Call to Arms Gates of Hell: Ostfront Update 26 Patch Notes


CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront update 26 (1.023) details released for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Call to Arms patch notes, the latest update added a new skirmish for Talvisota DLC owners (Seelow, Smolensk, Petrozavodsk, Berlin) and much more.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 26 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Call to Arms patch notes – July 28, 2022

  • Added skirmish for Talvisota DLC owners: Seelow
  • Added skirmish for Talvisota DLC owners: Smolensk
  • Added skirmish for Talvisota DLC owners: Petrozavodsk
  • Added skirmish for Talvisota DLC owners: Berlin
  • Added post-win/lose stage in conquest so the battles do not end instantly.
  • Added panzerfaust 30 for upcoming late war finland
  • Added mission narration for the finnish officer in Talvisota DLC missions
  • Added more briefing videos to Talvisota DLC missions
  • Added Christoffer Weiss to the finnish unit voices
  • Added HEAT shells to new blast system
  • Added more early war breeds for mission purposes
  • Added 1-min timer to light tanks and armoured cars on early war.
  • Added ba10 to finland in early war.
  • Added missing clay outlate var ground texture bump
  • Added reload_if_low ammo to idle state
  • Added prediction of target position based on movement when trying to throw AT grenades to moving vehicles
  • Added upscaled textures for Shellholes
  • Added size 7 explosion FX
  • Added turn_over prop to cars/trucks which flips the vehicle upright if crew can get to driver boarding position (not always possible depending on how the vehicle flipped)
  • Updated Talvisota singleplayer mission units, weapons and uniforms for greater historical accuracy
  • Updated Kharkov German Skirmision mission units for the correct time period.
  • Updated some vehicle localizations for historical accuracy and consistency
  • Updated finnish unit portraits
  • Updated finnish squad icons added/updated
  • Updated skirmish logics
  • Updated some tank textures to be more homologous in colour
  • Updated size 5 explosions
  • Updated fire rate of quad flak38
  • Updated WP projectile terrain and object triggers
  • Updated when aiming in direct control at heavy tanks with extra armor plates / spare tracks, to show if the shot will penetrate (red or green color) based on the combined thickness of both the extra armor plate and the hull/turret armor.
  • Updated russian localization
    *updated code for mines, grenades and colliders for future weapons
  • Updated Finnish Tanker model weights
  • Fixed several issues of the The Bridge Too Far mission
  • Fixed several bugs with the finnish skirmish mission
  • Fixed several skirmish scripts
  • Fixed cutscenes on Stalin’s Big Guns mission to make them coop-friendly
  • Fixed Summa: madsens not supplied by ammo crates
  • Fixed Summa: machineguns in the bunker falling to the ground after being recrewed
  • Fixed Raate road: Bergmanns not supplied by ammo crates
  • Fixed Summa, SP Raate Road, SC Honkaniemi: anachronistic headgear
  • Fixed Ino station: fixed issues with the sea not being considered as water
  • Fixed Raate Road: fixed firepits being indestructible
  • Fixed Bagration: fixed missing bumpmap causing visual bugs on ground
  • Fixed MP Rikila, DCG Puhoksen and Puhoksen winter: made bridges wider to accommodate large vehicles
  • Fixed many issues with the skirmishes
  • Fixed MP Tikhvin: added cover on central flag for balance
  • Fixed DCG Karvola & karvola winter: removed rocks from spawn area where units would get stuck
  • Fixed SP Raate Road: fixed two motorcycles being superimposed
  • Fixed MP Mikli: fixed props wrecks being able to be repaired
  • Fixed SP Tornio: fixed infantry being able to go through the walls of red houses
  • Fixed Landswerk Anti II DP unit timer to be Tier 2 instead of Tier 1
  • Fixed motorcycles hitting friendly mines and flipping
  • Fixed apcr velocity for 76mm m1933
  • Fixed MG and rifle range curve to scale properly with AP ammunition
  • Fixed SmK and SmK(H) AP ammunition belts for german MGs + proper penetration for all MGs using it
  • Fixed MG13 to only be able to use MG13 magazines
  • Fixed MG15 to only be able to use doubledrum magazines
  • Fixed camp_fire_pot from moving when shot by small arms
  • Fixed spelling on Monastery from Monastary in some of the localizations
  • Fixed su122 playing the body break animation when only the mantlet was broken
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed line breaks in summa story text
  • Fixed line breaks in moscow french story text
  • Fixed ATO-42 Flamethrower weapon speed to correctly align aim point with flame particles trajectory
  • Fixed AP mines to be collectable after being de-mined with mine detector
  • Fixed Lysovo bridges
  • Fixed Karvola spawn
  • Fixed Hanhijarvi pathing
  • Fixed tracks in t35 vehicle view
  • Fixed Natramala & Natramala winter: pushed back camera borders and moved spawns to prevents units from spawning behind a cliff
  • Fixed 120mm pm38 winter texture
  • Fixed hakola battlezones flags
  • Fixed MP Kainuo: fixed missing water
  • Fixed MP Rikila: made bridges broaded to allow tanks and trucks to pass
  • Fixed humans being able to walk through windows of finnish_rural_house2
  • Fixed Ger GD. Panzergren squad mid war doesn’t have the tied cooldown and limit with the single buy sniper
  • Fixed for mission desk text color
  • Increased chances for soviet, early war, mountain squad of spawning with AT grenade by 50%
  • Increased increased heavy engineer price to 10dp for finland mid war
  • Increased slightly the walking speed of Russian shields
  • Decreased the direct control accuracy buff for vehicles (from 50% to 25%)
  • Decreased the third person control accuracy buff for humans (from 100% to 50%)
  • Decreased 85mm Zis-53 gun range from 210 to 200 to be on par with the long 75mm gun which was often considered its rival
  • Decreased max range of 152mm br2 from 610 to 550m
  • Decreased accuracy of artillery by 25% to prevent overaccurate sniping on first shots.
  • Removed spreadpower accuracy setting from mortars
  • Removed pistols from multiplayer soldiers that have MG as primary weapon to avoid soldiers switching to that weapon and not reloading main MG when resupplied
  • Removed unused code in metal hit pen fx

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