time.

    Download free Cartel Tycoon patch on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Steam.

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